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Postby hybrid » Fri Jun 23, 2006 11:58 am

Porbably one of the stupiest comments I have heard this year. Seriously, these are the reasons why they are on the radio and not doing anything else. People on the radio need things to talk about, I mean what else are they there for. If it was a caller, well it loses any shred of credibility it had. A elementary school kid could of came up with that theory, and I wouldn't be surprised if one did.

The testing situation in the minors has always been better then the majors for one. Also to say he was on roid's is to say he has been using them since he was a young teenager. He has always been scouted and everyone had always noticed his great power, it's not something that just came about in his draft year. Another question would be why if he used, did he suddenly stop now? There are so many holes in this theory it's almost not even worth talking about. A 20 year old having an emotional outburst, wow that is shocking ... must be roids. And if he is off of roids now like the person said, wouldn't he be less of a hot head?

Sorry for the rant, but baseless accusations really annoy me.
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