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Call to Gurus!

PostPosted: Wed Jun 07, 2006 9:25 pm
by MendozaLineup
CBS Team, 10 Team League
5 OF, 2 C, only 2 "bench spots" - set weekly

C: J. Lopez, I. Rodriguez
1B: M. Teixeira
2B: R. Weeks
3B: C. Jones
SS: J. Rollins
OF: V. Guerrero
OF: M. Cabrera
OF: I. Suzuki
OF: C. Lee
OF: ?
U: N. Garciparra
U: J. Morneau

SP: R. Halladay
SP: B. Webb
SP: C. Sabathia
SP: B. Colon
SP: Jer. Weaver
SP: J. Lackey
SP: N. Lowry
RP: J. Nathan
RP: R. Dempster
RP: B. Ryan
DL: B. Sheets

Had some good luck with pitchers early, but we've been slipping in the ranks a bit...any suggestions? We need another OF, (probably J. Jones or G. Jenkins) - but any glaring weaknesses? Thanks.