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Need I be concerned with this team? (WHIR)

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Need I be concerned with this team? (WHIR)

Postby gws226 » Tue Apr 18, 2006 10:48 pm

I feel like Im not even competitive; getting demolished out of the gate, but I keep looking at my team and feel its pretty well balanced. ..

H2H 8x8 7x7 (standard cats + Hits, OPS, Holds, WHIP)

C: Johjima
1B: Morneau; Dunn (OF);
2B: Utley (1b); Polanco (3b)
3B: Blalock
SS: Guillen; Lugo (DL)
OF: Manny; Abreu; Genkins; Giles; Holliday

SP: Peavy; Pedro; Schmidt; King Felix; Bedard; Vazguez; Cain
RP: F.Rod; Papelbon; Linebrink; Gagne (DL)
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Postby Bukoski77 » Wed Apr 19, 2006 2:10 am

It’s a marathon not a sprint …………. How many teams are in the league?
12 teams or more that looks very balanced to me. Let me know how many teams are in the league.

It’s been a while since I have played in a holds category league, I’m just used to Holds being incorporated into the scoring in Points leagues and not as a separate category.

As holds are even more erratic than saves year-to-year, I guess Linebrink is a solid enough option. I just cant advice investing any more roster space into the holds category as upredictable as those can be every season.

Gagne being DL’d very early had to hurt, but Papelbon was a nice Night in Shinning Armor. If you can get a decent return for Gagne now it cant hurt to do so, particularly if it is a strong 1B or decent SS. If not when he returns healthy you have some serious closer depth to work with on the trade front.

Your MI, particularly SS I think you might find slightly disappointing this year. I have never been big on Guillen but heck; maybe he will prove me wrong this year with a return to his 2004 numbers. IMHO he just isn’t going to see 20HR or 90+RBI again. Lugo is solid when healthy, but when will his playing time become an uncertainty with B.J. Upton waiting in the wings? It sure as hell isn’t a given by any means when he will be vulnerable to the call-up shuffle, anyone’s guess is as good as mine with the D-Rays. There is enough uncertainty there I would be suggestive of pulling the trigger on a deal that helped you with the SS position.

Go ahead and place Polanco as 1st on your list of players to drop. His AVE will never hurt but he only does so much in all the other categories.

Maybe trade an OF’er for help with SS. Morneau is looking to be a solid 1B option and you could always fill Dunn in your OF should you suffer a period without significant contribution from your lesser OF’ers after Manny/Abreu.

On paper your SP is bare-none your strength IMHO. You might suffer a few weeks here and there where after Pedro & Peavy the rest of your staff gets rocked due to bad match-ups or erratic outings. Felix with all of his potential to be a dominant top 10 SP stud is still a rookie with limited experience and Cain doesn’t have quite Hernandez’z stuff. You will have your gems here and there from them but expect to be let down from Cain and F. Hernandez occasionally. Schmidt I view as a stellar 3rd fantasy option. His velocity is no longer what it used to be but Schmidt still has the make-up to post veritable high 2nd tier SP numbers. Vazquez will post a couple of stellar outings but those will come in between ‘correcting’ his mechanics 10 to 15 times this season, in effect making him what he is; a high end 4th tier to low end 3rd tier SP. Bedard has a lot of positive attributes but I don’t know what to tell you in any in-depth detail as to his fantasy prognosis this season.

All in all I think you have a very loaded team with plenty of potential to compete this season. It might take a few savvy waiver pickups or good trades to pull it together, but have you ever heard of a good league that doesn’t require that to contend?

All in all……… No reason to be very concerned. Solid foundation.

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Postby Los_Dodgers » Wed Apr 19, 2006 5:30 am

you're sp is beautiful, and that alone should be enough to carry you to the playoffs. good luck.
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Postby brandnew » Wed Apr 19, 2006 12:38 pm

I'd try to trade one of your SP... I'd trade either Schmidt or Felix, IMO they're vastly overrated for this year.
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