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Money Dynasty Leauge

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Money Dynasty Leauge

Postby cubbies1 » Wed Jul 19, 2006 3:42 pm

I am in a dynasty leauge right now and really love the format however i dont think the leauge has enough activity. So i have been thinking about starting my own leauge, but as a little encentive put some money on the line. I am thinking something around $50. As of right now i just have the basic format i would like to use, i am thinking 16-20 team h2h leauge with divisions. so probably hosted on CBS(although i have never ran a leauge on there so maybe yahoo plus?)

-90 million dollar cap limit-

-auction style for major leauge draft-

-snake draft for initial minor leauge draft-

-bottom to top in all rounds for amatuer entry draft and rule 5 draft based on standings. (first year amatuer draft order will be randomized because there will be no standings to base draft order off of. -

-fluctuating contracts (1-5 years)-
*******sign 1 yr salary:
year 1= 100% of the purchase price

ex. $5,000,000*1=$5,000,000

*******Sign 2 yr salary:
year 1= 90% of purchase price
year 2= 110% of purchase price

example: player signed for $5,000,000
year1=$4,500,000 (5,000,000*.9)
year2=$5,500,000 (5,000,000*1.1)

*******sign a 3 year salary
year 1= 85% of purchase price
year 2= purchase price
year 3= 115% of purchase price

example: player won for $5,000,000
year1=$4,250,000 (5,000,000*.85)
year 2=$5,000,000 (5,000,000*1)
year 3=$5,750,000 (5,000,000*1.15)

*******sign a 4 year salary
year 1=85% of purchase price
year 2=90% of purchase price
year 3=110% of purchase price
year 4=115% of purchase price

example: player signed to a 4 yr contract
year1=4,250,000 (5,000,000*.85)
year2=4,500,000 (5,000,000*.9)
year3=5,500,000 (5,000,000*1.1)
year4=5,750,000 (5,000,000*1.15)

******* sign a 5 yr salary
year 1=80% of purchase price
year 2=90% of purchase price
year 3=purchase price
year 4=110% of purchase price
year 5=120% of purchase price

year 1=4,000,000 (5,000,000*.8)
year 2=4,500,000 (5,000,000*8)
year 3=5,000,000 (5,000,000*1)
year 4=5,500,000 (5,000,000*1.1)
year 5=6,000,000 (5,000,000*1.2)

there would be a 50% cap penalty for cutting a player in the year you cut him, and if he was signed for multiple years 25% after that.

So for instance if you sign Joe Blow to a 2 year deal at one million dollars starting in 2007 . then you decide to cut him also in 2007 you would have a $450,000 cap penalty in 2007 and a $275,000 cap penalty in 2008.

-Minor Leauge-

There will be a very deep minor leauge system. There will be a 20 round+ draft starting after the season is over you can pick as many players as you want but you are required to have atleast 18 minor leaugers at all times. You will have 75 years to assign to your minor leauge players. With the option to resign 5 players whos contracts have expired at the end of each offseason.

There will be a 4 or 5 round amatuer entry level draft. coinciding with the real amatuer draft each year. Only players selected in the real draft are eligible in this draft. with one exception.
*a player like Luke Hochevor who was selected in last years draft and didnt sign and was selected again this year, he would not be eligible if someone took him in the intial minor league draft.

There will be a rule 5 each year sometime during the winter months. you will be able to select as many players as you wish. Players available in this draft are all minor leaugers not currently on a teams roster.

Minor Leauge Eligibility is 50 ip's for pitchers and 150 abs for hitters. the offseason following the yea in which a minor leauger goes over these totals they MUST be promoted to the Major Leauge 40 man Roster.
When minor leauger is promoted to the majors he will have an average contract of $600,000.

Each year one player from every team will be selected to go through arbitration. The player selected must be in his 3rd through 6th year of major leauge experience. This players will be voted on my other managers in the leauge. the way this will work is as follows.

Joe Blow was selected in the minor leauge draft and givin a 5 year deal, he was called up an is entering the 4th year of his contract and i making $750,000. He is coming off an allstar 40hr 125rbi season. The other managers vote Joe Blow to arbitration. His contract will be adjusted by averaging the contracts of the 5 players ranked ahead of him and the 5 players ranked below him. to get his new salary, the owner of joe blow now either has the opportunity to resign the player at the new contracted amount for up to 5 years. or release the player to the free agent market.

-Stat Categories-
i havent finalize this but i think 6x6 with ops and holds would be good.

-salary cap-
at no point during the season will you be allowed to sign a player, or trade for a player that will put you over the 90 million dollar cap.

-in season free agency-
during the season if you want to add a player you must make a blind bid, where you include, how much you want to pay the player and how many years you want to contract the player for. highest total bid will be declared the winner. for instance

team A bids 2 million on joe blow for 1 year
team B bids 1 million on joe blow for 3 years

Team B would win and have joe blow under contract for the next 3 years.

-off season free agency-
each spring all players whose contracts have expired or went through arbitration and were non-tenderd will go into the free agency pool and there will be an auction.

I think that is all i have for right now... if you thought that reading all of this was to much, then the leauge probably isnt for you. This could easily be one of the best fantasy baseball leauges anywhere is all managers are active and really want to put some time into it.. if you are interested either reply here/and shoot me a PM. I would really like to get some Cafe Veterans in this leauge, as weel as some of the new Cafe members.
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