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Is it truly panic time???

PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 11:01 am
by bdt13

10 team 5X5 HtH league .. I'm already 6 - 14 and i'm down 8 -1 in the early part of week 3.

Why you may ask?


I've been playing fantasy baseball for years and have never had such a bunch of crapola on my team.

Is it too early to be concerned, or should I start trying to wheel and deal? Take a look at my roster and tell me what you think. I could really use some help!!!


Willis -- good so far, but won't get W's

Maddux -- great, but will it last?

Sabathia -- DL

Lowry -- DL

King Felix -- more like Court Jester the way he's pitchign so far

D Davis -- crappy start

Lieber -- CRAP CRAP

Lackey -- just traded Hudson to get him, hopefully I got a steal

Milton and Bush -- HAH picked em up for spot starters cuz of my DL situation and well you've seen how they've done

RP -- Valverde and Cordero

C -- R Hernandez
1B -- Howard
2B -- Figgins
3B -- Wright
SS -- Tejeda
OF -- Dunn, Holliday, C Wilson
Util -- Shelton
Bench -- Gomes, Francoeur

Any thoughts? Hang tight and suck it up? Start only Maddux and Willis and Lackey each week? Trade off some of these hitters and if so whom?

Thanks in advance for any advice .. I've won this thing last two years and I can't deal with this horrible start!

PostPosted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 2:55 pm
by bdt13