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NEW 10 team dynasty league on Yahoo...need 9 owners

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NEW 10 team dynasty league on Yahoo...need 9 owners

Postby redsoxdirtdog » Mon Feb 19, 2007 3:36 pm

I'm looking to start a dynasty roto league through yahoo. I am looking for guys or gals who can be committed and have a good amount of experience in fantasy baseball. Need maximum of 10 teams, everyone must have a real MLB team name! Red Sox are already taken by me!! Below is the league constitution. Email me if interested or with questions and I'll invite you to the league and group website. Thanks!

MLB Fantasy Association
Dynasty League Constitution

1. Introduction
2. Teams and Rosters
3. Communication
4. Drafting
5. Scoring and Standings
6. Waivers and Free Agents
7. Trades
8. Governance and Disputes

1. We, the members of this Association, freely unite ourselves together for the purpose of having fun, following the great game of baseball, and engaging in friendly competition. All

2.1 There will be a maximum of 10 teams in the MLB Fantasy Association, consisting of a mix of AL and NL players. Each team will consist of a maximum 28 players.

2.2 A team’s roster consists of the following players:
• Starters: (16) C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, UTL SP, SP, SP, SP, SP, RP, RP
• Bench: 12 players of the individual owner’s choosing (including drafted rookies)

2.3 All teams in the Association must have the name of a real MLB team

2.4 If an owner decides to leave the Association, a new owner will be found or the team contracted and players put into a supplemental draft. A new owner may “relocate” the team and choose a different available MLB team name if desired.

2.5 All players are eligible for positions as determined by Yahoo Fantasy Sports.

3.1 All communication will be conducted through a Yahoo Groups page and email. The website address is: ... sociation/

3.2 The commissioner will email and post Xcel files containing rosters and other important information concerning drafting.

3.3 All members must have a valid, public email address for direct communication concerning trades and other information.

4.1 Before the inaugural season, the Association will conduct 2 separate drafts. The first will be the MLB draft, following by the rookie draft. In succeeding years, only the rookie draft and possibly a supplemental draft will be held.

4.2 Draft position will be random during the inaugural season. In succeeding years, the 5 round rookie draft order will be in reverse order of finish. All drafting will be in traditional style, NOT serpentine.

4.3 The MLB draft will consist of 23 rounds, in which the owners may select any player currently on a MLB roster other than those classified as rookies (see below). This will begin at a date determined by the commissioner.

4.4 The rookie draft will follow the MLB draft and consist of 5 rounds. This will include those experienced players joining MLB from other countries (ex. Matsuzaka, Igawa, etc.)

4.5 A rookie is a player who meets the following conditions:
• New to MLB the previous year (exp. Delmon Young, Justin Verlander, etc.)
• Minimum of 15 IP for pitchers or 35 AB for hitters during the previous year

4.6 All drafting will be done through email and the Yahoo Group site. Each owner will have a set amount of time to make their pick. Times will be sent out along with an Xcel file containing those players eligible for the rookie draft.

4.7 Following the rookie draft, each team will have 28 players. Following each succeeding year’s rookie draft, teams will be over the 28 player limit. Owners will have until March 20 to cut back to 28 players. The commissioner will then enter each teams roster into the Yahoo league website.

5.1 Scoring will be standard 5x5 Rotisserie.
(BA, R, HR, RBI, SB and W, ERA, K, SV, WHIP)

5.2 All stats and standings will be kept through Yahoo Fantasy Baseball and will run during the regular MLB season. MLB playoffs are not used in calculating scoring.

5.3 There will be a maximum limit of 1300 IP for pitchers for the season.

5.4 In future seasons, by consensus of the owners, the scoring system may be changed.

6.1 Any player may be released at any time by his team.

6.2 All released players will be on a 3 day waiting period. Waiver priority will start in reverse order of the draft and continue in accordance with Yahoo fantasy baseball guidelines. If a player clears waivers without being claimed, he becomes a free agent.

6.3 Any player on the free agent list can be claimed by any team on a first come, first serve basis.

7.1 After the initial season MLB draft, teams are free to make trades up until the start of the regular MLB season. This includes trading rookie draft picks at any point during the rookie draft.

7.2 From the beginning of the MLB season until midnight on August 19 each season, teams are free to make trades. Trades are not allowed from August 20 until the end of the regular MLB season.

7.3 Trades must be posted to the Yahoo Group by one of the trading parties and confirmed by the other party. Teams must also use the Yahoo trading function to complete the deal.

7.4 Teams may trade players AND rookie draft picks, but teams must stay at or under the 28 player maximum roster during the regular season. The only time a team may be over the 28 player maximum is following each year’s rookie draft and before the cut down date.

7.5 If a trade is uneven, like 2 players for 1 player and a draft pick, the person receiving 2 players would have to drop someone to make room on their roster.

8.1 The decision of the Commissioner may override the above rules and is final in any disputes. He also has the power to change a rule with an unforeseen loophole after the fact for the benefit of the league.

8.2 Future rule changes and the power to overturn any trades deemed unfair to competitive balance will be determined in consultation with the entire league ownership.
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Postby SwampDonkey » Mon Feb 19, 2007 4:26 pm

I am interested in joining, and even this years draft wont be serpentine
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Postby redsoxdirtdog » Mon Feb 19, 2007 4:45 pm


No serpentine, we will do the draft in traditional form...1-10 then back to 1 again. Shoot me an email at: and I'll invite you to the league website and Yahoo group. Thanks!

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