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Rate Stoneman As A GM

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Rate Stoneman As A GM

Postby Halo Homers » Sat Jul 08, 2006 6:38 pm

Alright Lim an Mr. Scotty, I am interested in what you think of Stoneman.

My overall rating is a B-, but that could change for the better or worse very quickly. The grade could change pretty quickly based on how all the young players turn out. Here are my categories

Free Agent Signing , Resigning of Current Players B+

He generally spends Arte's money pretty wisely. This has so far been his strength. Recap of key transactions

Sign Vladly to Five Year Deal : A+++++: The best Angel free agent deal ever period. Stoneman came out of no where and pounced on that one.

Sign Colon To Five Year Deal : C : Ok we got one Cy Young season and two clunkers so far.

Sign Escobar, and Resign Ecobar Incomplete : I think he took a big risk resiging Escobar. A guy with a chance to be a #2 starter, but lots of arm problems.

Resign Lackey : A- : Lackey looks like a #2 starter with potential of being a #1 starter

Resign Garrett Anderson Five Year Deal: D This one was puzzling to me. They did this after they knew about Garrett's back problems. What were they thinking?

Sign O Cab : C : This would have been a D, but O Cab has redeemed himself this year.

Resign K Rod, Shields A: Two keys to Angels success.

Did Not Resign Glaus, Molina B: I know this is controversial, but they made the right decsion at the time. Glaus had back, knee and shoulder problems. Molina is old for a catcher. I think he made the right call on both. Its easy to Monday morning QB this one.

Did Not Resign Jenks, Turnbow F: We let two closers go for nothing. Not Good.

Trades : B

You're thinking what trades? Thats the point. I am glad Stoneman has not traded away the young players up until now. That being said, I think he needs to trade some now for a bat.

I can't think of a major trade

Farm System : C-

You probably thinking that's pretty harsh grade. The Angels system gets rated near the top all the time.

Here is my logic. Name one player that Stoneman has drafted that has made an significant impact on the major league club? Having trouble? That's the point. Outside of Napoli and Jared Weaver so far this year, there isn't one.

Figgins, Lackey, K Rod were not his drafts.

Then to make matters worse, they let Turnbow and Jenks get away, and they become closer somewhere elso.

I question Stoneman's ability to rank his minor league propects.
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Postby johnsamo » Mon Jul 10, 2006 4:13 am

It's really hard to judge. I really don't know the internal dynamics of the decision making process with the Angels. I suspect that Stoneman doesn't have total power, since Scioscia, being here so long and having a world series ring, probably has more more say over club decisions than most managers, but I can't say that for sure. I also can't say how hands on ownership is.

The biggest beef I have with the Angels is their tendency to keep well-liked veterans past the point that they should. Having Tim Salmon is just dead weight. If he was putting up great #s at DH, that would be one thing, but going out there once or so a week and doing okay isn't worth the roster spot he's taking up. And my opinion of Erstad is it's highy unlikely he'll every get and stay helathy, AND be a good contributor to the ball club. Likewise, strictly by the numbers, having Adam Kennedy playing full time at 2nd while Howie Kendrick is stuck in AAA makes ZERO sense. At a minimum, they should platoon but having Kendrick there pushing AK for bats against righties might light a fire under AK. AK isn't old enuf to have his play deteriorate the way it has. Maybe competition for playing time is what he needs.

With GA, I still think he can contribute, but as a DH who only takes the field to spot start in case of injury. I think he's got just so much gas in his tank at anyone time, it's a waste for him to be spending that running down balls in left field when Juan Rivera is perfectly capable of doing that.

On the plus side.... What a starting rotation! When its arguable that your 4th best starter is Santana, you've got a strong staff.

That said, where are the young relievers for the bullpen? K-Rod was the last pitcher from the farm that was impressive. Since then, nothing.

But anyway, my grade is incomplete until I see what they do before the trade deadline.

I think they definitely need a bit more offense. Normally I'd say sit tight, but with our starting rotation, I think we've got a real shot at a World Series, and to not get it because we didn't do enough before the trade deadline would be a waste. Rotations like this don't happen very often, and we've got to be able to get them the runs to do it.

I don't think we should mortgage our future for a star player though. I'd rather shoot for a Jaque Jones, Craig Wilson type vet, mainly because I think GA has to become a full time DH. He's never going to be what he was, but when he's relatively healthy, he can still put the bat on the ball. A craig Wilson could switch between 1b and OF if Morales doesn't progress, although I think he will.

And I'd like them to try Joe Saunders in the bullpen. That latest Brendan Donnelly incident in Jered's start was the last straw for me. We have to have bullpen guy who can shuttle the ball between the rotation and Shields and K-Rod. Brendan Donnelly use to be solid, I don't know if he's hurt or if he just doesn't have it anymore, but we can't afford to blow games in the 6th or 7th that we have well in hand.

So anyway, so far it's a D, because this team has lost way too many games simply because we can't score enough runs because we expected too much from aged vets.

The 2nd half grade will be determined on what they do before the trade deadline and how soon they bring up Kendrick and Saunders. IF they can pull off a blockbuster deal, that'd be great, but I'd rather do a small deal for one or two decent vets so we don't have to sell the future away on a one-shot deal.

Long term, I think the Angels have to start looking at transitioning or at least giving Vladdy more time at first and DH. He's looking a bit more gimpy running the bases than he used to. I think a slow transition to a less wear-and-tear spot would be in order. Have him spot at DH for now, but this winter, maybe get some first base work in.

Also, rather than try and trade for a Carl Crawford or a Miggy Cabrera, we should try and find the next ones. I would think that haviing Latino ownership could be a big plus in Latin America, and having a guy like Vladdy should help in the DR where a lot of great latin players come from. We should take hit Latin America hard, maybe even break new ground in places where soccer rules. IF the D.R. can make great players, surely Haiti has the potential to produce great athletes if we can make baseball the #1 sport over Soccer. Why not set up a youth centers all over South America and look for young athletes and try and make baseball as big there in South Americas as it is in Latin America.
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Postby sLim » Mon Jul 10, 2006 2:20 pm

i personally like the angels core of management...

vladdy, colon, lackey, and escobar were all good not a big fan of escobar, but as long as hes not the #1 or #2 in our rotation...thats fine...

im not big fans of GA and salmon either...even tho they are franchise leaders in almost all categories...i would rather they use this time to get the younger players experience time on the field...i dont understand how they keep salmon and GA around...but they give bengie the cold rather have his defense here rather then salmon or GAs offense...

im not a big fan of OC either...but i figured that the defense he would bring at such a crucial position such as SS is key to any successful defense...but i am VERY impressed with OCs offensive production this year...

two decisions that the angels made in recent years that i didnt was letting glaus go...especially after glaus being the ONLY productive player in the post season...
and the other was letting jose guillen go...i kno this one probably worked out better for the angels...especially since guillen had temper problems as well as shoulder injuries...but i thought guillens offensive production for the price of his contract was WELL worth it...

on not resigning jenks and turnbow...both are fireballers...but lacked control...that is still obvious in their closer roles to their respective teams...turnbow now has one of the better pitching coaches in the pros in mike that could be the reason why he has developed into the closer he is today...

i dont know who stoneman has drafted thats in our farm club...but i do know that the angels farm club is deep and i do like the players in the farm...the only player i really consider a bust from our farm club is dallas mcpherson...but other then him...ervin looks like hes gonna be a does does jered...
too early to judge kendrick, aybar, wood, mathis and adenhart...but i like the youth movement this team is heading towards... probably take the angels management over most other franchises management...A-
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