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Just Drafted, please rate

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Just Drafted, please rate

Postby Ficerarmer » Fri Mar 24, 2006 8:29 pm

12 Team Yahoo H2H league. Standard 5x5 but with added OBP (which screws me over as far as Carlos Lee goes)

My Team with round drafted in (). I had last pick.
C - Posada (11)
1B - Overbay (15)
2B - Roberts (10)
SS - Tejada (2)
3B - Cabrera (1)
OF - Beltran (4)
OF - Carlos Lee (5)
OF - Wilkerson (16)
Util - Hafner (3)
BN - Freel (12)
BN - Atkins (17)
BN - kearns (19)

SP - Buehrle (7)
SP - Smoltz (8)
RP - Rivera (5)
RP - Turnbow (13)
P - Lackey (14)
P - Burnett (9)
P - Rogers (18)
P - Lowe (20)
P - Batista (21)

Overall I was a little dissapointed, but at the same time pretty confident that with a couple of trades my team could be pretty damn good. I especially enjoy the flexibility that players like Cabrera (OF, 3B), Freel (2B, 3B, OF), Wilkerson (1B, OF) offer me. Anyways, what do you think?
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Postby specificist » Fri Mar 24, 2006 9:16 pm

you have decent depth at the SP position which is lucky for you w/ burnett going down recently, but i dunno about hafner in the 3rd round only due to his availibility which is UTI only. No one can deny his talent just i don't like his lack of use. other than that and overbay who im just not a fan of but should put up decent numbers if he hits deep enough in that lineup...i like kearns he has some real potential if he can stay healthy and if they give him some more time to develop i mean hitting behind KGJ Dunn and Willy Mo there is going to be tons of RBI opportunities so i think your better off w/ wilkerson at 1b and kearns in the OF but thats just me
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Postby Ficerarmer » Fri Mar 24, 2006 9:51 pm

yeah I was actually pretty peeved when I saw that Hafner had only Util availability. I was in a sudden rush because Delgado was first on my list, and got taken the very pick before mine, so all of a sudden I was scrambling and since yahoo doesn't list every position a player can play on their drafting thing, I didn't realize his limited availability. I think I can survive though, although it was a pretty significant blow.
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Postby CadensDad » Fri Mar 24, 2006 10:21 pm

Very nice team my Braves pal, I'll start with the good, bad and ugly

The Good

These guys are just some of the best and are great to have

The Bad

I love Smoltz as much as the next Braves fan, but he has already stated he will be skipping a few starts to stay healthy and while that will be best for the Braves he may not be as good in fantasy.
Kearns why is everyone so high on this guy? low BA, average homers, low RBI,
Batista- why a setup man? And if a setup man why not a elite one?
Hafner-I like him but until 1B comes open for him he's not worth a early pick

The Ugly
My paycheck

Burnett has already been hurt, and not only that he is overrated and overpaid
Rogers isn't the worst player in baseball, but he is moving to the motor city with no run support
Posada has a broken nose and thats not too good,
Roberts-Yea yea yea career highs last year, But lets be honest is he capable of repeating? I think not.
My paycheck- I lost my job and it's been ugly

Your team is solid and should be ok, but you might want to make a few moves before the season starts.

Please rank my team link below
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Postby TheNSFBB » Fri Mar 24, 2006 11:28 pm

Pretty solid team.

I know Batista was your last pick. I would start by dropping him for any available closer. Bad leagues will have Valverde and Ray available. Better leagues may still have Orvella, Weathers, Reitsma, etc. Check a closer watch against your waiver wire and try to get someone.

If Hafner regains 1B eligibility this becomes a better lineup. I'm not a fan of Overbay in fantasy, as I doubt you are either. I would prefer guys like Shelton, Morneau, Gibbons, or a similar power hitter if you're going with a below average 1B for the time being.

As a draft critique, I'd say that you overspent on AJ Burnett. I guess you could not have known that Lackey would be available in the 14th. But in retrospect you probably would have been better off taking a hitter or closer there.
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