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Need Help with H2H - New Member/New Player

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Need Help with H2H - New Member/New Player

Postby cunningcraft » Tue Apr 25, 2006 3:10 pm

Hello fantasy baseball enthusiasts!
I am relatively new to this. It's my second season. I have 4 teams and I need help with all. I'm near the bottom of the pile in most of my leagues and I don't think its all my players' faults! A little managerial advice would be much appreciated. Without further ado, here are my teams:

SHAMROCKS (Private H2H – 32 Players…strange, I know - Currently 9th out of 12)
C – K. Johjima
1B – D. Ortiz
2B – C. Utley
3B – B. Inge
SS – O. Cabrera
OF – B. Giles
OF – A. Kearns
OF – G. Sizemore
Util – J. Vidro (2B)
Util – P. Nevin (1B)
Util – A. Rios (OF)
BN – M. Ordonez (OF)
BN – M. Bradley (OF)
BN – C. Barmes (SS)
BN – B. Crosby (SS)
BN – J. Kendall (C)
DL – C. Jones (3B)

SP – R. Harden
SP – J. Vasquez
SP – P. Byrd
SP – Od. Perez
RP – J. Isringhausen
RP – J. Borowski
RP – A. Burgos
RP – B. Lyon
P – S. Eyre (RP)
P – N. Robertson (SP)
P – A. Fultz (RP)
P – C. Lidle (SP)
P – Ja. Johnson (SP)
BN – C. Sabathia (SP, DL)
DL – B. Colon (SP)

SHAMECOCKS (Public H2H – Currently 10th out of 12)
C – J. Varitek
1B – C. Utley
2B – C. Figgins
3B – M. Mora
SS – J. Peralta
OF – J. Gomes
OF – A. Rowand
OF – J. Francouer
Util – N. Johnson (1B)
BN – H. Ramirez (SS)
BN – E. Renteria (SS)
DL – A. Huff (1B)

SP – R. Harden
SP – M. Maroth
RP – M. Rivera
RP – J. Papelbon
P – R. Dempster (RP)
P – M. Mussina (SP)
P – G. Chacin (SP)
BN – C. Capuano (SP)
BN – J. Schmidt (SP)
BN – M. MacDougal (RP, DL)

THE RENTALS (Public H2H - Currently 7th out of 12)
C – J. Posada
1B – R. Howard
2B – C. Utley
3B – M. Ensberg
SS – C. Barmes
OF – A. Rios
OF – A. Rowand
OF – J. Gomes
Util – J. Gibbons (1B, OF)
BN – J. Morneau (1B)
BN – B. Bonds (OF)

SP – Jo. Santana
SP – J. Beckett
RP – B. Lidge
RP – H. Street
P – M. Gonzalez (RP)
P – T. Hudson (SP)
P – G. Chacin (SP)
BN – J. Blanton (SP)
BN – M. Maroth (SP)
BN – R. Halladay (SP)
DL – M. MacDougal (RP)

LOADED (Roto League using R,H,HR,RBI,SB for batters; IP,W,SV,R,HR,BB,K,HLD for pitchers – Currently 3rd out of 7)
C – J. Mauer
1B – A. Pujols
2B – F. Lopez
3B – D. Wright
SS – J. Rollins
OF – J. Pierre
OF – J. Gomes
OF – G. Sheffield
Util – N. Johnson (1B)
BN – L. Berkman (1B, OF)
BN – R. Furcal (SS)
BN – J. Kent (1B)
DL – D. Lee (1B)

SP – R. Oswalt
SP – D. Willis
RP – B. Ryan
RP – J. Papelbon
P – J. Bonderman (SP)
P – A. Pettitte (SP)
P – B. Webb (SP)
BN – J. Beckett (SP)
BN – C. Lee (SP)

Keep in mind that just because I have a player benched, doesn’t mean I haven’t been using them.

Thanks in advance for your advice and support and good luck with your teams!
Go Gamecocks!
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Postby chappell56 » Tue Apr 25, 2006 3:30 pm

re. SHAMECOCKS (Public H2H – Currently 10th out of 12)

I really like this team. I think an upgrade in the OF is in order though. Francoeur will not see last season's stats.

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