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Keeper League Commsioners-Question

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Postby cakewalk5 » Thu Jul 27, 2006 8:05 pm

Speaking from personal experience, it could also be a few other factors as to why he acts the way he does:

(1) If he was active in non-keeper leagues, it is tough to switch to keeper league mindsets. For example, why should I trade Zito for Hirsh and Bailey even though I'm in last place? Zito's a great player. The other guys are just minor leaguers. It's tough to understand building for the future and selling out for the present.

(2) he suffers from overvaluing his players. When you're new to fantasy baseball, your team is like your family. And when you follow the team so much during the season, each player's name on your roster becomes close to you. A trade is like a gypsy crashing your family's party and stealing your uncle. You think every trade is crap, and you always worry about getting bamboozled.

(3) he's shellshocked and under analysis paralysis. With it being his first year, if people are offering him crap trades, he might think everyone is out to take advantage of him. When some people put out trade requests, they try to be nice (send signal that "I'm fair and open to any offer"). Some players take this as a sign reading "I'm easy." He might even think your giving him bad advice since you're part of the league.

The best advice I would give him is that he needs advice. If he doesn't want yours, give him this website address and ask the community questions about keeper philosophies and how to evaluate trades.

Wouldn't get rid of him, though. At least he doesn't pick fights well into his late forties for losing.
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Postby great gretzky » Thu Jul 27, 2006 10:07 pm

well would said player HAVE to keep 8? He might do better only keeping for and taking earlier draft picks. Or he might have sized up other rosters, predicted their keepers and figures his potential with throwbacks is better?

i wouldn't boot him really. If he is active, what more do you want?

Although "the keeper mindset" is a big one.

My brother jsut got railed in my keeper. His keepers were awful: sexson, pods, haren, gagne, and barmes.

He just "overpaid" which pissed people off, but through some dump trades, now has: arod, ichiro, beltran, wells, sheets.

Some poeple just have differing ideas of how to win. Not all are equally valid, but you have to honor it.
great gretzky
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Postby astav28 » Thu Jul 27, 2006 10:44 pm

well, our league doesnt work like that. You MUST keep 8; theres no earlier draft pick system. You pick your 8 guys, then the remaining players go in a draft. You wouldnt be able to substitute a keeper for an extra first round pick or anything.
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Postby ukrneal » Fri Jul 28, 2006 1:52 am

You've listed 11 guys. Sure, it's not the best set of keepers to choose from. But there is a fair amount of talent there. I agree with jbones - a lot can be done. But I also think a lot can be done with what he's got (if he keeps them). There are a couple great prospects there, 3 pitchers I wouldn't hesitate to keep (and I usually don't like keeping pitchers), and 2 top 10 studs.

He may not be responding well to your 'advice'. I think you need to stop that unless he asks for your help. You can say things like: Hey (name here, or even post for the league), here a couple sites I found that are pretty interesting for fanatasy ball. Thought you might be interested. Something like that.

As to your suggestion to spread the keepers (2 for 1's), I personally dislike that. He doesn't have to do it here. I'd rather my stud and a risky pick than two pretty good players. I believe in concentrating value in your keepers. Maybe he thinks the same or has heard this from somewhere else? Anyway - several have given you some good responses here.
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