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Over/Under on David Wright's final AVG - .320

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Postby Ender » Tue Apr 18, 2006 12:29 am

The_Met_Threat wrote:
Ender wrote:
This has to be the most ridiculous post I have come across in my life...

yes, your well thought out reasons for disagreeing have convinced me I was in error. I guess you are correct... the Mets do have the best lineup in baseball and all of the players i mentioned will probably suddenly explode into career years like everyone seems to be predicting. Lo Duca will post a .850 OPS and become a great hitting C, Floyd will be healthy and mash 40 HR's. Beltran will become a 40/40 guys like some predict and Reyes will get it and post a .350+ OPS.

You have convinced me with your great debating skills, thanks for that.

Ender your just banking on everyone getting hurt. That has nothing to do with an overrated or underrated offense. You look at the offense on paper, not their past injury issues. If that team batted all through the year theyd be one of the best, you cant just assume theyll get hurt.

Reyes is a fine lead off man, just needs some plate discipline but makes up for it with speed.

Loduca fine hitting catcher, maybe not hte best #2 but hell get on base and can move the runner over.

Beltran 30/30 definately not out of the question. Hes already put up last years April numbers in half the time... We could possibly see 40/40 but its very unlikely, but he could go on a few tears

Delgado its hard not to predict a 35/120

Wright is just amazing

Floyd i think will be fine 25/85 from your 6th hitter is cool with me

Nady will be surprisingly good

I dont really care about the rest of our offense.

Reyes is a below average lead off man unless he stops getting caught so much. He is break even at best when it comes to SB and below average in OBP.

Lo Duca has posted over a .731 OPS once in the past 5 years, thats a below average offensive C.

Beltran is a huge wild card but his big numbers have all been in hitters parks and I don't believe with his age and the fact he's in a pitchers park that he will come close to matching his expectations even if healthy.

Delgado has had 35 HR's once in the past 4 years and I don't like his chances to do it this year. He simply cannot stay healthy enough with his chronic injury problems.

Floyd can do 25/85, I can agree with that.

Nady can't hit righties, it will catch up to him.

Hernandez is terrible.

This team while improved still is probably the 3rd best offense in the NL and like the 6th or 7th best in baseball. Nowhere near what it seems everyone predicts them which is why I say they are overrated.
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Postby davidmarver » Tue Apr 18, 2006 12:41 am

As far as Wright goes, you have to think that the odds are, at best, 25% that he hits over. That said, I go under.

As far as Xavier Nady goes, he can't hit major league fastballs, fishes for sliders, and has a history of starting out fast only to fizzle come May. Don't get too excited Mets fans.

Hernandez is like having a second pitcher in the lineup, and LoDuca/Reyes don't have the patience to provide Wright and Delgado with enough opportunities to fulfill the offenses' expectations this season.

And then there's Beltran. Who really knows what you're going to get with him...he could end up being another fifteen million dollar waste or he could add a completely new dimension to the Mets offense; I think he is the key to the Mets offense this season.
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Postby The_Met_Threat » Tue Apr 18, 2006 1:09 am

Yea i agree Beltran is the key.

But in response to Ender.

Give Reyes some more time, plate disciple will come.

Lo duca is not great, i personally would bat him in teh back of the order but he is hitting the ball well right now.

You don't really know with Beltran. I dont think Shea had much to do with Beltran's off year last year. There were a bunch of things and Shea contributed but it wasnt the full story behind it.

Give me a break with the Delgado stuff. He had 33 HR last year. The year before he had 32 in 120 games. I think hell reach 140 games this year. And hes off to a much better start than last year. 5 hr in half the time compared to 2 in all of april last year. Shea is also a little bit better than dolphins stadium.

Nady is hitting righties fine so far this season, and also we dont rely on him.

Yea hernandez is terrible. I think the Mets offense is is definately top 5 in the league, and we got some help comin along in our farm systems.
The Mets [b]will[/b] win the World Series this year.
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