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Need a Canadian for scoresheet league

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Need a Canadian for scoresheet league

Postby BumpWills » Sat Jan 06, 2007 2:05 pm

Scoresheet is a simulation league. They have seperate offices in Canada and the U.S. with rules that Canadians and Americans must play in seperate leagues, thus the need for a Canadian. Sales pitch below.

The Game

Scoresheet is a simulation game. You submit a line-up and every week the scoresheet computer matches your line-up against your opponents and spits out a boxscore of each game. It does this by essentially breaking down every hitter and pitchers real life performance that week into plate appearances, i.e. K, BB, 1B, 2B, 3B, HR etc. The simulator looks at each simulated plate appearance (your hitter vs. his pitcher, or vice-versa) and assigns a likely outcome for that appearance based on the weeks real life stats. When you submit your line-up you give parameters for when to bunt, steal, pinch hit etc. and when to pull out a pitcher and who to replace him with. Players are also given a defensive rating, teams with better rating will make more "outstanding plays" and thus take away hits that a worse defensive team would allow. My explanation is probably not doing the game justice, but it is the most realistic and detailed game around. I've got some links below on how the game is played.

Sample line-up card -
Offense explanation -
Pitching/defense explanation -
Playing limits -
Sample scoresheet -
Sample play by play - ... 1&team_n=5 (pretty remarkable graphics, eh? OK the graphics don't help my sales pitch)

The scoresheet community is fanatical. We have two yahoo groups where advice, opinions and debate are exchanged... ... =165925731 (this one not much help, can't see anything unless you join)

The League

Our league has a flexible keeper rule where teams may keep a minimum of 7 players and a maximum of 10. Teams keeping less than 10 are rewarded with extra picks at the start of the draft. For example if you keep 7 and I keep 10 then you start drafting in round 8 and I in round 11. This makes it easier for teams to rebuild quickly. Teams may also keep up to 3 rookies (<35 IP or <100 AB) if they forfeit their picks in rounds 33, 34 and 35. The pre-season draft is 35 rounds (minus how ever many players each team keeps, we will have 35 players per team going into the season). The draft itself is just done slowly via email beginning in late January and will take a few weeks to complete. In scoresheet the player lists for each league are finalized before the season and players switching leagues (AL to NL and vice-versa) during the season in real life do not switch leagues in scoresheet. Our league allows each team to protect up to 2 crossovers each year (guys who switched leagues). That way when Barry Zito signs in the NL, his team won't lose its best pitcher. This also means that players like Abreau and JD Drew will be entering our league for the first time in this years draft. Ignore what the scoresheet website says about the draft, that is for public leagues, as a private league we make our own rules.

The league is going into its fourth season and we still have 8 of our original 10 owners. Everyone is easy to get a hold of (via email) and always willing to talk trade. Team #1 is the available team (see link below) the team has traded away its round 20 pick but has acquired and extra round 12 pick. Team #1 will draft second overall (should be either Matsuzaka, Abreau or Drew).

The Cost

Here's where I may lose you. The standard cost is $140 per team (ignore prices on website, these are for Americans). There is a $35 finders fee for bringing new people into the game that we would put towards your fees, so it would cost $105 to try it out for a year. I know, it seems like a lot when yahoo teams are free but there really is no comparison between the two. Scoresheet has honestly changed the way I think about baseball and how I evaluate players.

Email me in interested, . if you know anyone else who may be interested then please pass this message along.

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