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Anyone into a big dynasty league?

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Anyone into a big dynasty league?

Postby sagecoll » Mon Mar 20, 2006 10:22 am

There is are 3 openings in Wild Pitch Baseball-- a very competitive 26 team Salary Cap Dynasty League. Each roster consists of 40 players (25 major 15 minor)- We already finished much of the drafting and free agency so here are the availible teams.

25 Man Major League Roster:

C: Johnny Estrada 5,300,000*
1B/3B: Adrian Beltre 11,000,000
1B/3B: Aramis Ramirez 10,500,000
2B/SS: Orlando Cabrera 6,500,000
2B/SS: Jose Vidro 7,000,000
OF: Kevin Mench 2,800,000
OF: Vernon Wells 4,300,000
OF: Ryan Church 300,000
UT: Hank Blalock 3,000,000

P: AJ Burnett 7,000,000
P: Joel Pineiro 400,000*
P: Chris Young 550,000
P: Matt Morris 5,000,000
P: Jon Garland 7,000,000
P: Vinnie Chulk 300,000*
P: Dewon Brazelton 400,000*
P: Brian Lawrence 1,000,000*

2B: Brian Roberts 3,075,000
RP: Ryan Wagner 1,160,000
RP: Justin Speier 550,000 *
3B: Corey Koskie 1,000,000*
OF: Franklin Gutierrez 300,000
OF: Lastings Milledge 300,000
SP: Glendon Rusch 300,000*
SP: Claudio Vargas 501,000*

15-Man Minor League Farm System:
OF: Felix Pie 300,000
3B: Ryan Braun 300,000
SP: Jeremy Sowers 300,000
SP: Adam Miller 300,000
OF: Ryan Harvey 300,000
SS/OF: Adam Jones 300,000
SP: J.J. Johnson 300,000
SP: Yusmeiro Petit 300,000
Pick: 300,000
Pick: 300,000
Pick: 300,000
Pick: 300,000
Pick: 300,000
Pick: 300,000
Pick: 300,000
Pick: 300,000

2006 Salary Cap Information:
Salary Cap - $90,000,000
Salary Used: $78,436,000
Remaining Salary Cap - $11,564,000

C: Jason Varitek 9mil
1B: Paul Konerko $12M
MI: Bobby Crosby $0.75M
3B: Dallas Mcpherson 300k
SS: Michael Young 3mil
OF: D'Mitri Young 5mil
OF: Chris Duffy 300k
OF: Rondell White
Util: Mike Piazza 5.3M

SP: Mark Buerhle 7.75mil
sp: Brendan Webb 2mil
SP: miguel batista $4.75M
SP: Jon Lieber 7.25m
SP: Jamie Moyer 4.1m
SP: David Wells $4.01M

CL: Mike MacDougal 350k
RP: Juan Padilla 300k
RP: Scot Shields $2.1M
RP: Scott Munter .501
RP: Bronson Arroyo $3.5
RP: Aki Otsuka

C: Doug Mirabelli 300k
MI: Ronny Cedeno 300k
CIi/OF: Matt Diaz 1.2mil
of: Ryan Klesko 1 mil
OF: Jason Botts 300k
SP: Russ Ortiz 1.3mil

still responsible: josh fogg 600k
Seth McClung 325k

minor leagues:
SP: Mark Rogers
SP: Angel Guzman
SP: Jason Hammel
SP: Daniel Haigwood
SP: Fausto Carmona
SP: David Purcey
C: Kurt Suzuki
1b: James Loney
2B: Dan Uggla
3B: Matt Moses
OF: Denard Span

C: Victor Martinez 800,000 (3.00, 4.25, 5.70)
CI1: Sean Casey 8,500,000
MI1: Carlos Guillen 5,000,000 (5.00)
CI2: Nomar Garciaparra TBA
MI2: Jhonny Peralta 300,000 (.3, .3)
OF: Grady Sizemore 300,000 (.3, .3)
OF: Craig Wilson TBA
OF: Brad Hawpe 300,000 (.3, .3)
DH: Travis Hafner 2,500,000 (3.5)

SP: Cliff Lee 300,000 (.3, .3)
SP: Kevin Millwood TBA
SP: Jose Contreras 8,000,000 (9)
RP: Fernando Cabrera 300,000 (.3, .3)
RP: Rafael Soriano 346,000 (.346, .346)
RP: Keith Foulke 7,500,000

Mike Jacobs 300,000

2006 Salary Cap Information:
Salary Cap - $90,000,000
Salary Used: $33,846,000 + Salaries TBA later
Remaining Salary Cap - $56,154,000 - Salaries TBA later

1B/3B: Chad Tracy 3rd Yr
2B/SS: Rafael Furcal FA
2B/SS: Khalil Greene 3rd Yr
OF: Brian Giles FA
OF: Jonny Gomes 2nd Yr
OF:Cliff FLoyd 6.5
UT: Geoff Jenkins 7.5

P:Jake Peavy 2.5
P:Andy Pettitte 17.5
P: T. Gordon FA
P: J. Rincon
P:Scott Linebrink 1.365
P:Joe Nathan 3.75
P:Trevor Hoffman FA


15-Man Minor League Farm System:
Pick:Josh Barfield

2006 Salary Cap Information:
Salary Cap - $90,000,000
Salary Used: $0,000,000 + 3 FA (B. Giles, Furcal, Hoffman)
Remaining Salary Cap - $90,00,000

Here are the rules
1. The purpose of Wild Pitch is to provide a franchise and the tools necessary to assist a general manager (GM) in managing their team in a dynasty setting. Our meaning of dynasty refers to the ability of each GM to keep their team’s roster fully intact year after year. The league will provide a means for competing where the mastery of several elements is essential for success. Those elements include salary cap management, daily roster maintenance, trading and prospecting. The only requirements are that a GM: (a) exhibit a high level of sportsmanship by respecting all other GMs participating in this league; (b) respect the decisions of the Commissioner’s Office; (c) remain active throughout the year.

2. Each participant in Wild Pitch has selected a franchise that they can utilize as a vehicle for building their own personal fantasy baseball dynasty. Your team nickname must remain fixed, but its other name may be changed as the general manager sees fit. Once you have registered your franchise, please email the league commissioner to officially change the name of your team. In addition, each manager will be assigned the logo of their major league affiliate as means of quick identification on the bulletin board. You may not change your logo.

Please take the time to update your profile on the bulletin board to reflect your current e-mail and Yahoo IM name. The profile can be found at the top bar after you log into the bulletin board.

Once owner of a franchise, you may not switch to another franchise if one becomes available

3. Each franchise will have the capability of retaining the rights of a “25-man” roster for 2006 season and a "40-man" roster starting in 2007. This roster can include any major leaguers desired. For the purposes of the inaugural fantasy season for “Wild Pitch”, each franchise will start with a 15-man roster. The initial 8 players must belong to the GM's respective MLB team and the remaining 7 will be drafted. You will acquire your additional 10 players for the 2006 season via Free Agency bidding.

4. The salary cap for each franchise is set at $90 million dollars. There will be a $5 million increase to the salary cap, every even year, starting in 2008. For the 2006 season, please remember that you must have a full 25 man roster at all time. Your team must also remain under the assigned salary cap at all times or face disciplinary action from the Commissioner’s Office. In addition, any trade that puts a team over the set salary cap will be automatically vetoed by the Commissioner’s Office.

Each team will also draft 15 prospects during the 2006 season. Please also be advised that each drafted 2006 Wild Pitch Prospect will be signed to a 1 year deal at $300,000 per year, renewable for a maximum of 3 more years. The contract will commence in when the player is drafted and no additional money will be allocated to the $90 million dollar salary cap. Please make appropriate adjustments.

5.This thread is broken up into 4 areas;

4) DRAFT PICKS (2005 Draft)

After you choose your initial 15 players, (8 from your original team and 7 from MLB Draft), you will be able to complete your MLB roster via Free Agency. This Free Agency process will be significantly different then the Free Agent Process after ALL GM's have completed their 25 man roster. The process for acquiring the 10 players to complete your 25 man roster is as follows:

1. When you find a player you would like to bid on, you post his name under the appropriate thread corresponding to the player's last name. So if I wanted to bid on Bobby Abreu for example, I would post his name under the MLB Free Agency: Letter A thread. The only restrictions on bidding on a FA are that he must not currently be on a WP team AND he must have played in at least (1) MLB game.

2. After you post or another GM posts the player's name, you post in the thread stating your intention to make a silent bid on the player. All bids for the 2006 WP Free Agency will be silent. All you have to do is post your intention to submit a silent bid.

3. After the time allocated to state your intention to make a silent bid, the thread will be closed and all GM's who are eligible will be given the opportunity to make ONE bid. Your bid must clearly state the EXACT terms of your deal and must also include the Average Annual Salary. Please also keep in mind that you may not offer a contract longer than 5 years. Also keep in mind that no any (1) year of a contract may exceed 3X the average annual salary of your total bid. Please look at the example below:

Barry Bonds, 3 year deal with AAS = $15 million
2006 $15 million
2007 $20 million
2008 $10 million

5. The FA Schedule is listed below:

Monday and Tuesday Posting of available players in FA pool. This is to be done by individual GM's, including Commishes.

Wed - 9PM PST Thursday Posting of your intention to make a silent bid AND the submission of that bid. Any bids recieved after 9PM PST will be voided.

9:01PM PST - Saturday Commish Office will go through all the bids and the players and determine the winners.

Sunday Winners will be posted

The bids will be sent through PM to a separate account set up by the Commish Office. All bids will be submitted to this address. The inbox will ONLY be checked once the bidding for the week has ended. When you send the PM, you are able to view it in your PM "Outbox" and the message will be unread until the bidding period is complete.

The term "IN SEASON" refers to the start of the Wild Pitch season which will commence after all teams have completed thier initial 25 man roster.

1) In order sign a player to your 25-man roster, you must first indicate interest for that player. To do so, merely post the players name on the bulletin board under the section titled “Contract Offers” and list the terms of the contract your team is offering.

2) There will be a 72-hour period of time in which other teams may try to offer that player a better contract. Once a bid is made, it may NOT be deleted by you or anyone else.

3) You may only post a contract offer IF you are improving the current best offer for the player in the auction. DO NOT "Modify" your last offer that was outbid. "Modified" contract offers will be deleted.

4) Once the 72-hour offering period has elapsed, the team offering the best contract will win the right to sign the player. Since many teams may wait until the last second to sign a player, the signing period for that player will cease exactly 72 hours ( to the minute) from the time of the initial post.

5) There maybe instances in which free agents receive several offers from multiple teams. Questions arise as to which franchise will be declared the winner and awarded the right to sign a player to their team. Below are the tie-breakers that will be utilized in determining which team will win the right to sign a player. Only proceed to the second tie-breaker in cases where the first tie-breaker ends in a tie. Similarly, the third tie-breaker will only be referenced in cases where the first and second tie-breakers ends in a tie.

Tie-Breaker #1:
The GM offering the contract which has the highest average annual salary over the life of the contract will win the right to sign a player. It does not matter what the structure of the offer is, but merely the average annual salary for the entire contract. If this ends in a tie, proceed to Tie-Breaker #2.

Tie-Breaker #2:
If the average annual salary for two contract offers is the same, then the GM who offered the contract with the lower amount of years shall win the right to sign the player.

Tie-Breaker #3:
The only way this third tie-breaker can be utilized is if there are two contract offers with the same average annual salary over the life of the contract AND the two contract offers are to pay the player over the same period of time. In this particular case, the tie-breaker will go to the GM who made their offer FIRST.

The commissioner’s Office will officially notify you on the bulletin board if you win the auction. In addition, the Commissioner’s Office will record the new contract and put it “on the books”. At this point, the player is ready to sign with your team and you may officially add the player to your 25-man roster and deduct his salary from your salary cap. Please keep in mind that you 25-man roster may not exceed 25 players. When you sign a player and your current roster is full, you must, at the same time select a player to waive.

Once a contract is signed, it can not be reworked or revolked. In essence, it is etched in stone. You are responsible for paying that contract until such time as the player is traded or dropped to free agency.

Below are some key points to keep in mind

RULING: The league’s minimum salary requirement is $300,000 per year. The longest you may sign a player to contract at the league minimum is two years. The longest you can sign a player to a contract with an average annual salary of $500,000 or less per year is three years.

RULING: The minimum amount allowed when raising an offer to a player in the contract offering phase is $25,000.

RULING: A GM may not, under any circumstances, offer a contract that is more than 5 years in length.

RULING: No any (1) year of a contract may exceed 3X the average annual salary of your total bid.


1) A GM has the right to waive any player to free agency. To waive a player and drop him to free agency, you must post them in a new thread under the section titled "Free Agents". This will make permanent the decision to waive a player to free agency. Once posted, there is no turning back.

2) A GM will still be responsible for half of that player’s salary for the duration of the contract UNLESS that player is signed to a contract by another franchise. In which case, continued responsibility for that player's salary my be further limited or negated in full. However, if he remains unsigned, you must continue to count half of that player's salary against your cap until his contract expires.

3) If the player is signed by another franchise after being dropped to free agency, then the previous owner will only be required to pay difference between the player’s old contract and the player's new contract, not to exceed half of the old contract. If the player’s contract with his new team is higher than his contract was with the old team, the previous owner will no longer be obligated to pay any further reparations for the player and thus no further penalty on that franchise's salary cap.

If the player is signed to a new contract after being waived and the new contract pays the player less than half of the original contract, then the previous owner's liability maximum is still only half of the old contract. Only in the event that the new contract pays the player more than half of his old contract will the previous owner be able to count less than half of the old contract against his salary cap.

Note: When reference is made to old contract and new contract, the contract salary comparisons are made on a YEAR-TO-YEAR basis rather than on the total dollar amounts of the contracts. i.e. A player is dropped who had a 2005 (only) $8M contract and is later picked up through free agency with a 3 year $8M deal (broken down 2005 - $6M, 2006 - $1M, 2007 - $1M). The previous owner is responsible in 2005 for $2M, the difference between the "old" $8M and the "new" $6M. Since the old contract did not cover 2006 and 2007, the previous owner has

4. Trading between teams can be accomplished in many ways. Three of the most efficient ways to begin negotiating a trade with another team are: (1) Go to the bulletin board to the section entitled “Trade Block”. In this section, you will post the players you wish to trade and/or what types of players you are interested in trading for. DO NOT POST OFFERS TO THE BULLETIN BOARD; (2) Each GM provided an email to the Commissioner’s Office to act as a point of contact for their team; (3) each GM is required to have Yahoo IM. This is the preferred method of communication for Wild Pitch and its GMs. This last option is a requirement for participation in this league. Yahoo IM allows for quick and easy communication with the Commissioner’s Office and other GMs in our league. We believe this requirement will increase the trade activity and overall interest in the league.

A trade can involve many types of collateral. These types include major league players, prospects, 2005 draft picks (from the 7 round draft) or 2006 prospect draft picks.

Any trade negotiations that conclude in an agreement must be posted to the bulletin board under the section entitled “Trade Review”. All terms of the trade must be listed here. It is required that one team involved in the trade post the agreement and terms, while the other team formally accepts the trade as listed. Please review the terms carefully. Once the trade is formally accepted, the Commissioner’s Office will review it and either approve or reject the trade within 48 hours. If you see an error before the trade is approved by the Commissioner’s Office, you may petition to have it rescinded. Once the deal has been approved, however, there will be no recourse and the deal finalized.

Whether a GM is signing a free agent, waiving a player to free agency or trading with another franchise, you as the GM will have 72 hours to update your franchise's roster. This will avoid confusion as to which players belong to which franchises. If a GM fails to update their roster in a timely manner, the GM will be prohibited from engaging in free agent contract offers or trades with other teams for a period of one week.

There is NO trade deadline. Trades will be processed year round.

5. Each off-season, there are always a number of players who have had their contracts expire. These players naturally become free agents and, as such, are available to accept contract offers being made by other GMs in the league.

3 Year Rule:
(Only applies to first 15 players chosen (keepers/drafted players) and the 15 prospects in the WP Prospect Draft. This does not apply to any player with a WP contract)

You may keep any player on your team who has played less than 3 MLB seasons, where a MLB season for a batter is 54 games appeared in, or more and 11 starts, or more for a SP and 50IP, or more for a RP. The game limit numbers are 1/3 of a 162 game MLB Season. You will assume the real life yearly salary of the player. After the 3rd MLB season, the player may be Franchised or will enter FA.

If a player is signed to a multi-year deal PRIOR to Opening Day of the 3rd MLB season, the GM will assume the real life deal, not to exceed 5 years.

Franchise Player:
You will have the ability once per year to name (1) “Franchise Player”. This player, although having his contract expired, will not be eligible for free agency within our league and will be forced to sign with the same team. In this specific case ONLY, the franchise player will have to assume the real life contract he received. In this case, "real-life" acts as an arbitrator of sorts in determining a fair market value for the player. This can either improve or hinder your team depending on how much the player signs for. Remember, you can only select one “franchise player” per year. If the new "real-life" contract puts a franchise over the salary cap maximum, the GM will receive a notice from the commissioner’s office after which time he/she will have 72-hours to correct the problem.

Restricted Player:
You will be allowed (1) Restricted players each season. Restricted players are Free Agents who can be made contract offers like every other Free Agent, with 1 main difference. At the end of the 72-hours contract offering period, however, the team who restricted the player will have 48 hours to match the winning offer. If a GM chooses to match the winning contract offer, then he/she will be allowed to "restructure" the "matching" contract so that it best fits their teams salary structure and then re-sign the player. The "restructured" contract must, however, still have the same average annual salary (or better), but may not add additional years to the contract. If a GM fails to respond or chooses not to match the best contract offer made to their player, then the player will be granted the ability to sign with the new team.

6. Each of the 25 players named by you to be members of your “Wild Pitch Roster” will be included on your roster for CBS Sportsline and will be eligible to accumulate stats for your team. You will have the option of selecting the players to fill the following “active” positions on your roster. Only “active” positions will accumulate stats throughout the course of the season and determine how successful your team is. The active roster spots are as follows:

(8) Pitchers (can be starters; middle relievers; set-up men; closers)
(1) Catcher
(2) 1B or 3B
(2) 2B or SS
(3) OF
(1) Utility (any position)

The players may be moved in and out of the “active” position spots on a daily basis. The statistical categories that will be tabulated to determine the league champion each year are split into two major areas. Pitching and hitting. The categories are as follows:



Thank you and if you have any questions please ask
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