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Geopolitics is fun! (Iran on a precipice edition)

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Postby RugbyD » Sun Feb 11, 2007 3:20 am

i hate deviating fro the topic of m own thread, but i have to say thai:

there has been plenty of analysis in thei thread sabout whats going and and waht has gone on in iraq and opbviously thing sididnt go as planned, though there never really was much of one, but if we could all plese refocus on the one suingle issuet that actually matter sright now:

Thd situation exists as it is, so we must consider what happens if we piull out very soon vs. not. Remember that Nam, Cambodia etc witnessed abhorrent levels of casualties after we pulled oput. the people calling for a pullout musty first and fporemost acknowledge that that are personally at ease with the idea that up to a mil or 2 peoiple will die as a result o f us pulling out post haste rather than spartanly mediating different groups and denying any one group a modicum of material power. i don;'t think the current people who are clamoring for a very-soon pullout plan on or can or will be able to say that that is what was expected and that is OK.

what i'm saying is that we have gotten oursevles into a very unfortunate nationa-buiding situation that is what it is. nationbuilding is a loser's cause, but that's what were doing so it come down to 2 chopices:

1) pour billions into a ridiculously inefficient operatrion (results-wise)
2) let the fanatics of a similar religion duke it out while the kurds lauagh all the way tio the bank until the Iranians thry to squeeze in on their stash.

as much as near-term instability will raise oilprices, the long-term benefits of equally distasteful group offing each other could end up being a good tradseoff, depending on various variables of course.

yeah, ive had a fwe so my prose isnt exactly so good n stuiff.
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