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My team is just missing something, WHIR!

PostPosted: Tue Jul 04, 2006 3:45 pm
by Frappy
Hello cafe: Ill try to give you as much info about my Team and league first.

Scoring Style: Rotisserie/Category ( 8 KEEPERS !!! )
Scoring Categories: 5 X 5 Stats (R,HR,RBI,SB,BA / W,SV,K,ERA,WHIP)
Roster Size: 24 = 9 + 7 + 8
Roster Active + Bench: 9 Hitters, 7 Pitchers, 8 Bench, (2 DL)
Hitters: 8 - C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 3 OF, Utility(Any Position)
Pitchers: 7 - 4 SP, 2 RP, 1 P
Max Pitcher Innings: 1250
Max Hitters Games Played: 162

C- J. Willingham
1B- D.Lee
2B- P.Polanco
3B- A.Ramirez
SS- J.Rollins
OF- M.Cuddyer (Playing until Crisp breaks out of slump)
OF- C.Figgins
OF- J.Dye
Util- J.Giambi
BN- T.Hunter
BN- C.Crisp

SP- D.Willis
SP- B.Zito
SP- J.Smoltz
SP- C C Sabathia
RP- J.Nathan
RP- B.Wickman
P- T.Jones
BN- S.Shields
BN- D.Davis
BN- C.Young
BN- D.Bush
BN- T.Glavine
BN- F. Cabrera (Insurance for Wickman, at least IMO)
DL- R.Wolf

Prospects Kept till end of 07':
Chad Billingsley
Billy Butler
Daisuke Matsuzaka
Felix Pie

At this very minute, here is where I am ranked. (12 possible)
Runs- 6.0 (429)
HR's- 6.0 (115)
RBI's- 4.0 (412)
SB- 9.5 (75)
AVG- 2.0 (.271)

Wins- 4.0 (36)
Saves- 11.0 (51)
K's- 7.0 (503)
ERA- 12.0 (3.87)
WHIP- 9.0 (1.26)

Overall- 5th out of 12 with 70.5 points.

Ever since D.Lee went out Ive been looking to trade pitching for an outfielder who can produce, but I didnt get any deals done. My league doesnt trade much, with only 2 or 3 trades done this year. However, they are very active still. Anyway, here's a couple of things I thought about:
1) Pitcher and Outfielder for upgrade in Outfield
2) Closer (Wickman, Jones) for SP,RP Closer and move Shields into an RP spot.
3) Trade shields to a team with 1-2 closers only and a bad ERA for something?
4) Stay put and hope my Under-performing offense picks up the pace.
5) Whatever you think.

Can anyone out there help me improve my team or give me some advice?

PostPosted: Wed Jul 05, 2006 8:09 pm
by Frappy

PostPosted: Fri Jul 07, 2006 4:34 pm
by knittedmonkey
Your offense is mediocre. DLee should come back around once he gets his power back. Aram is doing nothing, and Dye & Giambi is really your only other power bat. I might try and trade a pitcher or one of your closers for an upgrade in the OF. Maybe even shop Glavine and sell high on him.


PostPosted: Sat Jul 08, 2006 1:04 am
by Frappy
Thanks for the reply, out of like 15 people I helped - you were the only to reply so far.. Bummer.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 08, 2006 5:36 pm
by CaMeroN CraZie
I agree bro, your offense is alright

should get back into motion tho.

Do you have aIM

PostPosted: Sat Jul 08, 2006 5:52 pm
by jmlevy
I would say to trade Glavine for a big bat. Maybe straight up for Wells. I was thinking that you would be better off moving Figgins to 2B and benching polanco. Hunter and crisp are both better than placido. IM me if you want to talk ... p?t=225288

PostPosted: Sat Jul 08, 2006 6:46 pm
by A's
jmlevy wrote:I would say to trade Glavine for a big bat. Maybe straight up for Wells. I was thinking that you would be better off moving Figgins to 2B and benching polanco. Hunter and crisp are both better than placido. IM me if you want to talk ... p?t=225288

Dont think you can get glavin straight up for wells, i think you should wait it out, let lee mesh into his cubs lineup.
I like your pitching a lot, but maybe try what you were talking about shields.
Offensively you need to wait it out except for crisp, get rid of him or package him in a deal with glavine for a good outfielder.
Can you help with my topic, it's in the same forum, thanks bye, good luck


PostPosted: Sat Jul 08, 2006 6:51 pm
by Frappy
I added my AIM to my profile if anyone would like to chat. And to the most recent poster, what Shields idea were you talking about? Trading a Closer for a SP,RP eligible closer and moving shields into an RP spot to Solidify ERA,WHIP, and help out in K's with vulture wins - Or trade off Sheilds to a team that doesnt even have enough closers to fill the 3 RP spots and has a bad ERA,WHIP etc that shields can help them in.

I understand practically my whole team is Underperforming, but the trade deadline is nearing and how long can a guy wait?

Once again my AIM is in my profile now if you would like to chat (FourclubFlush)

PostPosted: Sat Jul 08, 2006 7:56 pm
by CaMeroN CraZie
yeah, a few of us should go chat and talk some baseball!

PostPosted: Sat Jul 08, 2006 8:10 pm
by sherwood921
I would look into dealing some of that pitching. I agree to move Figgins as well to 2B, he's more valuable there. The biggest thing that looks to be killing you is BA, but that's something that I've actually been able to improve upon rather quickly in years past. Honestly, a lot of your success ties in with the Cubs (Ramirez and Lee are your big boppers) and they have struggled mightily. Sometimes there are big-time homers out there and you can trade a star player from his favorite team for some more valuable pieces.

Overall I'd look into dealing some of that pitching for a 5 category contributor. You might also want to look into some older guys on bad teams that won't be kept. As teams realize they're out of the race they should be willing to deal their fringe keepers for draft picks/prospects/youngsters. Depends on the league though.