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Yahoo League forming!

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Yahoo League forming!

Postby binderville » Thu Feb 20, 2003 2:12 pm

Looking for experienced owners who know how to play extremely competively while maintaining a sense of humor and good sportsmanship. I'm starting this league with a few friends and our hope is to build up a league that might continue past this year - perhaps becoming a keeper league down the line. All of us like to trade - and especially enjoy playing with owners who are willing to negotiate/wheel and deal. Ideally prospective owners will not be playing in a dozen other leagues - and will have time to devote to THIS league. If you and any of your friends fit this descrption - email me at

The league:
Yahoo 5x5 league. 10-12 teams. Live draft is set for Monday, March 10 at 6:50 pm PST (9:50pm EST).

League rules:

1. No quitting - even if your team is hoplessly behind. If an emergency comes up and you just can't stay with the team, you at least agree to communicate with the others and release your team so that a new player can be found.

2. Trade veto policy - we believe that vetos should be rare. Since all players in the league agree that they are experienced, we trust individual owners to judge whether a trade is on their best interest or not. Vetos will only happen if collusion seems apparent - and given that this is a free Yahoo League, we doubt anyone is pathetic enough to cheat. In the case of an unfathomable trade (ie; Arod for Mike Redmond) players can urge the commisioner to consider a veto. The commisioner will then take polls on fantasy message boards such as this one and publish the results for the league to see to back up whatever action he decides to take.

3. Keep it fun. A little trash talk is fine. But keep it good natured. No personal insults. No fighting. No whining. If someone makes an offer that you find insulting, don't get mad. Just let them know that they are not in the ballpark - and hopefully give them some idea what you DO want.

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