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Postby idolatro15 » Wed Aug 30, 2006 9:24 am

Hi all, we currently have one available spot in a 20 team daily head to head salary league. We are divided into two leagues and the top 5 in each league make the playoffs after a 145 game regular season. We actually have two opens teams, but one owner has already been found. The two available teams will be disbanded and the two new owners will then draft the available players.

BEFORE READING FURTHER - We are looking for someone who is looking to join a league and commit on a long term basis. We are about to complete our seventh year and have a very good group of owners, more than half of which have been with us since the first or second year of our existence. Also, we currently do not use any sites such as CBS or Yahoo to run our league. We are becoming more automated, but much of the work is done by the owners in the league. If after reading the post you find yourself interested I will place contact information at the bottom of the post.

We have a 25 man active roster, 7 man reserve and 20 man prospect roster. The total salary cap is $100 million with a $75 million active cap. Our regular season ends today and the playoffs will start tomorrow. Ideally, I would like to find an owner by the end of the week.

Our league goes pretty much year around. Once the MLB World Series is over we are able to make trades and sign players on our rosters who are eligible for a 100% resign. After this we have 5 rounds of challenges. Essentially this is a form of restricted Free Agency. One owner can offer a salary for the following year to an owner for a player and that owner can match the salary and resign the player or let the player go to the other owner. Once this is done we are able to resign player left on our roster for a 10% raise. All prospects are automatically eligible for a 10% raise and are not subject to the challenge process. Once this is done we take a break until the first of the year when we hold an auction of any player not resigned already.

Below you will find a copy of our rules. There a minor things missing that have not been updated, but nothing of real consequence.

I. Basics

NO LEAGUE FEES. Dynasty League.
20 teams in 4 divisions (5-5-5-5)
We will play a true "head-to-head" schedule

II. Team Ownership

All owners are able to nominate owners for expulsion from the league. A three member committee would be formed to review nominations. The committee will consist of the league commissioner and two other owners of the commissioner’s choosing. Once an owner is nominated the committee will discuss the nomination to determine if that owner has in fact been inactive or "dead". If the committee agrees with the nomination then there shall be a league vote to determine if the owner should be replaced. Prior to the vote, the owner in question will be informed of the scheduled vote and will be given an opportunity to e-mail (or post on the forum) the league with a rationale for why they should be allowed to continue in the league. If the owner in question chooses to remove themselves from the league then no vote will be necessary. A two thirds majority will be needed to remove an owner. If the owner is removed during the season, a member of the committee will be in responsible for submitting a lineup for that team until a suitable owner is found.

Owners are required submit a valid lineup once per week, at a minimum. The daily lineups submitted must include active MLB players in the lineup and among the starting pitchers and the relievers. If an owner will be out of town, or away from a computer, in excess of a week they are required to give advance notice of her/his absence (unless unable to do so). Owners gone in excess of a week should make EVERY EFFORT to have another owner send in a lineup in case of injuries. The first incident will be given a warning. Failure to do so a second time will result in the "suspension" of the owner from the league. From the time the team is suspended the owner will have 7 days to petition to get back in. After the 7-day period, the commissioner shall have discretion as to whether to allow the owner to regain control of his/her team if the owner has petitioned. During the suspension period the commissioner (or a designate) will operate the team. This will consist of submitting daily lineups and making roster moves if injuries or demotions mandate them.

Owner recruitment will be done by the owner recruitment leader. Their function is to find suitable replacements should an owner leave the league. Prior to issuing an invitation the recruitment leader should make every effort to hold a group chat with several current owners and the potential owner.

III. Playoffs

The division champions along with threeWild Card teams in each league will make the playoffs. Champs will be seeds 1-4
.First round: the 4 and 5 seeded teams will play each other in a best of 5 game series
The second round will pair the winner of the wild card series and the top seed. The 2 and 3 teams will play.
The winners of the second round will play in the league championship series with the winners of each league facing for the championship.
Each series after the wild card round will be best of seven.

PCO is reset to start playoffs
PCO resets at the beginning of each playoff series.

IV. Player Eligibility/Position

Major Leaguers
Players from both leagues will be used
Players are position eligible with 20 games the previous season (or)
10 games in the current season

Minor Leaguers/Rookies
Minor league players can be on your roster
Prospects will be eligible only at their primary position as determined from their previous season until Rule IV.A.3 is met. The exception is pitchers. If a minor league starting pitcher is brought up to pitch in relief they will qualify as such.
A pitcher that qualifies only as a Starter can not be placed on a roster as a Reliever. If a pitcher qualifies as a Reliever he can be placed on a roster as a Starter. However, if a Starter is moved to the position of a Reliever or vice versa they must first be reserved and the owner must wait 10 days to activate the pitcher in the new role. There is one exception to the SP/RP rule. If a pitcher who has been used exclusively as a Starter is switched to the role of a Closer he will be allowed to be used as a Reliever. However, they must first be optioned and wait 10 days to be activated as a Reliever.
Players on a roster as a SP role don't receive points for RP appearances
Players on a roster as a RP role don't receive points for SP appearances

V. Rosters

25 player active roster
No more than 5 SP
No more than 10 SP/RP
7 player reserve roster
Any player can be on reserve.
No team can have reserve players without 25 on the active roster.
When a player is demoted from active to reserve or prospect an option is used. The lone exception is if a player goes on the DL, in this case no option is assessed.
A player with 3 options can't be demoted; he can only be waived
Options only reset if the player is released and at seasons end.
When a player is optioned, that player may not return to the active roster for 10 days. The following exception will be made: If the player called up in the optioned players place goes to the DL during the 10 day period, the original optioned player may be reactivated.
15 player prospect roster
No limits on the positions of these players
Player must have less than 130 AB or 50 IP.
It will be the responsibility of each owner to keep up with their prospects. If a player reaches the above limits and is not activated they will automatically be released.
Players called up during the season to active or reserve will have their salary raised $500,000 at the time they are promoted.

VI. Salaries/Salary Cap

Salary cap restrictions
$75 million for active roster
$100 million for active plus reserve plus prospect roster
Minimum player salary is $200,000
Any roster moves that violate the cap in any way will be voided.

VII. Signing of Players

Challenge period
All teams get the chance to resign as many players as they want from their roster at a 100% raise until they have three protections. Then they must be bade available for the challenges.
Beginning with the team with the worst record and continuing to the league champ, each team owner gets the chance to make one offer to any player not resigned at any price greater than a 60% raise for the player.
The owner being challenged must then pay salary to the player or lose him to the challenger at the stated offer.
Each team gets the chance to resign 1 player at a 50% raise
Round 2 of challenges (50% minimum raise)
Each team gets the chance to resign 1 player at a 40% raise
Round 3 of challenges (40% minimum raise)
Each team gets the chance to resign 1 player at a 30% raise
Round 4 of challenges (30% minimum raise)
Each team gets the chance to resign 1 player at a 20% raise
Round 5 of challenges (20% minimum raise)
Any players not resigned can be given a 10% raise to resign.
Each team can only be challenged once per round of challenges
If a team has no players on their roster left to be challenged (i.e. all of them have been resigned) they will be skipped in the challenge process
No player with "prospect" status can be challenged
Players already signed by either an owner or challenger in any fashion can not be challenged again in a later round
Players can only be “protected” three times in their career. There is one exception. If a player is released to the auction then his “protections” are reset.

Signing Auction
Owners will submit player contract offers on the message board
Counter offers must raise the offered salary at least 10%
If no counter offer is made in 5 days the player is signed
Signing free agents
Players not signed before season can be signed at the salary on the leagues free agent list.
Salaries on the seasons initial free agent list will be the salaries players earned in the previous MLB season
Players waived drop 10% salary for each time waived

VIII.Transactions/Lineup Changes

Players may be traded, claimed and waived as long as teams stay within the limits of the salary cap.
Players cannot be given away. Only the following are legal transactions: Player(s) for Player(s), Player(s) for Challenge(s), Challenge(s) for Challenge(s). Additionally, the “fixing” of challenges or trading favors is explicitly forbidden.
Transactions and lineup changes for the day must be received by Noon CST to be in effect for that day's play.
When a player is waived or a claim is made it must be posted to the league message board so an official time can be given.
When a player is waived, owners have 48 hours to make a claim. If more than one team claims a player the team with the first wavier position is awarded the player. The wavier order will be identical to the original challenge order. Once a team claims a player based upon their waiver position they are moved to the end of the list.
Waived players cannot be reclaimed by the same team for 30 days.
Trade deadline is August 7 at 12:00PM CST
Trades involving a "player to be named later" must be completed within one month of their initial transaction or the trade deadline, whichever comes first.
A transaction, including a trade with PTBNL, cannot contain the same player on both sides, (i.e. player x and y for player x and z).
Special circumstance during signing periods - No waiving of players during this time; only trading is allowed
Unlimited roster moves can be made before each playoffs series. No active/reserve roster moves may be made DURING a series. Options are not assessed during this time.

IX. Positions/Game Scoring

Starting positions
Players = C,1B,2B,3B,SS,OF(3),DH(any position)
Points 1B = +0.25 2B = +0.5 3B = +0.75 HR = +1
RBI = +0.25 R = +0.25 SB = +0.25 HBP = +0.25 BB = +0.25

SP and RP will be put in order that each owner wants them used
Points W = +5 L = -3 S = +3 BS = -2 HD = +1 CG (non SHO) = +3 bonus CG/SHO = +5 bonus IP = +0.75 SO = +0.5 H = -0.125 BB = -0.125 ER = -0.5
teams get 1 SP and 2 RP scores daily
preference given to players higher on list from Rule VII.B.1.
Pitching carried over (PCO)
total of scores unused due to above stipulations adds up over time to give credit to teams with deep pitching staffs
used to fill in pitching scores
SP spot gets 15% of the PCO rounded to the nearest 0.125
RP spot gets 5% of the PCO rounded to the nearest 0.125

Below are the two teams that will be disbanded and the players drafted in a dispersal draft among the two new owners.

Tallahassee Active:
Pos Name MLB ID Salary Protections
C Chris Coste Phi 7770 200000 0
C Eliezer Alfonzo SF 7787 200000 0
1B Paul Konerko CWS 5908 8800000 3
1B Mike Sweeney KC 5521 4233000 0
C,1B Victor Martinez Cle 6853 1760000 3
2B Ray Durham SF 5323 3186000 0
2B* Scott Hairston Ari 7046 200000 0
3B Hank Blalock Tex 6871 6800000 3
SS Orlando Cabrera LAA 5900 3000000 0
OF Torii Hunter Min 5884 5500000 3
OF Carl Crawford TB 6870 4748000 3
OF Garret Anderson LAA 5289 4660000 0
1B,2B,OF Marlon Anderson Was 6101 200000 0
2B,3B,OF Mark DeRosa Tex 6094 450000 0
2B,SS,OF Hector Luna Cle 7084 288000 0
2B,SS,OF Brandon Fahey Bal 7750 200000 0
DH Travis Hafner Cle 6980 1760000 3
SP Barry Zito Oak 6394 12000000 0
SP Kelvim Escobar LAA 5841 7150000 0
SP Ervin Santana LAA 7547 3190000 1
SP Justin Verlander Det 7590 1356000 0
SP Steve Trachsel NYM 5172 500000 0
RP J.J. Putz Sea 7205 2000000 1
RP Pedro Feliciano NYM 6995 200000 0
RP Cla Meredith SD 7539 200000 0

Pos Name MLB ID Salary Protections
OF Cliff Floyd NYM 5177 2420000 0
SP Randy Johnson NYY 4288 13650000 0
SP Rodrigo Lopez Bal 6460 3645000 0
SP Jason Davis Cle 7020 308000 0
RP Rafael Betancourt Cle 6146 880000 2
RP Mike Timlin Bos 4621 750000 1
RP Brandon Medders Ari 7580 200000 0

Pos Name MLB ID Salary Protections
C* Angel Salome Mil 90560 220000 0
C* Justin Towles Hou 90747 200000 0
C* Max Ramirez Cle 90782 200000 0
2B* Yung Chi Chen Sea 90754 200000 0
OF* Brandon Jones Atl 90706 200000 0
OF* Terry Evans StL 90745 200000 0
SP Davis Romero Tor 7838 200000 0
SP Ismael Ramirez Tor 90267 200000 0
SP Francisley Bueno Atl 90647 200000 0
SP Johnny Cueto Cin 90725 200000 0
SP Matthew Maloney Phi 90743 200000 0
SP Jacob McGee TB 90748 200000 0
SP Robert Rohrbaugh Sea 90756 200000 0
SP Carlos Carrasco Phi 90762 200000 0
SP TJ Nall LAD 90768 200000 0
SP Shane Youman Pit 90779 200000 0
SP Yunior Novoa Was 90780 200000 0
RP Kevin Whelan Det 90646 500000 0
RP Juan Salas TB 90722 200000 0
RP Paul Estrada Hou 90746 200000 0

Zagreb Active:
Pos Name MLB ID Salary Protections
C Joe Mauer Min 7062 2884000 1
C Rod Barajas Tex 6368 660000 1
2B Josh Barfield SD 7295 267000 0
3B Terry Tiffee Min 7434 200000 0
1B,3B Kevin Youkilis Bos 7049 1930000 2
2B,3B Luis Rodriguez Min 7550 200000 0
SS Edgar Renteria Atl 5602 4500000 0
OF Vladimir Guerrero LAA 5737 9680000 0
OF Randy Winn SF 5998 3300000 3
OF Aaron Rowand Phi 6742 800000 2
OF So Taguchi StL 6843 495000 0
OF David Dellucci Phi 5823 450000 1
OF Endy Chavez NYM 6733 200000 0
1B,OF Kevin Millar Bal 5981 1100000 0
DH Josh Rabe Min 7816 200000 0
SP Tim Hudson Atl 6245 10890000 0
SP John Smoltz Atl 4232 10725000 1
SP Curt Schilling Bos 4267 10450000 0
SP Jason Schmidt SF 5340 9075000 0
SP John Maine NYM 7386 216000 0
RP Tom Gordon Phi 4279 4410000 2
RP Todd Coffey Cin 7514 1130000 0
RP Jesse Crain Min 7279 484000 1
RP Jon Rauch Was 6620 200000 0
RP Jon Adkins SD 7210 200000 0

Pos Name MLB ID Salary Protections
C Russell Martin LAD 7628 720000 0
3B B.J. Upton TB 7333 3000000 1
OF Jose Guillen Was 5753 3600000 3
SP Scott Baker Min 7533 440000 1
SP Brandon Claussen Cin 6861 400000 1
SP Rich Hill ChC 7578 220000 0
RP Alan Embree SD 4958 200000 0

Pos Name MLB ID Salary Protections
C* B.J. Szymanski Cin 90421 220000 0
C* Gabriel Sanchez Fla 90686 200000 0
3B* Jeff Baker Col 7041 316000 0
3B* Marcos Vechionacci NYY 90447 200000 0
OF* Alex Romero Min 90408 220000 0
OF* Jake Blalock Phi 90415 220000 0
OF* Jerry Owens CWS 7846 200000 0
SP James Houser TB 90208 242000 0
SP Adam Miller Cle 90333 242000 0
SP Alexander Smit Min 90335 242000 0
SP Jason Hammel TB 7709 220000 0
SP Sean Tracey CWS 7793 220000 0
SP Anthony Swarzak Min 90406 220000 0
SP J.D. Martin Cle 90454 220000 0
SP Tony Sipp Cle 90461 220000 0
SP Thomas Mendoza LAA 90648 200000 0
SP Nick Pereira SF 90716 200000 0
P Brandon Erbe Bal 90639 242000 0
P Aaron Thompson Fla 90602 200000 0

We have found that there is a learning curve of about a year for new owners to come in and fully grasp the league and it's setup. If after reading this post you are interested you can either e-mail me at or IM me on AIM with idolatro15.
Peace, John.
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