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2 spots left for league!!!

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2 spots left for league!!!

Postby tracer415 » Thu Feb 20, 2003 3:39 am

Hi everyone,

i have two remaining spots for the Premiership Baseball league i'm running. It will be a relegation/promotion league... 5x5, roto, and highly competitive. the second league is already filled up, but i have two spots left for the 1st (more competitive league)...

here's how the league will run. it's two leagues... the last place finishers (bottom three) in league one will move down to league two the following year. while the (top three) finishers in league two will move up the following year to league one... it's a fun setup that keeps even those in last place interested becausey you don't want to move down.

the two spots that are left are for league one. i'm looking for competitive, experienced players who will be active. i'm a very hands on commish and will keep everyone involved. so email me at and i will send you the invite from yahoo. thanks!

33 days till opening day!....

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