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8x8 Roto Dynasty League...need 3 more managers

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8x8 Roto Dynasty League...need 3 more managers

Postby reasonbass » Mon Feb 19, 2007 10:50 pm

Read the league setup below and if you are interested in joining please IM reasonbass on AIM or YIM.



League Format: 8x8 Roto
Teams: 10 total
Player Universe: AL & NL
Website host: Yahoo Fantasy Sports



We will hold a draft to select your three real MLB franchises from which you will build your team. The MLB teams will be broken down into three groups according to their total payroll from 2006 and each owner will choose a team from each group. The first round everyone will pick from group 1. The second round everyone will choose from group 2 and the third round will be group 3. The 1st round will be randomized and the 2nd round will be the reverse order of the 1st round. The 3rd round will be randomized again.

GROUP #1 - randomized
1. New York Yankees $198,662,180
2. Boston Red Sox $120,100,524
3. Los Angeles Angels $103,625,333
4. Chicago White Sox $102,875,667
5. New York Mets $100,901,085
6. Los Angeles Dodgers $99,176,950
7. Chicago Cubs $94,841,167
8. Houston Astros $92,551,503
9. Atlanta Braves $92,461,852
10. San Francisco Giants $90,862,063

GROUP #2 - reverse order of group #1
11. St. Louis Cardinals $88,441,218
12. Seattle Mariners $88,324,500
13. Philadelphia Phillies $88,273,333
14. Detroit Tigers $82,302,069
15. Baltimore Orioles $72,585,713
16. Toronto Blue Jays $71,915,000
17. San Diego Padres $69,725,179
18. Texas Rangers $65,468,130
19. Minnesota Twins $63,810,048
20. Washington Nationals $63,267,500

GROUP #3 - randomized
21. Oakland Athletics $62,322,054
22. Cincinnati Reds $59,489,015
23. Arizona Diamondbacks $59,221,226
24. Cleveland Indians $56,795,867
25. Milwaukee Brewers $56,790,000
26. Kansas City Royals $47,294,000
27. Pittsburgh Pirates $46,867,750
28. Colorado Rockies $41,133,000
29. Tampa Bay Devil Rays $35,417,967
30. Florida Marlins $14,998,500

You will be allowed to keep up to 10 players from each franchise including MLB and MiLB players. You do not have to keep 10 players if you don't want too. All players not kept will be available as free agents.

We will be using a pricing structure of real life salaries scaled down on the ranking system below. Example: Arod is $20 million a year in real life, so he would be $8 in this league as shown on the ranking system below. For the first year's draft we will be using players 2006 real life salary.

Salaries can be found at ... &year=2006
0-1 million = $1
2-4 million = $2
5-7 million = $3
8-10 million= $4
11-15 million= $5
16-19 million= $6
20+ million= $7
* In an event of a players Salary being for example 4.5 million his Base salary for the league would be $3. We round up. If a players salary is 4.4 million his Base Salary for the league would be $2.

You sign each player to a contract as follows..
3 players @ 5years
4 players @ 4years
5 players @ 3years
Unlimited @ 2years
Unlimited @ 1year

35 man roster made up of MLB and MiLB players all under one salary cap of $90.

Once free agency is opened post the player you want to bid on (players name in the subject line) with the amount that you bid ($1 increments) and the time that your bid expires (24 hours from the time of your post). The bidding for a player ends when the last post reaches the 24 hour limit. The winning bidder then posts how many years he wants to sign the player for and adds him to his roster here on the board. Once per week the commish will add free agents that were won to their new team on the yahoo site. Players will not be added to your yahoo team until you have posted the # of years.

Players may be resigned by their original team when their contracts expire. We will use the players O-Rank on yahoo to determine their resigning value. (See table below)

O-Rank - Resigning Value
1-10 - $7
11-50 - $6
51-75 -$5
76-100 - $4
100-199 - $3
200-280 - $2
281+ - $1

You may give a player his unconditional release at any time by paying him 50% of the remaining salary on his contract all at once. The entire amount would count toward the current years salary cap. The player then goes into the free agent pool.

If at any time you wish to free up a spot on your roster you may waive one of your current players. Do this by posting the players name here on the board...
Board: Transactions
Sub Board: Waivers

Once you place a player on waivers he will be removed from your team on yahoo by the commish. However, this does not remove him from your roster here on the message board. You are still responsible to pay the players salary from your salary cap...simply move him to the bottom of your roster post under waivers or put waiver in brackets next to his name.

Any player placed on waivers may be claimed by another team as long as that team has a roster spot and enough cap to pay the player. If your player is claimed by another team you may remove him from your roster post and you are no longer responsible for paying his salary.

Once a year we will have a Minor league draft 2 or 3 round (to be determined at a later date). This is where we will draft the any prospect not on a minor league team or the new group of prospects from that years Amateur Draft. These players CANNOT be bid on in FA until after the draft. The draft order will go by worst to first records. NO foreign players can be drafted until they are signed by a MLB team . These picks CAN be traded thru out the year. All players count against your $90 salary cap.
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Postby reasonbass » Tue Feb 20, 2007 11:18 pm


you may also email me at
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Postby pizz » Wed Feb 21, 2007 10:14 pm

hey jared, contact me
still a giants fan this year :(
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Re: 8x8 Roto Dynasty League...need 3 more managers

Postby revnrev » Thu Mar 26, 2009 3:00 am

I would like in on this if there is still room.
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