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We need to exterminate all Lexus Christmas Commercials

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Postby Madison » Tue Dec 12, 2006 3:07 pm

Snakes Gould wrote:
Madison wrote:
Snakes Gould wrote:maybe im partial since i am a lexus owner but i would definitely say that most people mention mercedes, bmw, and lexus all in the same breath, whether they all deserve to be or not is a different question. infiniti has been making their push as well to be placed in this category and i still definitely think acura is a full notch below.

Practically everyone I know only lists the big 2. Personally, I've always thought Infinity would be #3 on my list if I really had to list 3 luxury cars. It's nothing against Lexus, I'm just less familiar with them, very few people I know own one, and no one around me really ever talks about them. I know tons of people who own the other 3 though, so I'm just more familiar with them.

doesnt that make them that much more prestigious?? the fact that you rarely see them and see the 3 series bmw's all over the place, makes them that much more elegant so to speak. you dont want to see everyone and their mother driving what you're driving.

Not in my circles I guess, because Lexus isn't even worth mentioning when we all talk. I don't know anyone with a Prius, so does that make them prestigious? Of course not. ;-)

Make no mistake though, I'm not saying anything negative about Lexus at all, as I've never owned one, and don't know many people who do. They could be fantastic cars, I don't know and I don't honestly care. All I was pointing out is that they have some ground to gain on "name" compared with the big 2, otherwise, everyone would always mention Lexus when they mention luxury cars, and that's not currently the case.

Chrisy Moltisanti wrote:Because they aren't solid investments. Gold has been down relative to a good amount of years of either increasing or holding steady (sorry for being general, I assume you will double check). And well you're quite wrong about diamonds increasing in value. Take a good look at the statistics or talk to an honest cutter. Diamonds are a poor investment in terms of $$$$$$. Gold might be OK, but Diamonds are horrid.

You are probably correct on the diamonds. Not sure how that got in there on what I said, probably just thinking of wedding rings :*) , but neither here nor there, I'd take your word over mine on diamonds.

Gold on the other hand has always been a solid investment. No, it won't triple or quadruple in value overnight, but it will always hold value in the long run (which is technically gaining in value due to inflation), and depending on the gold, will gain in value, where as the other junk people buy won't even hold value.

Chrisy Moltisanti wrote:
Madison wrote:True, the ads are a bit cheesy, but hey, as long as they pay the advertising bill and Lexus is happy with the results, they will keep running those commercials.

I disagree. In terms of quality, Lexus has almost always produced a better vehicle than BMW. Performance is a different issue. The average Lexus has a higher value retention.

Since the American merger, both Mercedes stock and quality has dropped in value... Sources include people I've spoken with (yes mostly my friends fathers, most of which also own some nice older 80s and 90s non Dahlmer-Chrysler) and well, anything I've seen printed. Show me different.

Huh? Disagree with what? I think you quoted the wrong post there. None of that makes sense or is even a reply to what I said. :-?
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Postby Coppermine » Tue Dec 12, 2006 5:32 pm

Chrisy Moltisanti wrote:
Coppermine wrote:These commercials are asinine and insulting to the majority of middle-class Americans. Those, and diamond commercials telling me to spend three months salary on a rock and then proclaim my love for someone in the middle of a crowded public square. This all during a time when housing costs, gas prices and interest rates are up.

Am I hopeless if I intend to meet a woman (don't think the screen name has to do with anything except The Soprano's and the family's future Boss) who would laugh at an investment with such poor resale value?

Yes... yes you are :*)
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