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Cheap Cars with Great Gas Mileage

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Postby knapplc » Wed Jun 28, 2006 12:40 pm

acsguitar wrote:
knapplc wrote:ACS, this is what you need. Chrysler is going to market these things here in America later this year, maybe later this summer:

We saw tons of these in Paris last year. They're all the rage. They're so small you can pull straight in to a curb in parallel parking spots.

Check out their website for pricing. I think they'll sell for under $5K.

yea smart cars are gonne be like 12,000 dollars I think.

that one on the site's home page is 6,000 pound which equals like 12,000 grand I think

Yep you're right - I did the math backwards. It'll be around $12K USD.
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Postby The Big Train » Wed Jun 28, 2006 2:01 pm

This is what all us car owners need...

Americans guzzle 65 billion gallons of fuel a year and lately we have been paying a pretty penny at the pump. NewsChannel 4 has done reports in the past on how to get the most out of your gas. Now we introduce you to a new way to save on those gasoline dollars.

There is a man who fills up his tank once every two months. One tank of gas, literally, lasts him two months. He is freezing the price of gas by freezing something else.

People complain about the price of gas and we are all spending dearly to stay on the road these days. The money we spend on gas seems to burn up faster than the fuel.

While there may be little rhyme or reason to why the prices are on a perpetual roller-coaster, there is one man who has found a way to freeze them in their tracks, literally.

David Hutchison is a Cryogenics expert. He built this Cryo-Process himself. He runs a business out of his garage where he cryogenically tempers all kinds of metals. He submerges them in a frozen tank of nitrogen vapor that is 300 degrees below zero.

David says, “During that time, at minus 300 degrees, the molecules slow down. Then they reorganize themselves. That's when the actual chemical change happens.”

Hutchison cryogenically tempers machine parts, tools, golf clubs and even razors. He says it makes them last three to five times longer.

A few years ago he began an experiment on his hybrid Honda, freezing the engine components. The results were a fuel-efficiency dream.

David Hutchison says, “You should expect a “Cryo'd” engine to last anywhere from 600,000 to 1 million miles without wearing out.”

A hybrid Honda typically gets really great gas mileage anyway, around 50 miles to the gallon, but David Hutchison's cryogenically tempered engine has been known to get close to 120 miles a gallon.

“It's just a very efficient vehicle.” Hutchison says,

Racers have picked up on David's trick of cryogenically freezing car parts. It is now widely accepted among NASCAR and Indy-car racers.

Hutchison has no plans of taking his Honda to the track. His prize is in his pocketbook.

David says, “I thought about selling it, but gas prices keep going up. So, I thought, I'm not going to sell it.”

Hutchison tells us cryogenically tempering car parts has more benefits than just fuel efficiency. He freezes all of the brake rotors at a car dealership near his home in Missouri. It makes them last three to five times longer.
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Postby WittyC » Thu Jun 29, 2006 1:58 am

Art Vandelay wrote:In highschool a friend of mine had a diesel VW Jetta that got 50+ MPG. They might be a little hard to find, but I know they're floating around out there, may be worth looking for.

TDI Jettas aren't terribly hard to find, but they don't give you a huge break on price, either. But if mileage isn't an issue, and older one could be very affordable. ;-D
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