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Gordon call up this season????

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Postby MHD » Thu Jul 20, 2006 11:35 pm

J35J wrote:
MHD wrote:
hybrid wrote:
Real_Deal_Ryan wrote:I'm surprised he will go to AAA. The Royals have a habit of taking their best players right from AA to MLB and bypassing AAA altogether.

Well the Royals have been quoted as saying Gordon will play in AAA. I think he should of already been there if that was their thinking, especially since if he goes on the USA team he won't get much time there.

The GM said both Gordon and Butler will get time in at each level. Both of them need to be at AAA right now. Greinke needs to be in the majors. This orginzation is a joke.

Coming from someone who obviously doesn't follow the Royals.

1. Players coming from AA to the bigs "was" what the Royals did with Baird at the helm, its Dayton Moores team now and hes going to do things much different (better...........hopefully)

2. Greinke needs to be right where he is. Greinke is a head case and needs to go back to dominating the minors for a while before he gets a shot back at the major league level, which is what they are doing with him. Absolutely no point in rushing him back to the bigs just to destroy his confidence in a meaningless year.

3. I agree that Gordon should be in AAA right now. I wouldn't mind if Butler stayed in AA the whole year and then starts '07 in AAA, if after a month or two of dominating AAA I wouldn't mind him getting promoted, but as of right now there is no reason to rush most of these guys.

4. I will agree with the fact that the Royals have been a joke of an organization for the last 15+ years but there are some decent signs of that turning around, I'm not holding my breath though........


Players also get bored at certain levels with starts to regress their production---- see Tampa Bay. Butler and Gordon have showed that they are ready for AAA. Butler is never going to be a great defender, but he is almost passable now. Rushing prospects is almost as big of a setback as not promoting them when they are worthy. What do you want these two to do in AA to prove they are ready? Hit .400? 50 jacks? Why not have these two ready for 2007, especially Gordon?

As for Greinke, he will never be an over powering pitcher..... in the last month he has shown great progress and if he thinks he is ready, then promote him. I am not saying force him to the majors if he doesn't think he is ready though.

I guess if you want to handle things like the Astros and wait until your prospects are in their late 20's to bring them to the show.... well I guess we have different opinions.
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