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just drafted this team in a 12 team, standard yahoo! league

PostPosted: Tue Mar 21, 2006 7:23 pm
by theoismyhomeboy
C A. Pierzynski
1B T. Helton
2B A. Soriano
3B D. Wright
SS J. Lugo
OF G. Sizemore
OF A. Dunn
OF C. Crisp
Util T. Hafner
BN J. Hermida
BN R. Baldelli
BN J. Vidro

SP C. Schilling
SP F. García
RP A. Benítez
RP K. Foulke
P M. Cain
P S. Kazmir
P T. Jones
BN J. Lieber
BN F. Liriano

I will help with your team

PostPosted: Tue Mar 21, 2006 7:36 pm
by Thursday
Pretty good team offense-wise.

Pitching? Not so much.

Maybe try to deal some of your OF depth for some pitching... maybe even try to deal for another closer. But i am impressed that you were able to get Wright, Helton, Sizemore, Hafner, and Soriano in the same draft. Good job there.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 21, 2006 11:20 pm
by theoismyhomeboy
i got those hitters because I pretty much ignored pitching for the first six rounds of the draft. My draft went like this:
#7 David Wright (a bit of a reach, but I wanted him)
#18 Alfonso Soriano (he slipped, and I could not help myself)
#31 Todd Helton (was considered an injury risk by others)
#42 Travis Hafner (people scared by lack of position)
#55 Grady Sizemore (I like the man here)
#66 Adam Dunn (too much power in the 6th to pass up)
#79 Curt Schilling (definitely a reach this high, but I like him)
#90 Armando Benitez (clearly pitchers are flying off our draftboard)
#103 Coco Crisp (had fallen far from my projected draft spot)
#114 Freddy Garcia (him over Lowry for consistency's sake)
#127 Matt Cain (wicked upside, maybe a reach again)
#138 Keith Foulke (undervalued, plus I love the Red Sox)
#151 Scott Kazmir (wicked upside again, not a reach here)
#162 Todd Jones (I like having a 3rd semi-quality closer)
#175 Julio Lugo (a STEAL here. I needed speed at everyday SS)
#186 Jon Lieber (still the ace of a good team, should win a bunch)
#199 Jeremy Hermida (a STEAL w/upside! I needed speed)
#210 Fransisco Liriano (pure speculation, might be with the team later)
#223 Rocco Baldelli (5 tool undervalued player)
#234 Jose Vidro (backup in case Soriano situation does not resolve)
#247 AJ Pierzynski (made a statement by drafted a C last)

i liked my draft then and I still like it now. Hitting is worth so much more than pitching because it is much more consistent. I know that my pitching is sketchy, but I guarantee that there are 10 FA pitchers on the wire now that will be difference makers.