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thoughts on recent moves?

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thoughts on recent moves?

Postby chichpsalm » Sat Aug 09, 2003 11:08 pm

Guillen to A's for Harang and others ;-D He was going to get expensive and Harang is currently doing well against the Padres

Williamson to BoSox for cash and minors pitcher (I think) :-C salary dump - will only be good if we use that money to sign a Reggie Sanders-type player next year (2nd tier free agent)

Boone to Yankess for Claussen and others :-) clubhouse distraction, and an expensive one at that since dad was axed. Claussen should help very soon as well

White to Yanks :-) MR's can be had for much cheaper

Boone fired ;-D never liked him

Bowden fired :-t Griffey wasn't his fault

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Reds Trades

Postby Guest » Sun Aug 10, 2003 1:04 pm

1. Guillen-was simply having his career year...He will return to his regular fringe player abilities next year...Harang looks good and if he can show talent Reds will be patient with him...Joe Valentine should mature into capable bull pen guy...NICE TRADE

2. Williamson-I was a salary dump...but, with the pick up of Joe Valentine his loss may not be so bad....And, yes money saved can go to another player...IMO it will go to a decent starting pitcher though...
Don't hold your breath for a #1 starter..more than likely it will be a a fringe pitcher who needs some work on his delivery...I can't rate this trade till after Reds decide what they will do with extra money.

3. Boone-Well let me say I never was a Boone fan...he is a streaky hitter with a good glove....He only looked good in Cincy do to their limited team talent...Much less the Reds have atleast 3 guys who may take 3B next year
Branyan-better as OF'er but still he can play 3B
Larson-Great talent never reached and is 27 y/o now
Encarnacion-currently in AA

Claussen ..If he returns from Tommy John surgery he is a steal...Time decides this trade..either way I am glad Boone is gone.

4. White-I agree there is a ton of solid MR's that come cheaper than a streaky injury proned Gabe White..NICE TRADE

5.Boone-Getting fired....BEST MOVE Reds made all year...only bad side is it didn't happen sooner...He is a horrible manager has no common baseball sense and couldn't make a decision if he had to!

6. Bowden-I think he did a nice job...but..couldv'e done better...Good GM won't be with out job long.

The main thing to remember is this with Reds...They are a samll market team...The payroll will stay around 40 million...don't expect any major signings for the off season.

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Postby Guest » Sun Aug 10, 2003 1:09 pm

Also, don't be surprised if the Reds trade away Griffey this off season...Only thing keeping him now is Carl Linder now that Bowden is gone...Griffey is a pitch man for Linder's he may resist chance to move him..But, money talks and an expensive injury proned OF'er may be 1st way to get out of the pun on words intended.

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