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Made some moves, hows it look now? will help you.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 16, 2006 2:38 am
by intense
Hows it look? Roto 5x5 non-keeper league... 12 man.

Where am I doing well? Where do I need to improve?

I'll help you, just post your link and Ill check your team out.

C- R. Hernandez (Bal - C)
1B - C. Shelton (Det - 1B)
2B - C. Figgins (LAA - 2B,3B,OF)
3B - D. Wright (NYM - 3B)
SS - J. Peralta (Cle - SS)
OF - M. Ramirez (Bos - OF)
OF - M. Holliday (Col - OF)
OF - C. Crisp (Bos - OF)
Util - T. Hafner (Cle - Util)
BN - R. Winn (SF - OF)
BN - J. Lugo (TB - SS) -
BN - P. Fielder (Mil - 1B)
BN - J. Willingham (Fla - C)

SP - B. Sheets (Mil - SP)
SP - J. Smoltz (Atl - SP)
RP - J. Nathan (Min - RP)
RP - T. Gordon (Phi - RP)
P - J. Lackey (LAA - SP)
P - M. Cain (SF - SP)
P - S. Kazmir (TB - SP)
BN - K. Escobar (LAA - SP,RP)
BN - S. Linebrick (SD - RP)
BN - B. Penny (LAD - SP)
BN - C. Pavano (NYY - SP)

PostPosted: Thu Mar 16, 2006 2:43 am
by squawkya24
I think you have a nice mix of speed and power. I dont think Gordon will last so you might want to make a move for a more reliable RP and I think after Sheets and maybe Cain your SP is shakey. Maybe make a move and send some speed/power to someone who is lacking it for an upper end SP and RP? That might be worth your while. ... p?t=177073

PostPosted: Thu Mar 16, 2006 9:39 am
by jdcfsu
I think you're pretty balanced but in a 5x5 I question the need for a guy like Linebrink. He's a holds man and really nothing more. Perhaps drop him for a decient SP on the free agent market. ... ?p=1416157