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Help settle a huge dispute in my league

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Postby thedude » Tue Sep 05, 2006 12:10 pm

zevon wrote:You guys signed up for a Yahoo legue and made it for money.
I doubt anyone thought it would be this close, and you guys didn't make any tiebreaker rules.
What other choice do you have but to follow Yahoo's tiebreak?
May be lousy, stupid, and unfair, but the rules have been there all season long and nobody challenged them before the season was over.
I'm in the "no rule changes after the first day" camp and I think you're stuck. Lesson learned for next year, find a different league provider or put in tiebreak rules before the season starts.

I agree.
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Postby Bing Hampton » Tue Sep 05, 2006 1:30 pm

bigken117 wrote:
Bing Hampton wrote:
bigken117 wrote:Yahoo doesn't figure it out by most # of wins, but by least # of losses.

Despite having 2 less wins and 4 more ties than the team behind me, giving us the exact same winning %, I won the division and got the playoff bye because I had 2 less losses.

you are way wrong here. Y! figures it by the "games behind formula" which averages the difference between the number of wins and losses each team has. your 4 ties offset those 2 wins, and I'm guessing you finished exactly a game ahead because of the 2 less losses.

Is that what games behind means? Thanks. If you read my post, we had the exact same winning % at .563, which shows him as - games behind, and I won the division, despite having 2 less wins. Also I went 7-4-1 in Week 22 while the team I tied with went 8-2-2, which debunks their other tiebreaker...

My bad, Bigken- I spaced on the word "division" in your post. Your tiebreaker was based on best record within the division over the season. that seems a lot less arbitrary than whomever has the best record in weeks 22, 21, 20, etc.

For the record, I am Team A.
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Postby bravo369 » Tue Sep 05, 2006 7:41 pm

i wouldn't settle for a tie either. Since there's no rules set up then i think you HAVE to accept yahoo's tie break. If i was the 1st place team, i wouldn't be happy about it if you take away my money that i won. Team B should just be happy they are getting something out of this. I know Team B is going to be upset and frustrated but that's the way it played out.
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Postby xeifrank » Wed Sep 06, 2006 12:24 am

I agree with Team A 100% on this one. If there was no existing tie-breaker rule then you should follow the way that Yahoo broke the ties as that was atleast documented in the Yahoo Rules section. If Team A wanted to split the first place pot with Team B then so be it but he shouldn't have to if he doesn't want to.
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Postby Fpower » Wed Sep 06, 2006 10:27 am

Too late to change the rules now. Team A is your winner. Team B sounds like a crybaby.
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It wasn't team B's issue

Postby Scarp » Wed Sep 06, 2006 4:49 pm

Team B wasn't a cry baby. I am the commish in this league and raised the issue.

In my opinion Yahoo does not contemplate a regular season result but it must have a system to determine playoff seedings. Therefore, I did not think that its tiebreaker necessarily applied to the "who won the regular season" question.

After reading this thread and the responses from the league though, it appears that I am in the minority.

Still damn amazing that it happened.

Plus in all the hoopla and with the baby here, I forgot to start Vasquez and Arroyo yesterday so I will probably lose my 1st round matchup!
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Postby Matthias » Wed Sep 06, 2006 5:02 pm

ukrneal wrote:But their league doesn't have a rule in place, hence the quandry.

If your league has followed yahoo rules all year, I think you could safely default to yahoo rules here. Both are making a decent amount of money and at least covering the entry fee. Since yahoo rules are accepted in many, many leagues, you have a solid rationale for leaving things the way they are.

Personally, I would quietly ask all the other owners what they think. In the end, it is your league, regardless of what we here think.

Just curious, but what was their record against one another. In many professional leagues, this is often used as a tiebreaker. If it helps first place, you could safely announce he's in first considering all the other ways of deciding this.

Your third place winner comes across as a truly class act. I'd be proud to have such an owner in one of my leagues. I hope you will let him know that.

100% correct.

Yahoo provides the venue for competition but that doesn't mean you're using their rules. You could host your league on Sportsline one year, Yahoo a second, and ESPN the third. And you still carry your own rules around with you.

If your rules are, we use Yahoo's rules, then that's your answer.

But if you have your own rules for other stuff then it's silly to say, "Well, this is what Yahoo says." No. You don't have a tiebreaker. Which means... you don't have a tiebreaker. So this season is tied. It's not that hard.
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