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Try to figure this one out:

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Try to figure this one out:

Postby alexbean » Mon Apr 22, 2002 10:53 am

I've been offered Nevin/Garciaparra/Helton/B. Sheets for A-Rod/M. Sweeney/R. Cedeno/R. Oswalt. I also have glaus who I would dh or trade glaus/garciaparra for andrew jones/Jeter.

I'm thinking do the trade, but then again not sure. Which team would you go with:

Current Players-----With 1st Trade-----With 2nd Trade
c M. Bennett-----------M. Bennett----------- M. Bennett
1 M. Sweeney---------Helton-----------------Helton
2 Reece--------------- Reece-----------------Reece
SS A-Rod--------------Garciaparra----------Jeter
3 Glaus-----------------Nevin-----------------Nevin
DH Hinske--------------Glaus/Hinske--------A. Jones/Hinske
OF Sosa/Damon-------Sosa/Damon--------Sosa/Damon
P. Wilson/Cedeno------P. Wilson------------P. Wilson

Last one: Jason Kendall, J.Gibbons, & A. Kearns are available. Which one(s) would you pick up and who would you drop to get him. Oh yeah, our season ends at all star break.

Thanks in advance.
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Postby Uncle Buck » Mon Apr 22, 2002 1:12 pm

I'd try to get Kendall as a free agent. I think Bennett is only Petrick's backup in Colorado.
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Postby cwebb » Mon Apr 22, 2002 1:22 pm

Well, Nevin is a killer in roto leagues...

I'd look into acquiring Kendall for Bennett, Kearns and Gibbons are hot now, but this won't last forever.

I think Oswalt is better than Sheets, but Nevin and Helton are definite upgrades, whereas Jeter instead of A-Rod shouldn't hurt that much!

I don't like blockbuster trades if I have to do them but this looks like a good one.

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Postby Arlo » Mon Apr 22, 2002 8:02 pm

Talk about blockbusters! This is a tough one...

Ok, first for the easy part: I would definitely pick up Kendall for Bennett. No contest: if he's healthy and gets his confidence back, he'll outperform Bennett by a lot. I like Gibbons, too, as well as Kearns as a keeper, but neither justifies dropping someone from your team.

Maybe I should just quit now while I'm ahead... Oh well, here goes:

Your lineup is stacked, no matter which version you look at (ok, that was still easy). One thing I would try before deciding on either of these deals is whether you can somehow upgrade at 2b - Reese is your weakest link at the moment, and improvement there would be worth more than reshuffling already powerful positions.

The main factor is your scoring. If you're playing roto, especially 4x4, Cedeno may be nearly impossible for you to deal without getting speed in return. In points leagues these trades probably look a lot better.

The other factor is position eligibility. In general, I disagree with cwebb about Nevin being a significant upgrade over Glaus, but if you can play Nevin at first, you've gained quite a bit of insurance. Any of these lineups should be at or near the top of their leagues, but on injury or two could change that quickly. The more positions you can back up, the better off you are.

Bottom line: if losing steals won't kill you, I like trade number one. Trade number two helps you position-wise, but you're not getting quite enough in return: Garciaparra vs. Jeter is principally a matter of taste, and Jones isn't enough in return for Glaus. if you can negotiate your way to a 2b upgrade as part of this one, it makes a lot more sense.

Hope this helps. Let us know the specifics of your league, though - we may be missing something here.
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Postby 2times » Tue Apr 23, 2002 12:01 am

Cedeno is a bum (poor me) all he does is go 0 for 5. Seriously though, I REALLY hope he turns things around, but between the tightness behind his knee and Valentine's penchant for juggling the line-up and putting Cedeno in to pinch hit, go 0 for 1, and waste your Games Played, I'd say move Cedeno unless, as Arlo said, you are 4by4 and MUST have the SBs

swing trade one and watch your team kick the crap out of the rest of the league in hitting

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Postby T-bird8 » Tue Apr 23, 2002 2:56 pm

The way I see it, your not loosing that much, A-rod for Nomar. The "G" man is better then Jeter when healthy. But, that's key. They key to this deal is, (in my eyes), Helton for Sweeney, and that's a no-brainer. As for your catcher situation, I'd be careful about Kendall. He is a notoroius slow starter, and since your league ends at the all-star break, it would be risky indeed to get him. One of my leagues ends at the all-star break, and I had Kendall on my team, and I dropped him. I already had 'Pudge', so I just picked Morrero for the short haul. So far so good there. So, in short, if it was me, I'd do deal #1.

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