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Is Hamels Even Worth It...?

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Postby vykeengfan » Thu Jun 29, 2006 1:26 am

RynMan wrote:
PlayingWithFire wrote:Mark Prior's injuries lately has been of freak variety too, that doesn't take away the injury-prone label though.

It should. It's not hard for people to dig a little deeper and use some lateral thinking.

PlayingWithFire wrote:and oh, Curt Schilling is doing okay too in Boston.

So is Josh Beckett. :-D

It's great seeing that since I traded Beckett for Hamels. Horray me!!
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Postby ravenmad22 » Thu Jun 29, 2006 2:05 am

All rookie pitchers are inconsistent and will have growing pains. Felix Hernandez is struggling, and he's still the shiznit if you've ever seen his stuff. Johan Santana had a terrible start a few years ago then went on to win something like 12 straight games with a sub 2 ERA.

Didn't Hamels only one start ago shut down a pretty potent Yanks lineup to the tune of 7 IP 2 ER and 6 K? How quickly we forget.

Sure, a game like today's is disappointing, but not completely unexpected. I guarantee he'll have a lot more games like the Yankee game this season, and he'll probably have a few more games like this one. Nature of the beast when it comes to talented young pitchers.
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Postby bellings » Thu Jun 29, 2006 2:17 am

Hobbes wrote:I hear comments all the time about holding on to a struggling player if you are in a keeper league, but I think those comments are way too broad.

I'm in a keeper league, but we only keep 5 players. A rookie would have to do pretty well to make it onto a shallow keeper list. I have Liriano on my team, and he is likely to make it, but Hamels would have had to perform like Liriano for me to have faith he would develop into a keeper by the end of this season. Perhaps in leagues with many more keepers you could keep the faith, but it would certainly vary based on the number of keepers.

So to say owners in keeper leagues should be patient is too general. I've got a shallow bench and can't afford to just wait around on Hamels to work through his problems. To the waiver wire he goes.

Good for you. I play in a keeper league with 8, and I doubt he makes it. Congrads on owning Liriano. In a keep 2 league, I'd probably keep Liriano. I totally agree with your philosophy on Hamels. If he turns out to be decent, draft him early next year.
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Postby pangbones » Thu Jun 29, 2006 3:26 am

I'm about to drop him too. I'm gonna see what happens next week, (not sure if I have the guts to start him though). :-o

I have Willingham sitting on the DL, and I can't make a move until I drop someone. If he doesn't show me something, I'll have to cut him. :~(
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Postby joeklopfenstein » Thu Jun 29, 2006 6:51 am

It's premature to drop him. He didn't accumulate the hype that he did because of his dashing good looks. He's having trouble putting away batters right now but you assume that's not going to continue, given his track record to this point. Drop him if there's somebody substantially better on the wire (not, for example, Jamie Moyer) but if you're in a 12 team league, I do advise patience. At least give him one more week, he's got two easy matchups coming up.
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Postby LouisC9999 » Thu Jun 29, 2006 9:37 am

teddy ballgame wrote:He was dropped in a 16 team league I'm in and no one picked him up. }:-)

He's been dropped twice (by me) and he's still on the FA list (12-team league).
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