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10 Best Celebrity Body Parts - 2006

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10 Best Celebrity Body Parts - 2006

Postby bigh0rt » Thu Dec 21, 2006 4:34 am

from ... ody-parts/

Going from site to site and magazine to magazine to find out what the 10 Best– well, everything is– can get a little tiring. We want to make things easier for you. Over the next two weeks we’ll be giving you the 10 Best 10 Best Lists of 2006. No need to go anywhere else. Here’s the first one:

The 10 Best Celebrity Body Parts of 2006

10. Matthew McConaughey’s chest
It used to be a safe bet that Pamela Anderson would be the most frequently photographed topless celebrity in a given year. This year, Matthew McConaughey took the torch. Rain or shine, it didn’t matter; like a mailman, Matthew always delivered the goods. And he delivered them topless (and probably high as a kite.) (iFilm)

9. Anne Hathaway’s nipples
Celebrity nip-slips are supposed to be a beautiful thing. However, when Anne Hathaway dropped by Ellen and talked about how her see-through nipple pics made her cry, we felt really, really bad. For about 9 seconds. Then we went online and googled “Anne Hathaway + nipple” for the 8,765th time this year. (YouTube)

8. Lindsay Lohan’s ass cheeks
It seems like ages ago that Lindsay Lohan was known for her incredible rack. In 2006 she showed us another side of herself. The bottom side. We miss the good ol’ days.(Egotastic)

7. Clay Aiken’s hand
Clay’s hand was at the center of a big controversy this year. It caused Kelly Ripa & Rosie O’Donnell to fight, and it led to discussions about homophobia and politial correctness. Imagine what that hand could accomplish if it didn’t have such a weak wrist supporting it. (YouTube)

6. Nicole Richie’s spine
It’s always a little weird when a celebrity is photographed and you can see their spine. Especially when they’re photographed from the front. (Staralicious)

5. Borat’s entire body
It can be described in one word– the same word that the annoying guy in your office is still repeating ad naseum despite the fact the movie came out over a month ago– Niiiiice. (Goldenfiddle)

4. Ashlee Simpson’s new nose
Nose jobs tend to make people more attractive. In Ashlee Simpson’s case it made her more attractive, tolerable, talented and likeable. If she had this nose back during the SNL debacle we would’ve written it off as “cute” rather than “career ending.” Her new nose has made her a better person, and I mean that in the least shallow way possible. (Hollywood Tuna)

3. Pete Wentz’s penis
Before Sidekick photos of Pete Wentz holding his little Wentz leaked onto the web, most of us wouldn’t have been able to recognize a single member of Fallout Boy. But now we can recognize one: his. (NSFW photos at Jossip)

2. Britney Spears’ VaJayJay
Is there a better way to say “I’m single again, world! Look out!” than flashing your stubbly, C-section scarred bathing-suit-parts all over town a couple of weeks after your divorce? If there is, nobody told Britney Spears. Britney’s rampant vagina flashing was more shocking than Dick Cheney shooting a man in the face, more repulsive than Anna Nicole Smith delivering a baby on TV and more disturbing than listening to Playing With Fire on repeat. In years to come, we’ll remember Britney’s crotch flashing the same way we remember E-coli: an unfortunate epidemic that made headlines in 2006… and that nobody remembers anymore. At all. Hopefully. (BWE)

1. Lindsay Lohan’s Firecrotch
How powerful was Lindsay’s firecrotch in 2006? It made a sweaty man a celebrity (kinda), it made a celebrity (Paris) an enemy (for a while) and it made America look at Lindsay in a new light (but not really.) Firecrotch: Like a great movie, its title was on our lips before we even saw a flash of it on screen. Of course, when we finally saw it with our own eyes it was a bit of a letdown (kind of like Superman) but that’s okay. It’s young. It has time to grow. I’m sure we’ll be seeing way, way more of it in the future. In fact, I’ll put money on that. The Firecrotch will return in 2007.

Start preparing yourself today.
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Postby Dan Lambskin » Thu Dec 21, 2006 10:13 am

number 9 is the best...just go rent the movie Havoc ;-D
Dan Lambskin
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