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Looking for 1 manager for Modifed Saber league - $125 fee

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Looking for 1 manager for Modifed Saber league - $125 fee

Postby Droppedthirdstrike » Fri Mar 24, 2006 5:47 pm

We are looking for 1 more manager in our 12 person league (somebody dropped out). We aren’t doing an in-person live draft, but we are drafting live on-line in real time on the evening of March 29th.

Here is the league info. Please email me at if you are interested.

We are a doing a Rotis. League using the Sporting News website
We draft from both AL and NL.

We aren’t currently a keeper league, but I think if we get a good group of guys together we could make the change to a keeper league toward the end of the season.

So, you wouldn’t draft like it’s a keeper league, but there is a possibility in the future.

We are using an expanded Sabermetrics (rather than 5x5) scoring system to more accurately represent a real baseball team. We are using the following stats:

SO (fewer the better)

Losses (fewer the better)

This means that middle relievers come into play as do big on-base guys and the season doesn’t turn into simply a race for the biggest homerun hitters.

We will have a 28 man roster as follows:
5 X SP
3 X RP
2 X P (can be starter or reliever)

3 X Bench (stats don’t count)
2 x DL (must be on MLB DL)

There is a $125 entrance fee. The prize distribution is as follows:

$1500 total
-$100 web-site registration fees
Prize money
1 - $675
2 - $350
3 - $200
4 - $125
5 - $50

The whole entrance fee goes to paying prize money (except for the $100 in web-site registration fees). Nobody profits from this but the winners. We have prizes going all the way down to 5th place because in the past we have found that by the end of the season people in the middle and bottom of the pack lose interest if there is no prize money available. This way everybody should have a chance at some prize money through the whole season.

Our managers are from all over the country. Some tend to be more active than others, but all are very baseball knowledgeable. We do not have any transaction limits, although we do have inning maximums to prevent managers from rotating pitchers on a daily basis. The cap is not so small as to prevent pitcher movement it just helps bridge the gap between those making daily moves and those making moves every 3-4 days.

Since we are mostly a group of managers who have played together in the past all the entrance fees have gone through me. If you are not comfortable with that I am sure we can work something out. If you are interested I will send you an invite to our league and you can create your team. We plan to conduct our draft one weekday evening the week before the season starts. Right now it is scheduled for 8pm Eastern on March 29th. My only request is that we will need to sort out the entrance fee issue before the draft takes place.

Please email me with any questions at

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

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