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Abstinence-only education

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Postby Dan Lambskin » Tue Jul 18, 2006 9:28 am

acsguitar wrote:
Omaha Red Sox wrote:
acsguitar wrote:I don't see how education about contraceptives and protection promotes sexual behavior.

Would the practice of gun safety promote the use of guns?

Would the practice of drinking safely promote drinking?

Would the practice of fireworks safety promote the use of fireworks?

Etc., etc., etc.

You cannot tell me that kids enjoy doing what they're told. They enjoy experimented with what knowledge you provide them.

Ok you don't teach gun safety to someone unless they already HAVE an interest in guns.

If someone taught me gun safety I still wouldn't go out and buy a gun

Its not like kids don't know what sex is and we are opening a magical box of naugtiness.

Kids know what condoms and birth control are way way way before they are "taught" anything about it. Another reason it is worthless and useless.

I doubt one kid has gone to sex ed and said. Woooo condoms I didn't know about that now I can gone bone people and not worry about it.

Everyone knows about condoms.

that's funny :-b
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Postby CubsFan7724 » Tue Jul 18, 2006 10:28 am

Coppermine wrote:The only reason why sex is built up as this big, scary, unusual thing carrying loads of emotional baggage, is because it's built up that way by schools, churchs and parents. Yet our inherent biology drives us to have sex, particularly in those teenage years when things are most confusing.

If teenagers were allowed to make their own decisions without demonizing premarital sex as a horrible sin, then there wouldn't be this "emotional baggage." It's not like those after school specials where Suzy is being pressured into having sex by her boyfriend, and when she does, she falls into a deep depression. It's like those movies where someone smokes a joint and starts running around shooting people. Are you kidding? Have you ever seen someone after smoking a joint? The only thing I have to worry about is them getting to my doritos.

Anyway, back to sex. Is it really God's instruction to not have sex before marriage, or is that an church-institution? I'm not even sure, is there a passage somewhere? I know that pretty much every major religion condemns it, but I want to know the Biblical reasoning; rather than just an attempt to keep things in line with the so-called morals of those who run churches and such.

If I had to take a guess, I'd say the premarital sex ideas may have been a safety measure, sort of like how kosher foods originally began as safety and preservation. They probably noticed that people who had a lot of sex ended up with some bad malady, and probably put two and two together.
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