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Explain to me why this story is front page worthy?

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Postby AcidRock23 » Sat Mar 25, 2006 4:35 pm

thedude wrote:
In just a few moments on this Thursday, her children Kyle, 23, and Jess, 22, graduates of Lee’s Summit High School, will do something rare, possibly unprecedented: Together, as brother and sister, they will take the oath to serve their country. No one at Kansas City’s Military Processing Center, near Kansas City International Airport, can remember another time when two siblings joined in one ceremony.
I find it hard to beilve that during the Second world or first world war (when millions of young men signed up in short periods of time to join the army) that no set of siblings every took their their oaths together. :-?

I Also think that at least once before a brother and a sister must have joined the army together.

I think that the armed services kind of work to avoid that after "The Fighting Sullivans", a group of 5 brothers who had all served together who were killed by the same Japanese torpedo. They have named a ship after them that pops up in the news every now and then... link
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Postby Absolutely Adequate » Sat Mar 25, 2006 4:56 pm

SHOCKandAWE wrote:
Omaha Red Sox wrote:I'd rather see front page news like this than the usual negative spin on our troops' efforts.

;-D We're proud of you Kyle and Jess. ;-D

I agree 100%

I say plaster this all over the front page.

I agree. I'm tired of the liberal media making this Iraq war out to be a debacle. Clearly, the mission has been accomplished. As a matter of fact, I pledge to make some changes.

I need to call home to talk to a student's parents. The student hasn't shown up for class in 3 weeks. And when he's here, all he does is sleep. He's clearly headed towards dropping out. So when I call home, I'll complement his father on having raised a student who is clearly no trouble at all in class. He never causes a disruption! And every piece of work he's turned in has been fantastic! Of course, he hasn't turned in any work, but what the heck? What's the point in focusing on the negative or "reality?"

From a soldier:

"I never hear that because we all here know the good news stories are bs and do not really affect the mission in any way. It's like this thing we keep saying here about all the new people we've recruited for the iraqi police. It leaves out the fact that my platoon was in a 40 minute gun fight with the iraqi police. So you recruited more of them ... awesome! I am sure that will make everything better. Also, they don't do ANYTHING. They don't even leave their building, and that is not an exaggeration. They don't. So what good is a billion-man police force that doesn't do anything? Also, they get almost no training. They tried to stand up some kind of mentoring initiative here using the guardsmen that are civilian cops, but it so far has fallen through. They will get set up to be killed, as is already suspected of the THREE SVBIEDs that have hit their station. Inside jobs, all. During our fight with them, we picked up the police chief (who was riding in a car that was shooting at a coalition vehicle -- an M1A1. You know how that story ends) and he was with a guy (who it turned out was his nephew) who had this radical islamic terrorist literature on him. It would be a joke if it weren't costing our lives.

"the iraqi army is making progress and we're handing over more and more to them everyday." Complete bs. What's the good news in the fact that all their logistics, medical, engineering, staff function, etc. is being done by us? ALL OF IT. And PS, they're not being trained on any of the other stuff, either, except a broken medical training program.

You can clearly see by reading the news how much it matters that X number of people have power now. The bottom line is, the overwhelming majority of people live in fear. We can do NOTHING to help them. We don't have anywhere near the manpower, and our actions are too severely restricted. Good thing 2500 people died for this.

What are the good news stories? I would love to hear them. Spare me the heart warming tales of a single family or school or neighborhood that was helped. Operation Iraqi Freedom is, at this point, an abject failure. This is the most dangerous place on earth and it's getting worse, not better.

Also, you have to consider that our definition of good news is not the iraqi definition of good news. These people are not americans. Culturally, they do not respect or appreciate the same things we do. "Our neighborhood has power now! It's about time, infidels. What about the water?" "Hey, thanks for the medicine for our clinic! I'm still totally supporting the insurgency, but at least i can provide them better medical care now." Giving them stuff does not win their allegiance. They don't think, "wow, I was wrong about americans." It just gives them stuff.

The "we don't hear good news from Iraq" mindset is one that is totally ignorant of Iraqi culture. There is no good news. There's a bunch of people getting handed stuff, and it doesn't change a single thing."

I edited a few words so they now say "bs" and "stuff." Otherwise, this is unchanged.

But, heck, I don't know why they're complaining. If they don't have bread, let them eat cake!
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Postby Sticky Spice » Sun Mar 26, 2006 9:37 am

Whew, as far as that news article I fell asleep about 2 lines in.

PWFire - where did you get that quote? If it's legit I'd like to spam it to some friends of mine.
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