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how many Ps you drafted in March are still on your team?

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Postby Mreater71 » Sat Sep 02, 2006 5:30 pm

Rd.3-Ra. Johnson
Rd.6-C. Cordero
Rd.8-J. Contreras
Rd.9-K. Wood
Rd.12-M. Gonzalez
Rd.13-K. Rogers
Rd.15-T. Wakefield
Rd.17-J. Sosa
Rd.18-J. Towers
Rd.22-Ro. Hernandez

Ra. Johnson
T. Hudson
J. Sowers
S. Olsen
D. Cabrera
C. Cordero
M. Gonzalez
T. Mastny
W. Williams
S. Trachsel
Jo. Nelson
T. Wakefield
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Postby Pstater71 » Sat Sep 02, 2006 5:38 pm

In March, I drafted;
1- P. Martinez 7-E. Guardado 10-Z. Duke 11-F. Cordero
14- T. Glavine 15-B. Jenks 16-G. Maddux 19-J. Marquis

My Pitching lineup today:
J. Contreras, T. Glavine, Ma. Rivera, B. Jenks, Jo. Johnson, S. Olsen
B. Penny, F. Liriano, P. Martinez
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Postby DeadWinterDay » Sat Sep 02, 2006 8:05 pm

List of pitchers I have owned since draft day:

Jered Weaver
Aaron Harang

Thats it.

I traded Andy Pettite for Verlander
I traded Chris Capuano for Josh Johnson
Traded Dontrelle Willis
Traded Todd Jones
Picked up John Maine
Picked up Joe Saunders
Picked up Chad Billingsley
Picked up Jorge Julio
Picked up Seth McClung
Picked up Mike Stanton
Picked up Adam Loewen
Picked up Zach Miner
Dropped Brad Radke early in the season.
Drafted Fausto Carmona after seeing him pitch in spring training -- Had em all year until he got killed as a closer.
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Postby 1337_Dude » Sat Sep 02, 2006 9:36 pm

I still have 5 of the pitchers that I drafted.

I drafted:
Josh Beckett
John Lackey
Bobby Jenks
Doug Davis
Scott Kazmir
Joe Blanton
Chad Orvella
Scott Eyre

I have:
Josh Johnson
Adam Loewen
Doug Davis
John Lackey
Nate Robertson
Anibal Sanchez
Scott Kazmir
Bobby Jenks
Tom Mastny
Johnathon Broxton
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Postby barakaxaxa » Sat Sep 02, 2006 11:40 pm

From my 16-team, first-year keeper:

Drafted (holds league):
2 Halladay
4 Felix
5 Wagner
8 Davis
9 Duke
12 Cain
14 Escobar
18 Penny
19 Qualls
20 Otsuka
23 Wakefield

Remaining are only Halladay and Penny.

I dealt Felix for Peavy, Davis for Hoffman and Wagner for Mussina.

Otsuka was dropped before the start of the year. Qualls and Wakefield were both dropped early on. Escobar and Duke lasted a few months but their lack of run support and inconsistency was killing me.

My pitching staff now:

2 Halladay
18 Penny

All in all, fortuitous trades and WW pick-ups have me in second place.
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Postby pangbones » Sun Sep 03, 2006 2:20 am

Pitchers I drafted:

Oswalt - Rnd 4
Felix - Rnd 7
Smoltz - Rnd 9
Pettitte - Rnd 10
F Cordero - Rnd 11
F Garcia - Rnd 14
Fuentes - Rnd 15
M Gonzalez - Rnd 17
L Hernandez - Rnd 18
B Penny - Rnd 19
C Ray - Rnd 20

My current pitchers:

J Santana - trade
R Oswalt
J Verlander - FA
C Hamels - FA
S Olsen - FA
A Pettitte
Cliff Lee - Trade
F Garcia
R Nolasco - FA

C Cordero - Trade
Putz - FA

I have 4 pitchers that I drafted!! ;-D
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Postby Kurtangletn » Sun Sep 03, 2006 2:50 am

ab wrote:3 - Halladay, Chris Young, and Smoltz.

Worst moves - decided to draft oliver perez (was planning to draft Liriano in the very next round, and he got taken before I got to him).

Dropped Bonderman before the season started, thinking he would be mediocre.

Fortunately, I dropped him for Dye.

Unfortunately, I dropped Dye for Wigginton before he got hot....

I'm likely going to be in 2nd or 3rd this season, and that move for Dye would have looked brilliant, b/c I would have locked up first if I had kept him. *sigh*
I dropped Bonderman too, but oh well. At the time it didn't seem all that bad, I had high hopes for Escobar who didn't really disapoint.

I traded him at the right time for Fuentes (in a league of 12 where two teams litteraly have about 60% of the closers in the mlb)

My pitching staff stayed, I didn't have a strong pitching draft I was fortunate to get players like Arroyo,Escobar, and Penny all from the FA.

The only ones I have from the draft

Jake Peavy
Joe Nathan
Scott Kazmir

I drafted but dropped/traded then later aqquired agian

Guardado (traded for john patterson)

Ervin Santana (I dropped, then somone picked him up later in the season, I then picked him up when he dropped him)

I came in as a total newbie, I overestimated power, and might have built a team that is better suited for the real world then fantasy (BB FTW)

I did too many moves before the season started like dropping bonderman, but I didn't see him having this type of year.
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Postby nikku88 » Sun Sep 03, 2006 3:27 am

My drafted team:

R. Johnson
Mike Gonzalez
E. Guardado
A. Reyes
Kris Benson

Bold players are still on my team.
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