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Hater Doesn't Mean, "One Who Disagrees"

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Postby Pacman » Wed Apr 26, 2006 12:32 pm

ukrneal wrote:
Red Stripe wrote:Haha, every other day I hear somebody tell me there going to pwn me because they are 1337, r0x0rz s0x0rz.

I hate in when that happens. And they take an egg-beater and stick it up your nose to get the stuff in there out...

I hate it when that happens...

Or then you take a meat thermometer and whack it into your ear with a ball peen hammer...

Oh man, I hate it when that happens...

"And then you use a...."

"a miniture statue of the Washington Monument?"

"yeah... and you stick it up your nose to see how far it goes?"

"Yeah... I hate when that happens..."

(It's an old SNL bit [1984-ish] that Billy Crystal and Christopher Guest used to do, where they'd say ridiculous things like that, and finish each other's sentences.)

Very nice Old School SNL reference, ukrneal ;-D
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Postby ukrneal » Wed Apr 26, 2006 2:14 pm

Pacman wins the grand prize!

I found this for those who never saw it...

Willie and Frankie
Billy Crystal, a comedian from "Saturday Night Live," performs a routine in which characters named Willie and Frankie entertain each other by describing in vivid detail the horrifyingly brutal things that they do to themselves when they are alone in their spare time. As examples of sick jokes, Crystal’s imaginative exercises in painful self-mutilation set new standards for sadomasochistic comedy. Their humor lies mostly in their repeated refrain when, after one character recounts some particularly ghastly episode with his friend telepathically interjecting many of its most gruesome features, the narrator explains with mock understatement, "I hate when that happens."

In a recent phonograph album (Mahvelous!, A&M Records, SP 5096), Willie and Frankie run through an extensive repertoire of grizzly exercises in self-torture. Structurally, Willie usually begins with an ominous introduction, such as, "The other day, I was sittin’ on the stoop — not doin’ much, just burnin’ the hair off my arms with my magnifyin’ glass — and I reached for that . . . uuh . . . ." Frankie supplies the crucial piece of missing information — for example, "Meat thermometer?," "Self-threading movie projector?," or "Six-inch replica of the Empire State Building?" Willie replies, "Yeah" or "Right," and then proceeds to describe the grotesque manner in which he uses the instrument in question to inflict pain on himself. Invariably, he gets stuck again, and Frankie supplies another critical detail like "Hammer?," "Red-hot projector bulb?," or "Living unicorn in the Ringling Brothers, Barnum, and Bailey Circus?" The two friends then conclude by commiserating as follows:

WILLIE: "Yeah. I hate when that happens . . . ."

FRANKIE: "I know what you mean."

BOTH: "Ooh! Ow! Ouch!"

WILLIE "I hate when that happens."

FRANKIE: "Tell me about it."

BOTH: "Ooh! Ow! Ouch!"

WILLIE: "I hate when I do that."

FRANKIE: "I know what you mean." ... domaso.htm
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