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Jeff Conine traded to the Marlins

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Postby Guest » Mon Sep 01, 2003 11:14 pm

Actually, the Marlins still have all their key prospects with the exception of Adrian Gonzalez who had been terrible all year in AAA and he became expendable due to the stellar play of Jason Stokes. They obtained Conine for next to nothing, which is a great move considering,
A. He will provide veteran leadership to this young team in the wild card race.
B. He is a very consistant and clutch player.
C. He is a South Florida fan favorite and should bring back some fans, which is what this season has been all about for Florida.

If I were to exclude all of Jeffrey Loria's prior years of ownership and look solely at this one, I'd have to say he is among the top owners in the league. He opened up his wallet, made some moves, attends every game, home and away, hell he even took the whole team to Vegas last week.

So lets review, the Marlins have NOT traded away their future, they will re-sign most of their free agents next year, and look to be making the playoffs this year. And btw, Lowell is not a free agent next year, he is just arbitration eligible, and I fully expect him to be back with the Marlins next year.

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