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One spot open in free Roto keeper league.

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One spot open in free Roto keeper league.

Postby SecretAgentMan » Mon Jan 01, 2007 3:55 am

5x5 Roto, 10 team, 8 keepers. I have had one owner drop out. New owner will assume this team and prepare for a slow draft via Yahoo forum commencing on Jan 8th. Only active owners plaese. First come first serve. The league constitution and Rules follow below as does the team roster.

C: AJ Pierz, Ross
1b: Thome
2b: Ugla
3b: Glaus
SS: Furcal
CI: Gibbons
MI: H. Ramirez
OF: Holliday, Ibanez, Matthews Jr, Kearns, Alou
U: A. Gonzalez
BN: Rios, Hafner, Hawpe
DL: Gomes

SP: Randy Johnson, Millwood, Meche, Beckett
RP: Wagner, T. Jones
P: Francis, Lilly, Glavine
BN: Jennings, Pettitte, Ray
BN: Julio

League Rules

-League will be hosted on Yahoo and be free.
-Standard 5x5 Roto, 10 team mixed league keeper.
-Weekly lineups
-We will keep 8 players. Keepers must be declared by January 1st.
-We will draft 30 rounds, including the bench slots.

-We will draft here via message board posts.
-Snaked Draft will be a slow draft with 8 hour time limits (Not
including the 12 AM to 8 AM hours). Start time is likely to be
sometime during the week of January 8th. I will let every one know as
soon as I can.
- Each team will get 8 hours to make a pick when it is their turn.
The clock will start from the point in time at which the prior team
on the clock made his/her pick. So, for example, if the draft
started on Jan 8th at noon, the team with the first pick would have
until 8 PM to make a pick. If team 1 made its pick at 12:30 PM, then
team 2 will have until 8:30 PM to make their pick, etc.
We do not count the 12 AM to 8 AM timeframe against anyone. So if team 1
made his pick at 7:30 PM, Team 2 would have until 11:30 AM the next day to
pick, etc.
Once the person ahead of you makes their pick via meassage board post,
you are free to post your pick. You do not have to wait for me or another
moderator to officially recognize it. I have done these types of
drafts before and you should basically check in once or twice a day
to make sure your pick is not up/due.
- Those who miss their picks will be auto-picked to the next highest
value available player according to the Rototimes valuation of 2006 $
values using the leagues rules/roster size (see file uploaded to this
site with the 2006 Rototimes values). If you miss a number of picks, you
will be booted from the league.
-The 2 teams on the end of the snake (teams with the first and 10th
pick) will be making 2 picks as the snake turns (team 10 gets overall
picks 10 and 11, team 1 gets overall picks 20 and 21, etc.). Those
teams will have a total of one 8 hour period to make both their picks
as there is no point in allowing the same person 16 hours to make 2
successive picks.
-Draft order will be determined by inverse order of 2006 final standings.
-Your 8 keepers will be pre-filled in as your round 1-8 picks in the Master
Draft Database Table.
-Only players in the Yahoo Database or those expected to start
season in the Majors may be selected.

-Roster breakdown:
2 C
1 1b
1 2b
1 ss
1 3b
1 CI
1 MI
5 OFs
1 Util

9 Ps
1200 IP min required, no max

7 bench spots
2 DL spots

- no trash talking or foul language tolerated. Violators will be
banned or ejected at Commish's discretion.
- Commish is in charge and has full discretion to enforce the rules
in the best interest of the league.
- Dead teams or non-participating owners replaced at Commish's

Trading Rules:
1. You are allowed to make trades during the draft. However, the trades
are restricted under the following rules:
a. All trades must be for equal numbers of players (1 for 1, 2 for 2,
etc.) so as to stay within the roster size restrictons.

b. You are NOT allowed to trade draft picks only players that have
actually been selected up to the present point in time.

2. In season trading is permitted as per Yahoo rules.

3. Trade voting. Trades can be vetoed if 4 or more non-involved owners
object to a deal. Objections to be lodged to the Commish via email.

4. Trade review is 3 days.

5. Off-season trading for Keeper purposes is allowed prior to the
Keeper declartion deadline.

Also note:
1. Your pick should be made via message post.

2. You must fill out your active roster position-wise during the
draft. If you are missing a 2b for example and your 30th pick is
due, you have to pick a 2b.

3. You may or may not decide that getting an email for each post is
too annoying and may find it more desireable to switch to the daily
digest mode. That is up to each individual owner.

4. I have created a database table with the master draft list in it
that I or one of the other moderators will update as the draft

5. I have created strictly for owner's convenience a table for
the roster of each team. Please add your picks to your table to
help you keep track of your team. Yahoo Groups limits the number of
database tables to 10, so with the 2006 and 2007 Master Draft lists
being needed, I only have room for 8 of the 10 teams in this regard.
The last two members to join the league will not get personal
database tables and will have to rely on the Master Draft Table.
My apologies to those two owners.
Teams should also be able to sort by team name in the master
draft table to help in this regard so it is not a big deal and
I do reserve the right to delete a team roster table at random
should the league need another master database table for another
purpose later on. So while these tables are offered for team
owner convenience, do not rely on them. Only the master draft list
is guaranteed to remain.

6. There are 2 moderators: myself and 2b or not 2b.
2b will also serve as vice-commish of the league.
Should you be worried about missing your pick during the day for work
reasons or whatever, please feel free to send a list of desired picks
in order to one of us and we will be glad to make the pick for you
based on your list when your turn comes up. Please note that if you
supply a list to a moderator, we will wait the full 8 hours before
auto-picking from your supplied list unless you tell us otherwise (in
a case where you know you will not be available for instance).
Also, in the case where you send a list, I ask that the owner sending
the list post a message on the forum that he has supplied a list to one of
the moderators. This will prevent the next person from picking erroneously.

7. Missed/Late Picks.
a. If you exceed your 8 hours, myself or 2b will
auto-pick you from the RotoTimes value list as noted previously. We will
do so at the first opportunity that presents itself when we are online.
However, obviously we may or may not be around at the exact moment an owner's
8 hour clock expires. In the case time has lapsed on an owner, the next
person up is free to pick on the assumption that an auto-pick will be made
and assuming that the owner has not announced via message board that a list
was sent to a moderator as noted previously.

b. If a pick is made by a owner after the 8 hour window has expired but BEFORE
the next owner has made his pick, it is at the Commish's descretion as to
whether to allow it. Generally, I am not going to quibble in this case if the
owner posts within an hour after the 8 hour window and prior to the next owner
picking. Anything after that, I will generally not allow and force the auto-pick.
Of course once the next person up picks, the auto-pick is locked in.

Position ELigibility:
We are playing on Yahoo so we will follow Yahoo position eligibility
rules. Last year, this was 5 Games Played at a position. I assume
that will not change. In any event, whatever Yahoo says a player is
eligible for in 2007 is what will be enforced in this league.
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Postby LukeW9027 » Mon Jan 01, 2007 2:19 pm

I would be interested in taking over this team if it is still available.

My email is

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