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Looking for $$$ League to Join

PostPosted: Tue Jan 02, 2007 11:49 pm
by OctaShields
I'm only 22 years old so I can't brag about 20 or more years of experience, but I have been in fantasy leagues since I got the internet in 96.

I've been in plenty of leagues from standard Yahoo! Public Leagues to Sandbox a few years ago to an AL-only keeper league since 01 on CBS Sportsline. I currently have two keeper leagues, but I had enough success the last few years to where I definitely want to move into a bigger stakes league.

I have experience with pretty much any kind of league other than auction. However, I definitely want to get into auction leagues now, as I do ridiculous amounts of research and don't think it would be much of a problem of adjusting. If anyone has a league that's 3 figures or more, please e-mail me at

You might be interested.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 03, 2007 1:50 pm
by ziffels
Hey Octa,

I'll tell you about our long-term keeper league and if you're interested I will contact you at your email address with specifics.

League: 14-team NL only, roto style, in-person live auction, standard 14 hitter/9 pitcher rosters, 260 units. Eight categories: BA, HR, RBI, SB, ERA, W, SV, SO (No WHIP or R). Up to 15 keepers per season. Unlimited trans/trades. Online website stat service. Trade deadline Aug. 1. Full Constitution posted on web. Includes two-round minor league draft. Minor leaguers carried over for a fee.

Money: $130 to play (plus fees for stat service, guaranteed contracts and minor league carry-overs), $5 per transaction until Aug. 1, $10 after Aug. 1. All but transaction fees are paid up front at auction. Top five teams finish in money (45%, 25%, 15%, 10% 5%). Usually a pretty big pot -- lots of transactions.

History: Started in 1992, just completed 15th season. Core group met in law school. Have lost/added a few owners over the years, but most are long-timers, scattered from the midwest to the eastern seaboard.

Auction: We meet in person for a weekend, draft on first non-Easter Sunday after opening day. Locales change but expect next year to be in North Carolina. While the league is competitive, no one takes themselves too seriously. Plenty of drinking and carousing - a tremendously fun group.

New Owners: We are looking for a couple of new owners who will be active, enthusiastic, knowledgeable players and who will make a firm committment to attend the auction. Once the new owners are in place we will either conduct an expansion draft online to allow the rookies to build protected lists, OR we will allow them to take over existing rosters. Both new and current owners will participate in that decision and it will be made well in advance of the auction. Treating the new owners fairly will be the top priority. We are looking for long-term, dedicated players, after all.

If you are interested, please reply here. Anyone else who happens to read this may also reply.

Our membership requirements are simple:

1) You must be a knowledgeable, active player;

2) You must commit to attending the auction in April;

3) You must be a decent guy (or girl) who knows how to act toward others. Being competitive is never an excuse for being a jerk. We don't care about your age, race, religion, sexual preference, drinking habits or taste in music. (Being smart or funny helps, but even that is not a prerequisite.) Just treat other players as you'd like to be treated and we'll be cool.

Let me know asap if you're interested. We'd like to finalize our owner list by February.

Thanks, and good luck.

- Ziffels


PostPosted: Wed Jan 03, 2007 2:49 pm
by OctaShields
Thanks for the reply.

It seems like an absolutely amazing league. The only drawback I would really have is the live auction. I have just received my degree a week and a half ago and I'm currently searching for a job, so I have no idea where I'll be or what I'll be doing come April. I live in Pennsylvania and I'm looking for a job in Philly or New York, so North Carolina may be a bit much to ask.

However, if anything changes--the location of the draft or anything else important--I would definitely reconsider.

Thank you,


Keep us in mind

PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2007 12:37 pm
by ziffels
That's cool.

Just so you know, we have two members who drive down from NYC every year. They usually come in Friday, leave Sunday night. Travel might be easier than you think.

Good luck with your job search


PostPosted: Fri Jan 12, 2007 11:45 am
by HangingWScottCooper
I'm starting a 12-20 team, 40 man roster dynasty points league. The draft takes place on a Yahoo! Groups site, and will take several weeks to do. Entry fee for the first year is $20, and will not exceed $50 in subsequent years. E-mail me at for more details or send me an instant message on AIM at RSoxNo1.

Note: our annual drafts are in January, and trading is re-opened as soon as the regular season ends.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 29, 2007 5:17 am
by Poincare
I play in three quality mixed leagues which all have openings at this time. The first one is an auction keeper league, costs $50 per team, uses a complex 6 by 6 format with categories such as OBP, SLG, K/BB ratio, and quality starts, and has 23 man active rosters including 5 reserve and 15 minor league spots per team. We played with 19 teams last season and 17 the year before. Our goal is to have at least 20 teams in the league this season. Our draft day is scheduled on-line for Sunday, March 25th.

The second one costs $150 and uses a serpentine draft format with only three keepers per team. Active rosters consists of 27 players (16 hitters, 10 pitchers, and one true utility spot you can use on a hitter or a pitcher) with three reserves and no minor leaguers. The categories are standard 5 by 5. We played with only 10 teams last season and would like to play with at least 12, if not more, this season. Our draft day is scheduled on-line for Saturday, March 24th.

The third one costs $200 and uses a standard 5 by 5 auction format with 5 keepers per team and a little wrinkle called the "franchise player". Active rosters consist of 23 players (standard roto rosters except we use only one catcher and 10 pitchers) with four reserves and no minor leaguers. We played with only 10 teams last season, and our commish is determined to play with at least 14, if not more, teams this season. Our draft day is scheduled on-line for Saturday, March 31st.

If any of the above appeal to you please drop me a message or shoot me an e-mail at Looking forward to hearing from you.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 29, 2007 10:39 am
by Cleveland Steamers
Current 20 Team Auction Yearly Redraft (have 19 now, though a couple haven't posted in the sign up thread). If you are interested sign up. The first 18 or 20 to send payment for the league are in for this year. After 20 owners pay, the league will be closed for this year and the others will have to wait until '08...

Just started accepting payments 1/25 and 6 have currently paid through paypal and others who said a check is coming soon.

$75 entry fee (100% payout after CBS fees)
5x5 League
Roto Scoring

To sign up or check everything out:

C, 1B, 2B, MI, 3B, CI, SS, OF, OF, OF, OF, UT
P, P, P, P, P, P, P, P, P
7 Bench Players
2 spots available for DL players

Daily transactions

Trades will be subjected to a league veto system where more than half of the owners will be needed to veto any deal.

Free agents will be subjected to a waiver system (which will be determined by random to start). Free agents can be picked up at any time, any day, not weekly or bi-weekly.

40 Free Agent Pickups

1000 Miniumum innings pitched
No maximum IP rule

If you want to co-commish with me, let me know.

Slow Forum Based Auction
Forum is
-Every owner has two players up for bid at one time

-When a player hasn't been bidded on in 24 hours, that player is sold

-When a player is sold, the owner who nominated that player needs to nominated another player

-$260 Salary cap for 28 players

All Entry fees need to be paid before the auction begins.

I currently have a league held here at the Cafe (Cup O' Coffee League) which is in it's second year.