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New commissioner questions

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New commissioner questions

Postby Mattingly's_Mustache » Thu Feb 22, 2007 11:19 am

This will be our third year and as the new commissioner I am hoping to get some input as to better run our league. I appreciate all your help... Thanks

League facts:
- 12 team H2H points league run with Yahoo Plus utilizing both AL & NL.
- No keepers.
- 25 man roster with 5 sp and 1DL
- Last year we utilized 30 point categories to keep it interesting.

- 15 Offensive stats included:
AB (1), R (1), 1B (1), 2B (2), 3B (3), HR (4), RBI (1), SB (2), CS (-1), BB (1), IBB (2), HBP (2), K (-2), GIDP (-3), E (-2)

- 15 Pitching stats included:
IP (1), W (5), L (-3), CG (8), SHO (5), SV (4), R (-1), HR (-1), BB (-1), IBB (-2), K (2), WP (-2), SB (-1), GIDP (3), HLD (2)

My issues of which I am looking for input include the following:

-It seemed that after the initial draft last year, the need for strong starting pitching was the key... One complete game shut out would win the week for you...

-Should I change the ip's to negative points or completely do away with them?

-How to prevent the adding and dropping of mediocre pitchers during the week to get a bump in innings and k's.

-We previously had no maximum/ minimum innings rule. Should this change.

- How to best utilize the waiver rule?

- Should I change the ab's to negative points or completely do away with them as going 0-4 at the plate was equal to 1-3?

- Any advantage to adding divisions.

- Also first year of conducting offline draft, any suggestions?
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Postby lsommerer » Thu Feb 22, 2007 7:02 pm

Here are my suggestions...

1) get rid of AB. Having ground out count as much as a single is bad

2) I think K and GDP are too high. I'd go -1 and -2 respectively. That's that they are anyway if you have AB worth 1

3) I prefer RP over counting R and RBI separately, but that's me.

4) I would count E as worth something like, -4 (our league uses -6, but also awards positive fielding points).

5) Pitching seems a mess to me. 3 Ks count for more than a W? -2 for IBB when the manager calls for it, not the pitcher? Letting a run score is worth the same as walking a batter?

6) If you're going to charge a pitch for a SB, you should probably give him points for a Pick-Off (yeah, they never happen).

7) I really hate the whole W,S,HD based point idea. To see how unreasonable these are just look at the official rules for determining them. We've gotten away from them entirely by using:

Inning Pitched (SP) 6pts
Inning Pitched (RP) 9pts
Strikeout 2pts
Pick Off 2pts
Intentional Walks 2pts
Wild Pitch -1pts
Walk Issued -2pts
Hit Allowed -2pts
Hit Batsmen -2pts
Earned Run -8pts
Inherited Run Scored -4pts

8) What would be the logic behind changing IP to neg? It might be a good idea; I just don't see it.

9) We keep teams from churning pitchers by having a free agent pick-up limit. You could charge a fee for it and let them do it.

10) Offlines drafts are great. Order Pizza and bring free beer for all the other owners.

Okay, i'm just rambling now. Maybe I always was.
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Offline Draft Rules

Postby Mattingly's_Mustache » Fri Feb 23, 2007 8:57 am

Going to conduct an offline 12 team draft. No auction, No keepers. 11 of 12 managers will be present.

How long do you anticipate this will take. Should we set time limits per pick/round? Should these time limits get shorter as the rounds go on?

My thought was to conduct similiar to NFL, if pick not in in time, we move on until you subit your pick.

I assume trading picks and players is allowed, how should this best be done?

Also, any experience on how I put this into Yahoo? I am holding off to sign up for the Yahoo plus until I get this draft day set up....

Thanks for your help.... FBC is full of useful info...
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Postby EricF » Fri Feb 23, 2007 9:27 pm

I would expect your draft to go 3 to 3-1/2 hours.

You can set a time limit, but in my experience the pressure from the other drafters will get a slow picker to move on.

Putting the results into Yahoo is pretty easy, I understand. In past years you would scroll through a list of the available players and assign them to the team that drafted them. I understand that in this year's Yahoo, you can begin typing the player's name and it will fill in the desired player.
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Postby teddy ballgame » Fri Feb 23, 2007 9:56 pm

I would get rid of IP and AB, but definitely not make them negative. That's hurting someone for using players, which I don't really get. Also, why is CG worth more than SHO? A SHO is harder and rarer than a CG, so you should switch them (although I wouldn't use either).
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Postby Mattingly's_Mustache » Sat Feb 24, 2007 11:23 am

Thank you -

Your advice has been helpful and hopefully will be accepted by all...

If not, too bad - I am the commisioner
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