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One Opening. AL-Only, 5x5 Keeper, Roto, Expert-Level League

PostPosted: Fri Jan 19, 2007 10:04 pm
by Phishwick
ALONL is an expert-level, AL-only league with an auction draft in an online chat room. This is a 11-team, 5x5 Roto league; $100 fee with no additional fees during season. We had all owners returning but one of them has a suddenly booming business and cannot continue. Auction Draft is Sunday, March 25. Payouts go to top three teams and are paid as soon as the season is over. There is active trading; keepers and a 2-round minor league draft. Owners are tenured only after a full season and after showing that they are knowledgable about managing a roto team; active in the league and easy to get along with. We have a constitution and use All Star Stats as our homepage. Owners are from around the country (no friends at the office to make insider trades). If you like this format; have the traits mentioned above and want to be part of a fun and well-organized league with 10 other baseball lovers, drop me an email at - Rick