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New Dynasty League - Dedicated Owners Only!!!

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New Dynasty League - Dedicated Owners Only!!!

Postby GameOn » Sat Jan 20, 2007 7:29 pm

I posted an ad about this league a couple weeks back. Since then I have found another person to be co-comish and we have drafted a constitution. I have posted the constitution below. It is quite long, but please read it before making your decision to join the league.

The following teams are taken:

White Sox
Red Sox
Blue Jays

If you are interested in the league please EMAIL me at and respond to the questions below:

Years of Fantasy Experience:
# of leagues you are participating in:
Are you interested in being a Co-Comish?
If so, what would make you a good co-comish?

Here is the constitution...

The Basics


The Summer Sluggers Dynasty League is a 20 team H2H dynasty league with 6X6 scoring. At the inception of the league each owner will choose a major league team of his choice and he will be able to select up to 10 MLB and up to 10 minor league players of his choice from that system to join his team.

Data Service/League Fees

The league will be run on Yahoo, there will be no fees due for Year 1, but possibly for Year 2 and forward (to be determined after the season by league vote).


The following categories will be used for scoring.

Batters - AVG, SB, R, HR, BA, OPS
Pitchers ? W, K, ERA, WHIP, SV, HOLDS

Dynasty Players

Teams will have until a specific date to declare their 10 MLB and 10 MiLB dynasty players (to be determined). After this date all players not declared will go into the MLB and MiLB drafts.


Each team can have a maximum MLB roster of 30 players and a maximum MiLB roster of 20 players.

The roster positions used are listed below:

Batters - C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, OF, OF, OF, U, U
Pitchers ? 4 SP, 4 RP, 2 P
10 Bench Players (Any combination of batters and pitchers)

Roster/lineup changes can be made on a daily basis. An innings limit may be imposed. This will be decided before the draft begins.

Salaries, Contracts, & the Cap

Salaries and Contracts

The players? real life salaries and contracts will be used for players who are selected in the dynasty phase as well as during the draft. After the draft all players who were not selected during the draft will be available via auction. [See the Auction Section for further info]
Salary and Contract Information

Cot's Baseball Salaries ( will be our official source for player contract info. You must post each year?s salary on your roster along with any option years. For the purposes of this league we are only concerned with a player's base salary, and not any signing bonuses, incentives, etc. Also, we will consider any option years a team option, which means you as team owner will have the ability to accept or deny the option.

Any player who does not a have a current salary listed on Cot's will be noted as making the major league minimum ($380,000) until the salary information becomes available. Owners are expected to update the player's salary as soon as it becomes available.

Arbitration Eligible Players

Note: This applies only to the 10 Major League players taken in the dynasty phase and to those players taken in the Year 1 Major League Draft who have less than 5 years of Major League service time

These players will receive whatever their actual salary is for the 2007 season, in some cases this amount may not have been decided prior to the draft, in that event owners, by selecting these players, agree to assume whatever contract the player receives by arbitrator's ruling. If the player receives a deal prior to going before an arbitrator, the owner will assume that contract as well.

Also listed on Cot's will be a player's ML service time, take that number (rounded down) and subtract it from 5. That will be the player's contract length for our purposes. For each year remaining on the contract the owner has 2 options:

1) Increase pay by $1 million or
2) Allow the player to become a Restricted Free Agent (RFA). As a RFA, the team owner has the right to match the winning bid the player receives at auction.

Example: Chase Utley has 3.027 years of ML service, rounded down that would be 3 years of service, leaving 2 years remaining. Say Utley receives a 1-year $5 million contract from the Phillies for 2007. The owner would pay $5 million this year, and has the option of either paying him $6 million in 2008 or letting him go to auction as a RFA. Note: If the owner chooses to keep Utley for his last year at $6 million, he would become an Unrestricted Free Agent (UFA) at the conclusion of the 2008 season

The Salary Cap

The Salary Cap for 2007 will be $100 million, owners are expected to be in cap compliance from the first day of the draft until the last day of the season.

Salary Audits

Every team's roster will be audited at the start of the season to verify the posted salary amounts are correct. During the season 5 teams per week will be randomly audited, meaning every team will be audited at least once each month.

Salary Cap Penalties

If the audit reveals inaccuracies in a team's roster that team will incur a penalty towards next year's salary cap. The penalty will be determined by the commissioners; in general, a first time offense will incur a warning, a second time offense will incur a $1 million salary cap penalty for the following year, and a third offense in the season will result in either a $5 million penalty or suspension from the league.

During the Draft: An owner will not be permitted to make a draft pick that will cause the team payroll to exceed the salary cap.

During the Season: If a team's payroll exceeds the salary cap the owner will be notified of the violation and will have 24 hours to correct his roster. After 24 hours the team's roster will be locked from making any transactions until he is back in cap compliance (once the team notifies the commissioner of the steps he plans to take to bring his team back under the cap, his roster will be unlocked). If, after one week's time the owner has not corrected his roster he will be subject to dismissal from the league and a replacement owner will be found.

During the Offseason: The salary cap will not be enforced.

The Drafts

The Major and Minor League Drafts will be slow message boards drafts conducted on the league forum. After teams have selected their dynasty players, all remaining players will go to the draft pool. The first draft will be for the MLB players and it will consist of 12 rounds. The second draft will be for MiLB players (see Eligibility Requirements below) and it will consist of 10 rounds. Drafts dates to be determined once the league has filled.

Draft order will be snaked and will be randomly determined for the MLB draft. The MiLB draft will be snaked as well and will be the reverse order of the MLB draft.

Note: The drafts will be random because the entire teams are not being selected. Teams with bad records may actually have good young MLB players or a stockpile of MiLB players.

Eligibility Requiements

Only Major League eligible players may be selected in the Major League Draft. A Major League eligible player is defined as:

Batters - More than 130 career ABs in the Major Leagues
Pitchers - More than 50 IPs in the Major Leagues

Players who don't meets this criteria can only be drafted in the Minor League Draft. Conversely, a player who does meet Major League eligibility requirements cannot be selected in the Minor League draft.


A player may be waived at any time during the season, however players may not be waived while the Major and Minor league drafts are in progress. Waiver priority will be established based on 2006 regular season record. Teams that place a waiver claim will drop to the bottom of the waiver priority list. A player remains on waivers for 72 hours.

If a player is claimed from waivers, the team claiming him assumes the full contract from the team that released him.

If a player clears waivers there are two options:
1) Send the player to your minor league roster and pay the player his full salary or
2) Release the player and pay 10% of his salary or $100k (whichever is higher) for each year remaining on his contract.
Example: A player making $4 mil this year and $5 mil next year clears waivers. The team that released him would owe $400k this season and $500k next season.

If the player is released he may be reclaimed at a later date as long as no team has bid on the player. A player is reclaimed at his full salary prior to being released.

Retired Players - May be waived without incurring any penalties.

The Auction

Auction System

The auction applies to any player with Major League eligibility who is not under contract.

A player is won after 24 hours if no other bids have been placed.
The winning bid will be based on the points outlined below:

Yearly Salary offered = X points
Total number of years offered = X points (Maximum 5 years)

No Trade Clause (NTC) = 2 Points
?A NTC means that a player may not be traded for the life of the contract offered.


A Team offers David Wright a 4 year contract worth $40 million along with a NTC.

Yearly salary = 40/4 = $10 million

This offer receives 10 points for the yearly salary, 4 points for the years offered, and 2 points for the NTC.

The total points for this offer are 16 points. Another owner would have to make an offer worth more than 16 points to sign the player. If two owners have bids worth 16 points, than the winner would be the owner who made the offer first.

Owners cannot retract bids once they?ve been posted (to keep teams from running up the price and then backing out at the last minute).

Bidding starts at $400k per year, bids increasing the yearly salary must be at least $100k higher than the previous bid.

Bids that will put an owner over the salary cap will be rejected.

The Minor Leagues

MiLB Eligibility

Once a player has over 130 ABs or 50 IP in any season, he no longer qualifies as a MiLB player. If a player obtains 130 ABs or 50 IP in the middle of a season he may remain in the minors, but at the end of the season he must be recalled to the majors.

MiLB Contracts

MiLB players may be held on the minor league roster for as long as one chooses to do so. Once a player is called up to the majors his ?clock? begins. Upon call up the player is assigned a 4 year contract at the league minimum salary (2007 = $380,000). The year the player is called up counts as once of the 4 years, so for some prospects they may only play 3 full seasons with your club.

MiLB Restricted Free Agents (RFA)

Once a player?s 4-year contract expires the team holding that player at time of expiration will retain RFA rights of the player. The player will go to auction and bidding will be conducted as outlined above. After bidding has been completed the owner with the RFA rights has the option to match the contract offered. A player only receives RFA rights once in his career.

Acquiring MiLB players

During the season, MiLB players can be acquired by submitting a claim on the message board. If no other teams claims the player after 24 hours then the player is won. If another team submits a claim then the player goes up for a one time Signing Bonus. At this point any team may submit a claim and submit a bid to obtain the player. Bids will begin at $100k, each successive bid must be at least $100k higher than the previous bid. The player is acquired once there have not been any bids for 24 hours. The Signing Bonus only counts against the cap for the season in which it was paid. After that season the payment is erased completely.

Amateur Draft

During the season there will be a draft of the amateur players selected by the major league teams. This draft will consist of 5 rounds and the draft order will be assembled based on prior season?s league standings. (In the first season the draft order will be decided based on the real life record of the teams chosen. The team with the worst 2006 regular season record will draft first, the team with the best 2006 regular season record will draft last.)


Before the season, teams must post trades in the appropriate section of the message board. During the season trades will be through the Yahoo site, however the trade must still be posted on the league forum. Trades have a 72 hour window before they are approved. During this time owners may express an objection to the trade, but only if they STRONGLY feel that the trade is lopsided or if collusion may be involved. If 5 objections are voiced, then the trade will be vetoed. It should be noted that objections are not to be used in situations where you personally do not like the trade, are angry with the owner for not trading with you, etc.

Draft picks may be traded, but you must post on your rosters which picks have been traded away or received.

Salary cap money may be traded. If money is traded is MUST be documented on your roster.

Future considerations can be part of a trade. But it must be explicitly stated what the consideration is at the time of the trade. For example, Team A agrees to place a bid on a certain waived player as part of the trade. Any consideration not listed will be considered invalid.

Trade Deadline

The trade deadline will be August 31 at 11:59 pm every year. Trading resumes November 1 every year. Essentially no trading is permitted during the months of September and October


Expulsion from the league

If at any time an owner feels that another owner has done something that warrants expulsion he may post a poll asking the league if the owner should remain in the league or not. Each team must publicly state their stance. If 11 owners vote in favor of expulsion, then the owner will immediately be removed from the league.

The commissioners reserve the right to dismiss any team at any time on the grounds on inactivity. Inactivity is defined as not responding to emails and messages within 5 days during the initial draft phase and two weeks afterwards. If you expect to be gone for vacation for a long period of time please let someone know.

Repeated salary cap violations, and not changing your roster are also grounds for expulsion. This is similar to inactivity, but if you have DL players on your roster for an extended period of time without a good reason this can be grounds for expulsion.

While good-natured trash talking is always encouraged, abusive behavior to another owner will not be tolerated and is grounds for immediate dismissal from the league.

Expulsion is only expected to be used in cases where it is good for the league. This is not a method for owners to get rid of other owners they dislike.


There will be three commissioners of the league. One commissioner will be elected as the head commissioner and the other two commissioners will serve as the co-commissioners. The head commissioner?s primary responsibility will be the general upkeep of the league, along with the upkeep of the constitution and rules of the league. The two Co-Commissioners will consist of a Salary Commission to monitor the accuracy of team payrolls and a Roster Commissioner to monitor the accuracy of team rosters, including player movement (adds, drops, promotions, and demotions).


If at any time an owner feels that a commissioner has done something that warrants impeachment he may post a poll asking the league if the commissioner should remain in office or not. Each team must publicly state their stance. If 11 owners vote in favor of impeachment, then the commissioner will be immediately removed from office and an election for a new commissioner will be held. Anyone who wishes to become commissioner may be added to ballot.


The constitution may be amended if the majority of the owners in the league agree to the rule change.
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Postby GameOn » Mon Jan 22, 2007 3:11 pm

9 spots still open
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Postby CheeseBeger » Tue Jan 23, 2007 4:21 pm


A few spots left,

This is going to be a great league!
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Postby GameOn » Tue Jan 23, 2007 9:25 pm

5 spots left
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Postby GameOn » Sat Jan 27, 2007 2:20 pm

We have two spots open. I would like to fill them today. So, please send me an email or a message.

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