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Steven Drew is Baseball America's #1 Prospect!

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Postby Purple Haze » Fri Jul 21, 2006 5:54 pm

rmande09 wrote:Delmon Young could step onto the field for the Devil Rays right now, hit .300, steal 30 bases, hit for moderate power, and play tremendous defense - at the age of 20! (he isn't because of makeup issues, but that's a different story).

Stephen Drew IS a top prospect, without question, and the D'backs system is top in the Bigs, without question. But Drew's ceiling is .300-30-5. Delmon's is .320-40-40 and Gold Glove defense. Delmon is definitely going to be a good Big Leaguer, as will Drew. Whether they reach their ceiling or not, who knows. But it's really not that close! Delmon and Gordon are, by far, the most elite of the prospects. Gordon is pretty much a lock to be a star. Wood is a better SS prospect than Drew. Ninety-five percent of credible baseball sources will tell you this.

John Manuel listed Howie Kendrick NINTH. How? He will be a batting champ someday. His ceiling of .340+-25-25 at second base is UNREAL for such a weak position, and he's more certain to reach his ceiling than any other player in baseball because he is such a good hitter! He belongs right behind Delmon and Gordon.

These are the best midseason rankings out: ... ason_4.php

Bryan Smith is well known, well respected, and VERY good with his rankings. He has been dead on for years now.

Yet again...Just your opinion! :-t

Just like John Manuels opinion that Stephen Drew should be #1...

You have some VERY lofty expectations for Howie Kendrick, and it's nothing more than an opinion... Many players have great Minor league numbers, but it never translates to the Majors. You may be dead on with Kendricks numbers, but it's only an OPINION!!!

I respect opinions of those, who respect others opinions... It's only our OPINION, yet you seem to think your opinion is more accurate than anyone else's opinion...

John Manuel has been a respected writer for Baseball America for many years, so at least his opinion has some merit...
What are your credentials again?

Mr. Know it all :-t
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Postby rmande09 » Fri Jul 21, 2006 6:26 pm

Purple Haze, you would actually be surprised at my credentials.

Anyways, I apologize for the way this thread has gone. Though you are clearly biased, which sucks the fun out of it, it is your opinion. I had surgery yesterday and with the meds I have been taking, the result has been little sleep, lots of pain, and an awful mood.

John Manuel bothered me with his rankings because he went with the safe top prospect rather than really putting his real top prospect there. He stated Young was demoted from #1 more or less because of his suspension.

I was also annoyed that BA left their prospect list up to Manuel rather than a joint effort from the whole crew. The list shows the [slightly biased] opinions of one man rather than the whole staff, which stinks.

The reason I prefer Bryan Smith's is because he has constantly predicted breakouts and regressions for Big Leaguers and prospects alike.

It's fine that Juan went the safe route, but I don't see how he can go the safe route by ranking Drew #1 and then ranking Kendrick 9th. You said minor league stats don't mean Big League success, though that is a bit hypocritical since you are guaranteeing Drew to be a star based on.... his minor league numbers!

Stats don't mean everything, but when a guy hits .360 in his minor league career with power and keeps getting BETTER as he moves up, there is no question he will hit. Kendrick belonged in the top 5, at least in front of Upton if he is going the "safe" route.

Mr. Manuel is too in love with the D'backs system, and he was unable to put that love aside to do unbiased rankings. They were not bad, but it would have been much better of BA to do a group effort.
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Postby eazyb81 » Fri Jul 21, 2006 7:22 pm

I tend to agree with rmande09, I like Baseball Analysts midseason prospect rankings more than Manuel's recent rankings, and I think the overall Baseball America rankings will look a lot more like Bryan Smith's list than John Manuel's list.
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Postby Galt » Fri Jul 21, 2006 7:28 pm

Baseball Analysts midseason rankings put anything that BA, Manuel, or Rotoworld have put out.
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