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Looking for an auction draft..........

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Looking for an auction draft..........

Postby aws3232 » Fri Mar 31, 2006 12:18 pm

I am running a free Yahoo auction league. Online draft in a chat room on YIM or AIm or watever. Before the season starts.

IM - Stales3232
YIM - Baronreads

Here are some rules i was going to do for an auction league i was gonna run but no one was interested, looking for something along these lines. not a dynasty, no keeper. :

I will randomly assign a order in which managers will pick a player they would like up for bid. It is in this order you will also bid on players. If the order is team 1, 2, 3, 4. Team 1 would pick a player and bidding would continue in that order until everyone has dropped out of bidding leaving one high bidder. Team 2 would then pick a player to put up for bidding, etc.

You must have at leats $1 left for each open roster spot. i.e. If you have 10 spots left and you only have $10 you can not bid $2 on a player.

All 21 spots must be filled before leaving the draft.

Free Agent bidding will be as followed: You will get either $20 more for FAs. You will create a post with the players name and how much you bid in the subject, i.e. Zach Duke $2. Bidding will continue on the same player until 24 hours after the last bid is placed. i.e. last bid is placed at 8 AM CST, another bid is placed at 10 AM CST, bidding will end at 10 AM the next day unless another bid is placed.

I will post the winning bids allowing managers to pick up players for FA List. Any FAs picked up without my consent will forfeit their stats for that week.

Trades must be within $10 of each other. i.e. You can't trade Sosa at $15 for Pujols at $40.

Trades will be run through me, making sure they are within $10 dollars, if not, trades will be terminated.
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