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Postby CadensDad » Mon Jun 12, 2006 4:20 pm

Braves Vent. Not a single player is safe in this vent, everyone will get smashed!

GM- Schuerholz even you must know Braves magic cant work forever. After losing our 5th straight game you must reach across your desk and make some phone call’s. Get Cleveland, L.A., New York someone on the phone and find us a closer of some sort. The time to act is now! Not in 3 week’s when we are 12 games out. Start the move now!

Cox- You have A LOT of speed on your team, you should be stealing more with each player and doing more bunting, Marcus, Edgar, Drew, Jeff, Ryan, Pete, can all steal some. When we get these guys on base we need to be moving them over.

McDowell- Please when making the cingular wireless call to the bullpen. Make the call to Baltimore and ask Leo how he kept this team intact. He must have some secrets he can share with you.

C-Pratt part of baseball is hitting the ball. You might want to look into it or pay back part of that check we cut you. We have you on the roster as a backup incase McCann goes down……. ALERT!!!! McCann went down so act like your backing him up!

1B- Laroche Why are you even on the roster? I mean sure you make hits and such but your only batting .167 against lefties. Your also making errors in games that always cost us runs. Please take some medication for your ADD. You apparently cant work through it and if we are paying to play well the least you can do is give it your all.

2B- Giles Marcus you have picked it up some lately but your 4 errors are very costly. However if you’d start running the bases a little more it would help. Also try not to strike out so much. It might actually make the team better.

SS- Renteria First off nice AVG. But you only seem to hit when bases or empty. And you only get multiple base hits when bases are empty. Also please stop making feilder errors. They don’t help the team win games. Also you might want to try and steal a few bases it might just help.

3B- Jones, Ahhh Chipper some call the “captain” the face of the Braves. I call him a former power hitter who has lost his power. He’s still good don’t get me wrong but this guy isn’t the beast he once was. He doesn’t strike fear in pitchers eyes when he comes to the plate. I think maybe switching him to 4th and Andrew to 3rd will help him a lot more. But he has got to do something to get back on track.

LF- Langerhans I have high hopes for him but for some reason he and Francouer remind me of Jermain Dye and Andrew Jones when we had both of them back in 96. We hung on to Jones and he turned out to be a stud for years. Dye is still solid but not Andrew. Ryan is Dye to me, he’s good but I just don’t think the guy is as good as we cracked him up to be

CF- Jones I love the glove! I love the bat. But the average need’s to rise. We don’t need a homerun every time you step up to the plate. (Every other time though will work.) If you’d take some more base hit swings it’d do miracles for the team

RF- Francouer read the post about Jones and the post about Langerhans and you will get my full thoughts on him. I honestly think he is destine for great things with a bat and will be a MVP canidate in the next 3-5 years.

SP-Hudson one game you are wonderful and masterful. The next look’s like you are a rookie from double A. I love the 1 hit complete game shutout (saw it live.) I hate the 4 inning 5 and 6 earned run games to start the year. All too often you don’t go into your full release it look’s like and just doesn’t look like your getting all you can. I still think your our ACE and will be for years to come.

SP-Smoltz you much like Hudson have it one game and don’t have anything the next. You come up big in games against SDG and NYM but get rocked against the Cubs, Marlins, and Giants. I’ve also noticed you seem to pitch very well on 3 days rest and pitch bad on more than 5 days rest. Maybe Bobby should look at this.

Other starters- Thompson had 4 nice starts, no wins but only gave up 1 or 2 runs in those games. Then he dropped off the deep end and in a bad way. Sosa isn’t the same guy he was last year. You have given up 2 or more runs in 10 games you have started in so far this year. Not too hot. Davies went out with a groin tear and will most likely be done for the year. Ramirez looked good in his first 3 starts back but got rocked on Sunday. Plus he took a nasty line drive.

Bullpen- You guys suck, all of you. Ray has shown a few nice glimpses of being a solid pitcher but nothing to brag about. Remlinger does great against lefties. Villarreal is the luckiest man on earth but one of the worst pitchers. And Reitsma? Don’t even get me started.

Bench Hitters- You guys seem to be playing better than the starters. I’d like to see you guys hitting more by taking out Chipper, Marcus, Edgar, Ryan more in or around the 6th innings to give you guys more playing time. Keep it up fellas

Well that’s my Braves vent, I’d like to see us make at least 1 or two transactions before the trade deadline to get us some help in the bullpen, I wouldn’t even mind us sneidng Laroche, Langerhans and a pitcher out for some help at 1B. Maybe a big swinger like Helton or something. I’d also like to see us make a move for Willis before he gets dealt. We have the youth to make that type of transaction this year.

Please feel free to add to this vent or take away whatever the case might be.
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