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How do we resolve this mess?

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How do we resolve this mess?

Postby Fantasy Guru » Mon Mar 20, 2006 5:21 am

So I was begged to join a league by a friend of mine. 8 teams, head to head. I'm in a whole lot of leagues this year, so I was hesitant, but I finally joined it.

First he told me that it was an auto draft, so I told him to tell me when he was going to go through with the draft so I could prerank my players, and he said he would, but he was trying to set up a live draft if possible.

About a week later, I decide to check in on the league and wow.. the draft occured on the 14th!

Scroll down to the bottom at this point, if you don't want to hear my whining.

So I was stuck with a team I do not like at all (aside from my unbelievable pitching) I dropped Hillenbrand because I saw Juan Pierre on the free agent list, and went to look at my lineup of base stealers: Pierre, Pods, Crawford, Lugo, Damon

Then it hit me.


I'm glad I have all these useless players now.

So I make a lopsided deal (if stolen bases counted) for someone with just alright power numbers. Pods, Lugo, Dan Haren for Pat Burrell

Here's the kicker...

My friend the commish comes back and decides to change the scoring to include stolen bases, AND wants me to drop Juan Pierre because he was dropped "by mistake" even though, at the time, stolen bases did not count. Plus, I had picked up Pierre before the commish left a league note saying not to pick him up.

So what do I do at this point?
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Postby beltrans_boy » Mon Mar 20, 2006 5:27 am

Leave the league, and be done with it. Nothing more you can do.
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Postby foulballstrike3 » Mon Mar 20, 2006 6:50 am

Lemme guess, the league name is the Twilight Zone. This is amazing, no offense if he's your friend, but this is exactly why i have so little faith in mankind. I just cannot fathom how people can be this mindless.
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Postby Laean » Mon Mar 20, 2006 7:40 am

incredible. just forget that league. post a message and send an email telling everyone in the league that you're not going to play in this league, so that the commish don't just do what he wants with your team without the others knowing about it. i still wouldn't drop your players though, because that could ruin it for the others in your league.
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Postby Fantasy Guru » Mon Mar 20, 2006 8:21 am

For fun, I will give my current roster along with the stats that count
Code: Select all
Pos Batters Edit Opp Status H/AB R H HR RBI SB BB K AVG OBP
C J. Posada
(NYY - C)  CUtilBN     124/474 67 124 19 71 1 66 94 .262 .352
1B T. Helton
(Col - 1B)  1BUtilBN     163/509 92 163 20 79 3 106 80 .320 .445
2B T. Iguchi
(CWS - 2B)  2BUtilBN     142/511 74 142 15 71 15 47 114 .278 .342
3B H. Blalock
(Tex - 3B)  3BUtilBN     170/647 80 170 25 92 1 51 132 .263 .318
SS F. López
(Cin - 2B,SS)  2BSSUtilBN     169/580 97 169 23 85 15 57 111 .291 .352
OF C. Crawford
(TB - OF)  OFUtilBN     194/644 101 194 15 81 46 27 84 .301 .331
OF J. Damon
(NYY - OF)  OFUtilBN     197/624 117 197 10 75 18 53 69 .316 .366
OF S. Podsednik
(CWS - OF)  OFUtilBN     147/507 80 147 0 25 59 47 75 .290 .351
Util C. Floyd
(NYM - OF)  OFUtilBN     150/550 85 150 34 98 12 63 98 .273 .358
Util S. Rolen
(StL - 3B)  3BUtilBN     46/196 28 46 5 28 1 25 28 .235 .323
BN J. Pierre
(ChC - OF)  OFUtilBN     181/656 96 181 2 47 57 41 45 .276 .326
BN P. Burrell
(Phi - OF)  OFUtilBN     158/562 78 158 32 117 0 99 160 .281 .389
Pos Pitchers Edit Opp Status IP W L SV K ERA WHIP K/9
SP Jo. Santana
(Min - SP)  SPPBN     231.2 16 7 0 238 2.87 0.97 9.25
SP R. Oswalt
(Hou - SP)  SPPBN     241.2 20 12 0 184 2.94 1.20 6.85
SP R. Halladay
(Tor - SP)  SPPBN     141.2 12 4 0 108 2.41 0.96 6.86
RP K. Wood
(ChC - SP,RP)  SPRPPBN     66.0 3 4 0 77 4.23 1.18 10.50
P R. Johnson
(NYY - SP)  SPPBN     225.2 17 8 0 211 3.79 1.13 8.42
P M. Buehrle
(CWS - SP)  SPPBN     236.2 16 8 0 149 3.12 1.18 5.67
P L. Hernández
(Was - SP)  SPPBN     246.1 15 10 0 147 3.98 1.43 5.37
BN M. Cain
(SF - SP)  SPPBN     46.1 2 1 0 30 2.33 0.93 5.83
BN J. Valverde
(Ari - RP)  RPPBN     66.1 3 4 15 75 2.44 1.07 10.18
BN R. Dempster
(ChC - SP,RP)  SPRPPBN     92.0 5 3 33 89 3.13 1.43 8.71

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Postby ukrneal » Mon Mar 20, 2006 9:59 am

You know, that team isn't so bad. I think you might do ok.

As to your league, I can't imagine a league where the commish is still toying with the categories after the draft. I haven't done autodraft in a while, so correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought they announced that all teams were in and that the autodraft will take place within a certain time. If that is so, and everyone else knew becuase they had checked into the site, you do bear some responsibility (even if he promised to tell you). That said, the fact that he didn't send an email to all owners or something tells me the commish is unreliable and I would want to get out of that league.

I'd probably make the best of it and insist on some things: 1) You'll give Pierre back, but feel you should get some compensation (maybe a trade that gets you someone worth less, but still worthwhile), 2) You should have the option of unwinding your trade (maybe connected to #1, and 3) no more league changes without league votes OR ... no league changes PERIOD. This still isn't the best solution, but seems workable to me at least. With 8 teams, there will still be plenty of good players on FA.

I would never do another league with this guy.
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Postby Bricklayer » Mon Mar 20, 2006 11:01 am

You are right, that team dosen't look too bad.

As for the auto draft, whenever the comish decides to set the draft to ready is when it takes place. Not necessarly(sp?) when the league is full...
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Postby Simulacrum » Mon Mar 20, 2006 11:23 am

Wow, the idiocy... must be a first time commish. Sounds like he's a little in over his head here, but it does seem like he's trying to be fair. I wouldn't leave the league, because your team looks stellar. Give the other guy back Pierre, don't want him up and quitting and leaving another dead team in the league... and you don't need Pierre anyway.

Keep your eye on this commish and be ready to call shenanigans if you see him or her making any sneaky or underhanded maneuvers... this one sounds like an honest mistake to me though.
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Resolve This Mess

Postby esm » Mon Mar 20, 2006 12:45 pm

OW! What a nightmare!

I don't believe in dropping out of a league unless the Commissioner is crooked, or perhaps totally incompetent like this guy.

Anyway, you might demand the #1 waiver priority in exchange for Pierre (if you have to surrender him.)

I assume you have already pleaded getting one or more of your stud SB guys back under the same rule-of-fairness the commissioner is using to try and get Pierre from you.

The commissioner should remove SBs from scoring since it wasn't there for the draft.

Good luck.
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Postby AcidRock23 » Mon Mar 20, 2006 1:01 pm

I'd look into junking the league w/ that sort of screwup. Anybody who wants to play even halfway seriously would not really be interested in a league that screwed up. Junk it, agree on the rules and set a draft time so everyone can be there or can at least prerank players based on the rules at hand and get set up properly.

I do agree that your team does look to have some potential, which is odd given the circumstances... ;-D :-D
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