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Will I hold onto first place??

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Will I hold onto first place??

Postby dankingdc » Mon Jul 14, 2003 1:26 am

9 team 5x5 roto team. Currently in first place, with 44/45 points on offense, 26.5/45 on pitching. My roster:

C Lieberthal
1B F. Thomas
2B A. Boone
SS Renteria
3B Rolen
OF Vernon Wells
OF Preston Wilson
OF Sammy Sosa
CI Raul Ibanez
MI Eric Young
UT Ichiro
DL Nevin, Sweeney

Main SPs: Schilling, Wood, Willis, Padilla, Pettitte, Colon
Other SPs: Redman, Jerome Williams, Odalis Perez
Closers: Rivera, Looper, Julio, DeJean

I'm leading in some offense categories by huge margins, so I'm probably going to trade Sweeney/Redman/Julio for Clemens/BK Kim. There are solid guys on waivers like Finley/Tony Batista I'll pick up.

Any thoughts on how to keep my team on top, and that trade I'm considering??

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Postby Guest » Mon Jul 14, 2003 10:28 am

How in the hell is your team in first. Really look at your lineup, it's like a renecarnated waiver wire. Seriously dude.

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Postby titanut » Mon Jul 14, 2003 12:27 pm

Guest, I don't know what waiver wire you have seen that included
Boone, Renteria, Rolen, Wells, Wilson, Sosa, Ichiro, Schilling, Wood
and Colon, but if you have seen any of them on waivers, I want to
play in your league.
To the original poster, my team is similar to yours. Loaded on
offense and average on pitching. Just be sure you trade with an
owner who cannot catch you in any of the offensive categories you
give up, and you have more upside in pitching than you are giving
up on offense. For example, I traded Pierre for Guardoro. I am a
lock for second place in sbs even without Pierre. The other owner
is a lock for first in saves, we both can move up 2-3 spots with
the trade. I would appreciate a response to my post below.

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Postby Guest » Mon Jul 14, 2003 8:37 pm

btw- that was not the guest who posted the thread 'some advice please'

I dont know wth he's talking about. Look at his pitching, its crazy. I think you will definetly stay in first. Schilling will start pitching like his old self and u've got some awesome prospects. I might try to get rid of frank thomas, but besides that ur team is set.


(give me some tips on my team in my thread)

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