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Has drafting great pitching failed you like it has me?

PostPosted: Sun Aug 03, 2003 7:33 pm
by Jack-In-A-Box
I figured this year i was gonna go heavy with great pitching and get the hitters i could and pick up hot players off FA. 10 team h2h league, you start any 7 pitchers, pts based scoring(CBS).. this was the rotation i had to start the year where i was fighting to remain in 3rd at the half way point. I figured with this staff i'd run away with the league.

Zito, Pedro, Morris, K.Brown, Smoltz, Pineiro, Ishii, Padilla, Lowe and i would rotate 2 start pitchers every now and then.

I started out 6-0 :-D then started going down fast because my pitching leveled off. Over my last 11 games ive gone 5-6 and just regained 1st(tied record, but lead pts). I had been tied for 3rd with 2 other teams for about 3wks. 1st through 6th seperated by 2 games! Very fun league 7,8th only 3 games out. So i decided to totally change my strat middle of the season.

My hitting was very weak to start the season, only big bats i had was Vlad, Wilson and Pudge. Everyone else was middle of the pack kinda guys. Here's the team now

2B-Soriano :-/ (Gave up Pedro,Vidro)
Bench- Hinske,Cameron

Pitching- Millwood, Lidle, L.Hernandez, Lowe, Colon, Miller, Smoltz, Suppan, M.Bautista, Padilla, Clement

As you can see i traded away every big name starter i had.. only kept Smoltz to anchor my staff. I figured i'd get some big bats or very solid bats at every position and fill up my staff with struggling stars (got Miller,Millwood,Colon for cheap) or FA pickups. Only Pudge,Wilson,Padilla,Vlad(who i traded b4 he got hurt and just got him back for Berkman) are on my team that i drafted. FA pickups- Hernandez,Suppan,Hinske,Nevin,Bautista

So ive decided from now on to fill out my team with hitting 1st when drafting then work on pitching. Pickin a solid pitcher every now and then. Have those of you that have been doing this for a long time found that targeting hitting early in the draft found this to be the best way to win? This is my 2nd year of doing this. I won it all last year in my 1st year but i'm not so sure i'll win it this year.. but i'd love to hear from those that have other good ideas when it comes to drafting.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 03, 2003 8:18 pm
by blankman
This is why I like to draft hitting first. Barring an injury you know what you are going to get from an established veteran hitter. With pitchers, injuries are bigger risks- (RJ, Schilling, Oswalt) and they tend to be less consistent- (Zito, Colon etc).

This year I took hitters in the first 2 rounds, SP's in the next two and then picked the best player. I just would rather not take the risk on taking a SP in the first round and have him get hurt, when I can get a great hitter who more likely won't get hurt, unless its Vlad- my 1st round pick :-C

PostPosted: Sun Aug 03, 2003 8:25 pm
by DieHardCubbie
I generally use a strategy very similar to blanckman....I draft hitters in the first two rounds...SP's in the next two and a closer in the 5th....after that I take best availible...

I tried drafting heavy pitching a few years ago, but I ended up being hurt by injuries...(no pun intended... ;-) )....

Pitching woes

PostPosted: Sun Aug 03, 2003 9:10 pm
by Dr. Duran Duran
My offense has been very good this year and my bullpen is solid, but my starters too have been a disappointment. Mark Mulder is the only starter I have who has been good. I had Maddux, and let him go only to watch him flounder. I had Pettite and traded him when he wasn't pitching well. Schilling has been a big disappointment for me, but only because his team can't score. Javier Vasquez is my other starter and he's been solid. But nonetheless, my starters have been a little disappointing with Schilling losing all the time and Maddux's ERA going up.

And to think, I almost drafted Zito.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 03, 2003 9:17 pm
by DK
either i pick 1 IF, 1 OF, and 1 SP (not necessarily in that order) in the first three and then the best, or i pick 3 hitters and then pitching. in a ten team preseason draft i got matt morris in the 7th round. little did i know...

anyway, you look at drafts and you see many more hitters going early than pitchers. so you want to get hitters before the lake dries up. pitchers are solid late in drafts compared to the car wreck that are hitters by then.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 04, 2003 9:17 am
by Pogotheostrich
I don't like to go into the draft with a set strategy. It all depends on how the other teams pick. You need to be able to adapt.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 04, 2003 9:34 am
by Guest
Ditto man. You and me, we are both alike. But it seems generally I'll draft 75% more hitters than pitchers and usually I draft a pitcher in the 3rd but it could be as late as the 7th round before I draft my first pitcher. Generally that's because guys in my league tend to draft all the better pitchers early. I might change my draft strategy if it weren't the case but I think I'd still be skewed towards drafting more hitters early on than pitchers.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 04, 2003 9:36 am
by chiuondis
yes... the only players i kept from my draft were Delgado and Pedro and Tejada... everyone seemed to come from FA or trades... hehe.. but im #1 for a reason

PostPosted: Mon Aug 04, 2003 9:42 am
by great gretzky
i drafted schilling and traded for oswalt and zito. I thought I was stacked ...

Re: Has drafting great pitching failed you like it has me?

PostPosted: Mon Aug 04, 2003 9:59 am
by pilambp
Jack-In-A-Box wrote:I figured this year i was gonna go heavy with great pitching and get the hitters i could and pick up hot players off FA.

I think that it's easier to do the opposite. From year to year, hitters tend to stay a lot more consitent and have a lot less surprises than pitchers. Take a look at the top 50 or so ranked fantasy hitters. They are all familiar names. Very Rarely does an Albert Pujols pop up and suprise everyone with an outstanding season.

On the other hand, great pitchers break out in the middle of the season from no where, and can usually be found on the waiver wire. Here's a list of guys that probably weren't drafted that have made huge impacts this year:

Esteban Loaiza
Sidney Ponson
Jamie Moyer
Dontrelle Willis
Brandon Webb
Mark Redman
Gil Meche
Shawn Chacon

I would think that if you are a devout waiver wire worker, you should concentrate on getting hitters in the draft, and assembling a staff from the surprises.