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help with an approximate guess please

PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2003 4:37 pm
by great gretzky
there are more thana few teams projecting over in my league on their IP. most are baout 50 IP over, or about 485 remaining. Given five sp spots and four RP spots and six starters, when would that team be running out of innings by?

I am having a hard time deciding. it seems to me there are about 11 starts per pitcher remaining, with let's say 6 IP.

When can I expect these teams to start either losing stats, or having to severely limit their starts. Myself and another guy are hoping it comes right around the aug 24th trade deadline, hoping to get some cheap pitching.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2003 4:39 pm
by Payne Dailey
My guess would be with three weeks left.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2003 4:43 pm
by great gretzky
thanks. anyone else care to venture a guess?

PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2003 5:17 pm
by great gretzky
any other help? is this jsut a dumb question?

PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2003 5:30 pm
by Shitney™
sorry, my league doesnt use IP so i can't venture any guesses

PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2003 7:17 pm
by West Coast Fan
I have between 340 to 360 innings left. As it gets closer, I'll start benching pitchers with marginal value and keep starting my prime starters.
Also, depending on where I am with saves, I can start benching my closers.

Remember to see where the other teams are who are in the hunt. If they have lots of innings left, it could be a problem

My 2 cents

PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2003 9:16 pm
by Tribe in '05
I believe Yahoo gives you 1250 innings to pitch over the course of 188 days, which means that they allocate 6.65 innings per day. If the guys in your league are 50 IP over the limit, their pitchers will accrue no stats over the last 7 days of the season. You might be able to get some pitchers cheap, but they might just begin starting their pitchers against the weaker teams. One guy in one of my leagues only has 54 innings remaining! That means that in 10 days (the trade deadline) everyone of his pitchers will be worthless!! :-P

PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2003 9:34 pm
by jdh
Well, the average start is probably around 6 innings, and a normal starter will make 6 starts a month, so 36 innings a month, and that works out to around 8.5 innings per starter in the average week (obviously it will be more on weeks that they have 2 starts, and less when they have one start in the week.). The average closer will throw 15 innings per month, so about 3 innings per week. If a team is using 6 starters and 4 closers, they will eat up 63 innings in a normal week. That means that if a team is 50 innings over, they'll run out with maybe a week to a week and a half in the season.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 01, 2003 12:54 pm
by Guest
thanks a lot