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Re: If you want a REAL computer, then...

Postby SniperShot » Mon Feb 26, 2007 12:22 pm

If you know enough to set up your own computer that's usually the way to go because individual parts are almost always cheaper to assemble yourself than the whole package deal.

But you need to be computer savvy to set this stuff up from installing OS to getting everything hooked up right.

But if you want to go with a package deal I'd shop around Newegg They specialize in computer parts and systems and I have had good experiences with them.

If you want a computer that will run any game smooth as glass for the next 3 years at least I'd go with This I'm sure you have over $3500 just sitting around right? Put it to good use!!!

Haha but specifically I'd say go with this:

Monitor If your going for something that will also do TV well I do recommend Samsung, I'm not sure how great their computer LCD's are but I know they make LCD's that are easy to use and set up as either a TV or computer. I'd go for at least a 21''

Hard Disk Go with at least 80gigs. Most computers now come with more and I believe my dream computer linked above has 160 but you want at least 80 which is starting to not be enough today...

RAM Right now 1 Gig of Ram can run most apps but shortly everyone is going to upgrading to 2 gigs as new stuff comes out. I've got 1 Gig and its fine at the moment but I can see myself upgrading to 2 gigs in the coming months. Most processors support only 2 gigs unless you have a multiprocessor computer (which is becoming more and more popular the dual core stuff.) 2 Gigs is still overkill for most but it's best to go with 2 and not have to worry about it in a year or less.

VIDEO CARD Go with NVIDIA. ATI is falling behind and anything I've ever had from them as had problems. A laptop I got with a powerful ATI 9700 Mobil Video card has had driver boot up problems ever since I've gotten it. And if you ever want to set up Linux or another operating system good luck getting it to find your video card. ATI makes their stuff for windows exclusively and even Windows has problems with it half the time. NVIDIA in the past few months has come out with stuff way better than ATI so go with one of the top of the line NVIDIA cards. Want at least 256 integrated RAM with the card as well.

I hope this helps! Good luck finding what you want there is so much selection out there today it can get a little overwhelming.
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Good points.

Postby boyroger » Mon Feb 26, 2007 12:30 pm

SniperShot makes some good points, especially pertaining to Newegg ;-D and NVidia :-D vs. ATI :-P .

Stay away from prebuilt if you can.
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Postby Yoda » Mon Feb 26, 2007 3:03 pm

Do not buy a Dell. They are very cheaply made and we use them at work with constant problems.

I would look into HPs if you don't want to bother putting one together yourself.
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Postby TheA'sFatLeadoffMan » Thu Mar 01, 2007 1:51 am

Biggest advice is that nothing is too extravagant when thinking gaming wise, computer games require more and more from the machines that run them, thus buying a computer to be able to play only what's out now will leave you wanting to upgrade much sooner than you'd wish. Also if you are buying from a major retailer like a Dell, it is even more important that you look to the future as previously stated any mainstream retailer will not built your computer in a way that will make it easy to constantly make needed upgrades. You'll quickly find yourself needing not only the better processor, but a new motherboard to support it, or a new powersupply to run it.

Upgrading your computer is never as easy or cheap as you expect it to be so try to refrain from having to do so, companies don't make money off building machines that can be updated every year for $100, they make it off making machines that will go cost just as much to upgrade yourself as to buy another computer from them all together.

Dish out the money now while your willing to do it rather than at an inopportune time that could lead you to giving up on the purchase.
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Postby Dynatee » Mon Mar 05, 2007 5:18 pm

i would go with ibm (lenovo) i am into computers and they seem to be the best. they may be a little overpriced but well worth it with great speed and the caseing is very good
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