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How am I sitting - leave your link

PostPosted: Sun Mar 26, 2006 7:39 pm
by jrod2133
12 Team league. We draft 5 keepers first. Standard Head to Head. I need another closer so what do you guys think I can do about that? Everyone can DH we can start any combo of pitchers

1B - Helton
2B - Utley
3B - M. Mora
SS - J. Reyes
C - J. Mauer
OF - A. Jones
OF - J. Franceour
OF - S. Posednik

SP - Peavy
SP - Oswalt
SP - Shilling
SP - AJ Burnett
RP - Turnbow

C. Barmes
N. Lowry
N. Swisher
M. Morris
D. Lowe
B. Clark
D. Wells
J. Francis

PostPosted: Sun Mar 26, 2006 8:04 pm
by Subversive
If you have an owner who is in love with the young players, I would see if you can trade Francoeur for a closer. You should be able to find similar production to his on the WW.

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 26, 2006 8:17 pm
by Dunc
Thanks for the help in mine!

Your offense has nice balance, I love Utley. I would agree totally with Subversive about trading away Francoeur, a little overrated imo. I like your pitching and I also like that you have N. Lowry & D. Lowe on the bench, Lowry has nice upside.

Good luck with making a trade for a closer

PostPosted: Sun Mar 26, 2006 8:21 pm
by slicemdown
I like the hitting. Hopefully Jones can put up 40+ homers which I think He will. Starters are solid, Peavy/Oswalt is a steller 1-2. As for CL I think trading Posednick would be the best option. Reyes is a steal machine, and I think he can get 70 this year. Plus you should get 20 each out of Mauer and Utley. And i H2H that is plenty to compete every weak. With that added closer, you've got a team that can compete.

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 26, 2006 8:51 pm
by jrod2133

PostPosted: Sun Mar 26, 2006 9:53 pm
by SkeetNation
My first thought was I didn't like your OF. But at second glance its not so bad. You'll get HR's from Jones, steals from Pods, and avg from Franceour.

If Schilling can come back to even close to what he once was, you might be able to package him and someone else for a closer down the line.... ... p?t=181147

PostPosted: Mon Mar 27, 2006 12:01 am
by hohoyoyoyo
you are one reliever away from being invincible

this is a good team man ;-D

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 27, 2006 12:32 am
thanks for my link help.

I think you are missing that one solid closer, try packaging a 2 for 1 deal to get that star? or maybe keep an eye on Devine (relief propect in the Braves organization) might be an up and coming closer, and could win the job, with the inconsistent Rietsma still there.....