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Been in first all season long...but

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Been in first all season long...but

Postby Urbanist » Thu Jul 06, 2006 2:41 pm

My grasp is slipping as now I'm only 7 games ahead of the second place team. I play in a 8 team H2H roto league.

I just made a huge trade yesterday

I traded Tex,Otsuka,Blalock,M.Giles for Delgado,A.Jones,Capuano

Needed dingers badly.

Here's my team

C. Barret
1st. Konerko
2nd. Kinsler
SS. Furcal
3rd. Wright
CI. Delgado
MI. Renteria
OF. Mig Cab
OF. Dye
OF. A. Jones
OF. A.Kearns
Utl. Hawpe
Utl. B. Giles
Bn. R Belliard
Bn. C. Tracey

6 sp's, 4 rp's need to be played

Sp. Peavy
Sp. Webb
Sp. Smoltz
Sp. Willis
Sp. Buerhle
Sp. Capuano
Rp/Sp. Liriano
Rp. K-rod
Rp. Papelbon
Rp. Turnbow
Bn. Saito
Bn. Reyes
Bn. Olsen

What ele can I do to reinforce my standing. I think I helped it with the trade. I'm now shopping Buerhle for another stick, I've sent out two deals Kearns/Buerhle for Carlos Lee, and Buerhle/Kearns for Ichiro(just to see). If I could somehow pull off one of those 2 I think my team would be unbeatable.

I really need sb's and to cut down on my k's a bit. More dingers wouldn't hurt. It's a 6x5 league R's-Rbi's-Hr-Ave-K's-Sb's W,S,WHIP,K,ERA.

Who would you target with all being said? What else could I do to improve this alrady first place team. As well do you think my trade was of help? WHIR.

I should add, that Blanton is on the ww. Should I drop Olsen to grab him?
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Postby whoson1st0 » Sat Jul 08, 2006 2:56 pm

Normally I wouldn't be in favor of a 1st place team making such a big move, but I think you did well with it. I think you are looking pretty darn good for the 2nd half, and c lee and ichiro are definitely excellent targets especially to keep your K's down. Being able to play Liriano at RP also helps a lot.

I would deal from your pitchers, as you are trying to do, and try to replace someone like kearns which it also looks like you are trying to do. I think Ichiro would be a great target for good BA, SB and low K's.
You have 3 very good pitchers on the bench and it looks like saito will be the closer for the rest of the year now so consider dealing one of your bigger name RPs if that's what it takes to get what you need.

Also I would hang on to olsen over blanton. I think blanton's numbers will improve and could be a good pickup, but not for your team at this point.

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Postby KSJayhawk » Sat Jul 08, 2006 3:11 pm

I would probably keep Olsen over Blanton. He has the far better K/9 rate and has some nice upside for the rest of the year. His major flaw though is his control (right now at 4.0 BB per 9IP). If can get that under control (no pun intended), he'll get you about the same amount of wins as Blanton plus more strikeouts.
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Postby sherwood921 » Sat Jul 08, 2006 8:47 pm

I dangle K-rod or Pap. You have 5 closers, so I assume you blow people away in saves. Pap only pitchers a couple innings a week so he can't really help your ERA/WHIP that much. If you could get a stud hitter to replace Kearns by dealing one of those closers, I'd be all over that.

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Postby Urbanist » Sun Jul 09, 2006 1:48 am

Thanks a bunch for all the replies fellas.

You guys basically reinforced what I thought :-b

Its funny I'm in first in all of the pitching cat's, and yes I've been blowing away the comp in saves. This is why I traded away Otsuka, figured It wasn't much use to have that many saves.If I were to trade away any of the three It would probably be K-rod, his name alone could get me more than his actual production this year. I would have to get a Vlad like stick for me to even consider though.

As I'm dominating the pitching categories I'm sucking in some of the hittign ones. here's the shakedown(Out of 8 teams)

Batting Av- Third

Only in k's and sb's am I really hurting, I'm down by aorund 20 in each cat to the 6th place guy. The other ones I'm like maybe 15-20 out from being 3rd-4th. If I could stay around 4-5 in every hittign cat and sustain my pitching I would walk away with the league. Thats my goal. !00 bucks per guy, and I won it all last year. I can taste it this year again :*)

I actually dropped Olsen for Everday Eddie(I like Olson alot and may even pick him back up for Reyes or try to grab Lester who is still there).

I actually just sent out a trade offer for Carlos Lee and Han-Ram for Buerhle,Renteria, and Kerans. This would take care of some sb's, and runs, and even k's a bit.

Thanks though guys for the thoughts. Much appreciated.
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